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Episode Guide to All Seasons

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  1. First Season Episodes (Season One)
  2. Second Season Episodes (Season Two)
  3. Third Season Episodes (Season Three)
  4. Fourth Season Episodes (Season Four)
  5. Fifth Season Episodes (Season Five)
  6. Sixth Season Episodes (Season Six)
  7. Seventh Season Episodes (Season Seven)
  8. Eighth Season Episodes (Season Eight)

First Season
  1st Date...#...Title (& Production Order, if different)Writer..............Director
Nov. 16, 2004101Pilot (1st shot)David ShoreBryan Singer
To get House to look into the case of a teacher with strange symptoms, Wilson tells House she is his cousin.
Nov. 23, 2004102Paternity (5th shot)Lawrence KaplowPeter O'Fallon
A 16 year old collapses while playing lacrosse.
Nov. 30, 2004103Occam's Razor (2nd shot)David ShoreBryan Singer
A nineteen year old collapses during sex and his combination of symptoms don't fit any one diagnosis.
Dec. 07, 2004104Maternity (4th shot)Peter BlakeNewton Thomas Sigel
Newborns are getting seriously ill --- an epidemic, but except for being in the hospital, they don't have anything in common.
Dec. 14, 2004105Damned If You Do (6th shot)Sara B. CooperGreg Yaitanes
At Christmas time House treats a nun who then collapses. Could House have made a mistake?
Dec. 21, 2004106The Socratic Method (3rd shot)John MankiewiczPeter Medak
A 15 year old boy cares for his "schizophrenic" mother, whose symptoms just got worse.
Dec. 28, 2004107Fidelity Thomas L MoranBryan Spicer
A woman is sleeping constantly but there was no way she could have contracted African Sleeping Sickness.
Jan. 25, 2005108Poison Matt WittenGuy Ferland
A teenager's mother finds the team arrogant and wrong so often that when they have the solution, she won't allow the treatment.
Feb. 01, 2005109DNR David FosterFred Keller
Thinking he has ALS, a jazz musician wants a DNR, but House, thinking the original diagnosis is wrong, ignores the order.
Feb. 08, 2005110Histories Joel ThompsonDaniel Attias
A homeless woman has many problems but there is one that could also affect Foreman.
Feb. 15, 2005111Detox Lawrence Kaplow & Thomas L. MoranNelson McCormick
While trying to figure out what is wrong with a young man, House bets Cuddy he can go off his Vicodin for a week.
Feb. 22, 2005112Sports Medicine John Mankiewicz & David ShoreKeith Gordon
A baseball pitcher denies all recent drug use but that is the only explanation the team has for his symptoms.
Mar. 01, 2005113Cursed Matt Witten & Peter BlakeDaniel Sackheim
A young boy thinks he is sick because he has been cursed and will die.
Mar. 15, 2005114Control Lawrence KaplowRandall Zisk
House tries to get a new heart for his patient.
Mar. 22, 2005115Mob Rules David Foster & John MankiewiczTim Hunter
A man from a mob family is going to testify when he collapses.
Mar. 29, 2005116Heavy Thomas L MoranFred Gerber
An overweight 10 year old has a heart attack.
Apr. 12, 2005117Role Model Matt WittenPeter O'Fallon
A Senator, who is running for President, is diagnosed with AIDS but he denies all risky behavior.
Apr. 19, 2005118Babies & Bathwater Peter Blake & David Shore
(story by Peter Blake)
Bill Johnson
A pregnant woman refuses treatment that will save her life while killing her unborn baby.
May. 03, 2005119KidsThomas L Moran & Lawrence KaplowDeran Sarafian
In the middle of an epidemic, House concentrates on one patient --- a young diver.
May. 10, 2005120Love HurtsSara B. CooperBryan Spicer
House has agreed to a "date" with Cameron (not just a dinner between colleagues).
May. 17, 2005121Three StoriesDavid ShoreParis Barclay
House agrees to teach a class but then his old girlfriend, Stacy, shows up and his thinking can't get off his own history so he wraps that into his lecture.
May. 24, 2005122Honeymoon Lawrence Kaplow, John MankiewiczFred Keller
House agrees to try and find out what's wrong with Stacy's husband, though he says he isn't sure he wants the man to live.
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Second Season Episode Guide

   1st Date ...#...TitleWritten By..............Directed By
Sept. 13, 2005201Acceptance Russel Friend & Garrett LernerDan Attias
House is called to prison to check out a death row inmate who he insists be taken to the hospital.
Sept. 20, 2005202Autopsy Lawrence KaplowDeran Sarafian
Andie, a nine year old terminal cancer patient, experiences weird hallucinations and needs to do an autopsy on the live patient.
Sept. 27, 2005203Humpty Dumpty Matt WittenDan Attias
Alfredo, a workman Cuddy has hired, falls off of her roof after complaining that his asthma is bothering him.
Nov. 1, 2005204TB or Not TB David FosterPeter O'Fallon
Dr. Sebastian Charles collapses and decides to use his own illness to further his campaign against TB in Africa.
Nov. 8, 2005205Daddy's Boy Thomas L MoranGreg Yaitanes
Originally titled "The Graduate": A 22 year old Princeton student, Carnell, who's about to graduate has a seizure while drinking. And House's parents visit.
Nov. 15, 2005206Spin Sara HessFred Gerber
After a professional cyclist collapses, he gets House to take the case by admitting to having taken performance enhancing drugs. And House tries to disrupt Stacy and Mark's relationship.
Nov. 22, 2005207Hunting Liz FriedmanGloria Muzio
Originally titled "Pests". House is accused of assaulting a gay man (who is trying to get him to take his case). To deal with the assault charge, House meets with Stacy at her home.
Nov. 29, 2005208The Mistake Peter BlakeDavid Semel
House and Chase are the subjects of an internal investigation for a potential mistake which may have led to a patient's death.
Dec. 13, 2005209Deception Michael R. PerryDeran Sarafian
Foreman becomes House's supervisor and they battle for one-upsmanship.
Jan. 10, 2006210 Failure to Communicate Doris EganJace Alexander
While House is out-of-town (at an airport with Stacy), the hospital tries to cure a journalist can't communicate. House has to solve the case long distance.
Feb. 07, 2006211Need to Know Pamela DavisDavid Semel
A supermom has a series of symptoms and House and Stacy go from one extreme to another.
Feb. 14, 2006212 Distractions Lawrence KaplowDan Attias
House gives himself a migraine to test a new migraine drug while his team treats a severely burned teenager.
Feb. 20, 2006
213Skin Deep Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & David Shore
Story by Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner
Jim Hayman
Supermodel collapses and House tries to figure out what is going on while he deals with his own increasing pain.
Mar. 07, 2006214 Sex Kills Matt WittenDavid Semel
Sexually transmitted diseases turn out to connect to two patients (one of whom is dead) and sex is also a problem for a clinic patient.
Mar. 28, 2006215 Clueless Thomas L. MoranDeran Serafian
House decides that the wife of a "happily married" couple is killing her husband.
Apr. 4, 2006216 Safe Peter BlakeFelix Alcala
While House tries to figure our what is killing a teenage girl, he tries to provoke Wilson and finally succeeds.
Apr. 11, 2006217 All In David FosterFred Gerber
House leaves a poker game to try to diagnose a child who has the same symptoms that killed a patient he had 12 years ago. House never figured out what she had had.
Apr. 18, 2006218 Sleeping Dogs Lie Sara HessGreg Yaitanes
A young woman hasn't slept in 10 days. Meanwhile, Foreman got House to sign off on his article and its been published although he knew Cameron had written on the same case and House had sat on her article for three months.
Apr. 25, 2006219 House vs God Doris EganJohn F. Showalter
The team tries to diagnose a young faith healer who may have caused one of Wilson's terminally ill patients to get better.
May 2, 2006220 Euphoria, Part 1 Matthew V. LewisDeran Sarafian
A police office exhibits strange symptoms after being brought in for a gunshot wound. Then Foreman starts exhibiting the same weird symptoms. The cop dies and Foreman seems to be headed the same way.
May 3, 2006
221 Euphoria, Part 2 Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & David ShoreDeran Sarafian
Foreman is dying even faster than the cop did. Autopsying the cop might save Foreman, but Cuddy and the CDC won't allow the possibility of this thing getting out through the autopsy.
May 9, 2006222 Forever Liz FriedmanDaniel Sackheim
Foreman returns to work as various members of the team treat a baby and his mother. Cuddy and Wilson go out to dinner and House deduces that Cuddy is on fertility meds.
May 16, 2006223 Who's Your Daddy Lawrence Kaplow, John Mankiewicz
Story by Charles M. Duncan, John Mankiewicz
Martha Mitchell

May 23, 2006224 No Reason David Shore
Story by Lawrence Kaplow & David Shore
David Shore

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Third Season Episode Guide

   1st Date ...#...TitleWritten By..............Directed By
For some music information on the third season, see our Third Season page
Sept 5, 2006301MeaningTeleplay by: Lawrence Kaplow & David Shore
Story by: Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & Lawrence Kaplow & David Shore
Deran Sarafian
House deals with two patients who are paralized while he has recovered the use of his own damaged leg.
Sept 12, 2006302Cane & Able Teleplay by: Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner
Story by: Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & Lawrence Kaplow & David Shore
Daniel Sackheim
A boy thinks aliens are coming for him - meanwhile House's leg pain returns.
Sept 19, 2006303Informed ConsentDavid FosterLaura Innes
A cancer specialist with breathing problems wants help dying.
Sept 26, 2006304Lines in the SandDavid HoseltonNewton Thomas Sigel
House makes an almost emational connection to a 10 year old autistic patient.
Oct 31, 2006305Fools for LovePeter BlakeDavid Platt
A young married couple have symptoms that suggest they may be related. And House is arrested
Nov 07, 2006306Que Sera SeraThomas L. MoranDeran Sarafian
A 600-pound man who has a medical problem, insists it is unrelated to his weight and House's legal problems get worse.
Nov 14, 2006307Son of a Coma Guy Doris EganDan Attias
House and Wilson go on a road trip with a guy who just came out of a coma.
Nov 21, 2006308Whack-a-MolePamela DavisDaniel Sackheim
A sick teenager is the sole support of his younger siblings.
Nov 28, 2006309Finding Judas Sara HessDeran Sarafian
House, without his usual level of pain relief, decides to take desperate measures to try to save the life of a young girl.
Dec 12, 2006310Merry Little ChristmasLiz FriedmanTony To
House is desperate for pain relief, but Cuddy removes him from the case of a 15 year old.
Jan 9, 2007311Words and Deeds Leonard DickDaniel Sackheim
House goes to court while his team tries to deal with a firefighter who has unexplained symptoms.
Jan 30, 2007312One Day, One RoomDavid ShoreJuan J. Campanella
A rape victim will only deal with House.
Feb 6, 2007313Needle in a HaystackDavid FosterPeter O'Fallon
A young Romani man has multiple organ problems.
Feb 13, 2007314InsensitiveMatthew LewisDeran Sarafian
House is fascinated by a young girl who cannot feel pain.
March 6, 2007315Half-WitLawrence KaplowKatie Jacobs

March 27, 2007316Top SecretThomas L. MoranDeran Sarafian

April 3, 2007317Fetal PositionRussel Friend & Garrett LernerMatt Shakeman

April 10, 2007318AirborneDavid HoseltonElodie Keene

April 17, 2007319Act Your AgeSara HessDaniel Sackheim

April 24, 2007320House TrainingDoris EganPaul McCrane

May 1, 2007321FamilyLiz FriedmanDavid Straiton

May 8, 2007322ResignationPamela DavisMartha Mitchell

May 15, 2007323The JerkLeonard DickDaniel Sackheim

May 29, 2007324Human ErrorLawrence Kaplow & Thomas MoranKatie Jacobs

Fourth Season Episode Guide

(May include casting information, planned music and official descriptions published by Fox, TV Guide, etc.)
   1st Date ...#...TitleWritten By..............Directed By
Our Fourth Season page has some preliminary information (Spoiler Free, except for officially released Fox Information) or see our Season 4 Spoilers page
Sept 25, 2007401AloneTeleplay by: Peter Blake & David Shore
Story by: Peter Blake
Deran Sarafian
House tries to function without a team - Wilson and Cuddy take different routes to convince House to interview fellowship candidates.
Oct 2, 2007402The Right Stuff Doris Egan & Leonard Dick Deran Sarafian
House hires 40 doctors to find the right ones for his new team.
Oct 9, 200740397 Seconds Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner David Platt
A patient, his dog and a clinic patient all die. Chase and Cameron return to the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.
Oct 23, 2007404Guardian Angels David Hoselton Deran Sarafian
A funeral home cosmetician, Irene, has a seizure and hallucinates.
Oct 30, 2007405Mirror Mirror David Foster David Platt
A patient, who cannot remember who he is, begins to mirror the behaviors of his doctors and others around him. Foreman returns
Nov 6, 2007406Whatever it Takes Teleplay by: Thomas L. Moran & Peter Blake
Story by Thomas L. Moran
Juan J. Campanella
Housen who is recruited by the CIA to diagnose an agent's mysterious illness, leaves Foreman and the candidates to diagnose a race car driver.
Nov 13, 2007407Ugly Sean Whitesell David Straiton

Nov 20, 2007408You Don't Want to Know Sara Hess Lesli Glatter

Nov 27, 2007409Games Eli Attie Deran Sarafian

Jan 29, 2008410It's a Wonderful Lie Pamela Davis Matt Shakman

Feb 3, 2008411Frozen Liz Friedman David Straiton

Feb 5, 2008412Don't Ever Change Doris Egan & Leonard Dick Deran Sarafian

April 28, 2008413No More Mr. Nice Guy David Hoselton & David Shore Deran Sarafian

May 5, 2008414Living the Dream Sara Hess & Liz Friedman David Straiton

May 12, 2008415House's Head Peter Blake & David Foster & Russel Friend & Garret Lerner Greg Yaitanes

May 19, 2008416Wilson's Heart Teleplay by: Peter Blake & David Foster & Russel Friend & Garret Lerner Story by Doris Egan Katie Jacobs


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