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First Season Episodes ::  #103 "Occam's Razor"

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First Broadcast
Occam's Razor
Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) discuss a patient's mysterious illness in the HOUSE episode "Occam's Razor" airing Tuesday, Nov. 30 (9-10 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Mitch Haaseth/FOX.
November 30, 2004
Writer / Director
David Shore / Bryon Singer
The patient
A nineteen year old collapses during sex.
How House gets involved
Wilson brings it to him: "He's sick, I care, I'm pathetic." But it is the blood pressure's not responding to IV fluids that gets House's attention.
The mis-diagnoses
Sinus infection and hypothyroidism together to explain all the symptoms.
The privacy invasion / major ethical breach
The final diagnosis
The kid had had a cough and by mistake had been given gout medicine which cause all his other symptoms.
The clinic patient(s)
1) A woman being fired who is trying to get the most out of her health insurance before she loses her job. 2) House keeps calling Cuddy in for a consult on simple clinic cases, including a kid who has swallowed an MP3 player.
Quotes / Scenes from #103 Occams Razor
  • Foreman: "Occam's Razor. The simplest explanation is always the best."
    House: "And you think one is simpler than two."
    Cameron: "Pretty sure it is, yeah."
    House: "Baby shows up. Chase tells you that two people exchanged fluids to create this being. I tell you that one stork dropped the little tyke off in a diaper. You going to go with the two or the one?
    Foreman: "I think your argument is specious."
    House: "I think your tie is ugly. Why is one simpler than two? It's lower, lonelier... is it simpler?"
  • Chase: "He thinks outside the box, is that so evil?"
    Foreman: "He has no idea where the box is!"
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    Foreman (in the lab when House comes in): "Why didn't you page us?"
    House: "'Cause I knew you'd be here."
    Chase (to the others): "Who told him?"
    House: "No one. I assume you're trying to prove my crazy two-illness theory wrong, so, obviously, you're going to be in the lab."
  • Wilson (to House after House has made taunting remarks to Foreman): "I get that you're not a big believer in the 'catching flies with honey' approach, but do you honestly think you'll collect a jarful by cleverly taunting them?"
    House: "Flies, no. Doctors, sure. If I'd said to Foreman, 'Nice try, it was a great guess, but not this time,' what do you think he'd be doing right now?"
    Wilson: "I think he'd be going home not feeling like a piece of crap."
    House: "Exactly."
    Wilson: "You want him to feel like a piece of crap?"
    House: "No, I don't want him going home."
  • Patient: "How can you treat someone without meeting them?"
    House: "It's easy if you don't give a crap about them. That's a good thing. If emotions made you act rationally, then they wouldn't be called emotions, would they? That's why we have this nice division of labor: you hold his hand, I get him better. If I start tucking him in at night, well, that's not fair to you guys, and if you start prescribing medicine, that's not fair to me."
  • House (to a patient): "What would you want, a doctor who holds your hand while you die, or a doctor who ignores you while you get better? I guess it would particularly suck to have a doctor who ignores you while you die."

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