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The Premise through quotes from David Shore
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Where they film
Where It Shows (in addition to the U.S.)
  • Australia Wednesday nights at 8:30pm on Network Ten - third season starts March 2007 (according to Vanessa)
  • Britain/UK:
    According to TV Tome, it shows on the Hallmark Channel (since April 2005), Sundays at 9pm
    Five has bought the UK rights to the Hugh Laurie-fronted medical drama 'House', The series will broadcast weekly from June 9 at 10pm.
  • Canada: According to TV Tome, it shows on Global on Tuesday nights.
  • AXN-ASIA, a satellite/cable broadcaster which "dot" (currently living in Singapore) tells us can be picked up in Singapore and "other Asian cities" Here's the listing for House.
    House: Every Tue 23:00 (HK), 22:00 (SIN/ PHL/ MAL/ BKK), 21:00 (JKT), 19:30 (SL) Repeat broadcasts on Wed 2:00 & 15:00, Sat 13:00 & 22:00 and Sun 2:00 (SIN/ PHL/ MAL/ BKK)"
  • Colombia: Paola emailed us to say, "it also airs here in Colombia, South America, on the Universal Channel every day at 7p.m. New episodes air on Thursday nights at 9p.m. "
  • House Season 3 DVD
    Season Three DVD
    Germany: Cecilia tell us that the show "airs as 'Dr. House' on Tuesday night at 9.15pm in Germany (on RTL)
  • Holland: Hibernia emailed us "that House is on TV in Holland as well. Every Thursday, 21.30, on channel SBS 6. We'll get the last episode of the first season coming Thursday" [December 28, 2006].
  • Hungary: Tünde S. emails, "House, M.D. is also shown in Hungary on TV2. It is quite popular but it is shown late evening (after 10 pm). The Hungarian title: 'Doktor House'"
  • Israel: Jonathan writes, "House airs here on Saturdays at 9:15 PM (with a rerun on Sunday at 8:30 PM). It is broadcast on a channel called HOT3. Tonight (May 27th) episode 2.08 'The Mistake' airs."
  • Italy
  • Previously it was on Friday night in New Zealand, according to the New Zealand Herald but as of March 24, KHL emails us: "House is currently playng Tuesdays in NZ, 7 weeks behind the states. We will be watching The Mistake on Mar 28."
  • Spain: Carmen from Madrid tells us, "...we just finished... season 2, waiting for the new one.... "House" has became very popular... almost 3 million people followed the show, and it is a common topic in every day conversation."

Season 1 DVD
Hugh Laurie
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232 North Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (USA)
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