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Is the name of the show "House" or "House MD"?
The logo shown with the episodes says "House MD" and all the promotional material seemingly sent to TV Guide, etc. says "House". What is broadcast with the episodes as its name should be definitive, but in this case it doesn't seem to be.Theme Music
Where is the theme music from?
According to a note posted on the Internet Movie Database< House MD Forum, by rachel_lb "The theme song [for the U.S. broadcasts] is 'Teardrop' by the group Massive Attack ." and jupiter0225 posted that it was on the album Mezzanine. And the closed captions also identify this as Teardrop from Massive Attack. But overseas the theme music is different. We can only assume that the contract for the use of this music was restricted to the U.S. So overseas there is theme music used for the first season and different theme music used for the second and that was done by the music supervisors and isn't available anywhere.
  • "The theme music on episodes shown overseas is different. Someone wrote Fox asking about it and Fox wrote back (this was published at LiveJournal and republished by "Elen" on the Television Without Pity's House Forum
    "We can confirm that the theme tune for Series 2 episodes is different to the one use in Series 1. It has been especially composed for the series by the same people that write the incidental music used throughout. To our knowledge it is not available commercially."
  • In the"House" section of Wikipedia:
    "The opening theme is 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack... "Due to rights and licensing issues this music is not used for the show in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland (German version), Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Hungary, Latin America, Greece, Hong Kong, and Turkey. In those countries, a piece of music named 'House,' composed by Scott Donaldson and Richard Nolan, is used, which was written specifically for the show. With the second season, this was replaced with a similar, but modified, track. The parodic British television show Dead Ringers, which sometimes spoofs House, uses "Teardrop" for the spoof's opening theme. 'Teardrop' is also used in the Season 2 Region 2 release, replacing the 'House' theme at the beginning of the episode."
Where is Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital?
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No such place exists. But it is supposed to be in Princeton, New Jersey.
Then what institution is shown for the exterior shots of the hospital?
"mantene" posted on the TIVO Community Board on House MD "the exterior shots of the 'hospital' Dr. House works in is really the building I work in. The Frist Campus Center at Princeton University... NOT a hospital."
Where is there information on music or other aspects of an episode?
Click on the "Episode" button at the top of any page, find the episode and go to the page on it. If the information is not there, try the search and if we don't seem to have the information yet, go to our resources page and see what other websites might have that. You can also email us (email address is in the footer of every page).
Do you have quotes from the episodes?
instead of just putting quotes in the pages we have on the episodes, we have put them around the site to show the kind of people House and his team are or to illustrate this or that. But all quotes are followed by a number which is the number of the episode in the order they were first broadcast. So just do a search for that number and you will get a list of all quotes throughout the site.
Is the clinic a walk in or can people make an appointment to see a doctor they have already seen?
"...this is a walk in clinic, which means there are no appointments. It means you walk in, sign the chart and a doctor will see you...." House to a family that claims they have an appointment [#102]
This is contradicted by him telling a woman that she remembered her appointment.
What caused House's limp?
A muscle infarction in his right thigh, which it took three days to diagnose.
If his injured leg is his right leg, then shouldn't he be using his cane on his left?
"It was a big issue early on about which hand he holds the cane in," says executive producer and series creator David Shore. "The thought was he should hold the cane in the opposite arm from the injury. That is basically true — most people use the opposite arm. But some people feel more comfortable with a cane in the dominant arm, and that is acceptable." House's injury — and cane — are on the right. — USA Today (4/17/2005)
What kind of motorcycle does House ride?
"It's a Repsol Honda." — "amysusanne" posted at the Television Without Pity's House Forum in answer to our question.

"looks like a Honda CBR1000RR with Repsol replica paint job and optional cane holder."
  — "Woof" posted on the Television Without Pity's House Forum.

Alson on Television Without Pity's House Forum posted a link to an article on House's bike: "Bikes On The Tube: Taking It To The House" by sean bice Wednesday, November 09, 2005 which says of House's bike: 'his handicapped parking space at the hospital was occupied by a CBR1000RR in Repsol colors.' It goes on to say of the episode where House introduces his bike to his team:
"At one point during last night's show, House made reference to "the scrape down the side" of his bike, just so we could all realize the following:
  1. Motorcycles are dangerous
  2. House is The Man
  3. House's bike is tragically flawed just like he is
What do we know about the new jacket House started wearing after he got his motorcycle?
On July 26 Carl Hillier emailed us the following:
"I spoke with Kim, a representive of Vanson Leathers. who informed we that they supplied the jacket, which is their Model B with optional stripes (not shown in the photo). It retails for $669.

"The show's wardrobe department added the badges (inc. RTAI/KTAI).

"Another reference to Vanson Leather scan be found here."
What brand/model of shoes (tennis shoes or athletic shoes) does House wear in various seasons?
We have moved this information to a page about House's various shoes.
Why wasn't an email answered?
There are several reasons why we may not have responded to your email.
  1. The number one reason why we may not have answered your email is that we didn't see it. We gets hundreds of emails a day and if your subject wasn't specific, we may have thought it was spam and deleted it. Do not send email without a subject or with a subject that doesn't have "House MD" in it. We do usually open everything with the word "question" in the subject but a lot of spam uses that as well. "Episode" is a good word to use. Or "blog" although spammers are beginning to use that as well. Please use something that a spammer wouldn't use. But if you wrote something else, feel free to write again with a more specific subject.
  2. In almost a tie with the above reason is that we got an email that required us to do something. But being incredibly busy at that time, we marked it and thought we would get back to it in a day or two and then we stayed busy and never really got back to it. If you wrote such an email, feel free to write again in a few weeks.
  3. At least once a month or so, we try to answer an email and it bounces back to it requires us to fill out a form in order to let it go through. We used to fill out the form and resented it. We no longer do. I feel sorry for your spam problem, but I have my own and will not spend time trying to help you if you require us to jump through hoops to do so!

Hugh Laurie's video to apply for the part of Dr. House

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To find that one person who does know the answer to your question, you want the highly intelligent and "fanatical" people who post at the Television Without Pity House Forum. But this forum takes some getting used to. Do the following:
  1. Click on the link above and then on "House General Gabber".
  2. One of the top threads there is usually "Clarification - It's A Beautiful Thing : The Q & A Thread". If it isn't on the first page, go to the second page. Do not open a new thread!!!!
  3. You must now do the following:
    1. Read the last five pages or so of this thread to see how it is done
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  4. Make sure to read the rules. These people want to help but if you break their rules, many of which are not what you think, they will eat you alive. Sample rule - do not sign you posts.

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