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November 23, 2007 -
Amazon has the first two seasons available at the moment for $12.99 each (a 78% discount) - at that price these would be a great gift even. We have no idea how long this price will be available:
October 20, 2006 -
  "House" Season Two is being released for Britain (Region 2)
September 4, 2006 -
Starting to here rumors that the Second Season in Region 2 will be available in a couple of months - so far no confirmation. This page will keep up with the information as it becomes available.
August 22, 2006 - "monopoly19" posted on the Television Without Pity's House Forum
The gag reel has made its way to youtube. (editor's note: if you don't have the DVD yet, check it out because it is a gas!)
August 21, 2006 -
Amazon has started shipping the Second Season DVDs (Region 1).
August 10, 2006 - "marykir" posted at Television without Pity's House Forum
"DVDTalk has a review of the season 2 DVD. Highlights:
  • anamorphic widescreen (yay!)
  • blooper reel has the cursing bleeped (boo {g})
  • Emmy Evening with House is only 18 minutes long (???? the webcast was over an hour!)"
Comments from the review:
"On the first-season DVDs, Universal screwed the pooch by releasing the show with letterboxed widescreen transfers. Thankfully, they learned their lesson, and this time we get to see the show in glorious anamorphic widescreen. The transfers are just excellent, with crisp detail and bright, vivid color and a complete lack of dirt and damage. I really could find nothing wrong with the video on this disc."
August 7, 2006 - page on House now offers:
"Watch a clip from the bonus features of House Season 2, featuring Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) and Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) perform two scenes as if they were, like, valley girls. Available on DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment."
Two Pack DVDs Set: Seasons 1 & 2

Below the DVD image on the main page on the DVD (and also below and to the left of the above text) is:
  • Scene 1, low speed
  • Scene 1, high speed
  • Scene 2, low speed
  • Scene 2, high speed
July 18, 2006:
Press Release from Universal Studio about the upcoming Season Two DVD (this is a pdf document).
July 10, 2006: "to21b" posted at the Television Without Pity's House Forum explained the extra called "An Evening With House"
The Evening With House took place on 17.April '06. The whole cast plus exec producers David Shore, Katie Jacobs and Paul Attanasio were present. They were asked questions about the show and their characters by film critic Elvis Mitchell (who's a big fan of House). The panel was a little over an hour long and was webcast live on the website of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which organized the event. You can still take a look here...."
July 8, 2006 (2nd):
Still no word on Season Two for Region 2/Britain/Europe. We will post news when we have it.
July 8, 2006 (1st): See new images of menus from the DVD.
July 7, 2006: TV Shows on DVD has revised its list of the extras for the Season 2 DVD as:
  • Commentary on "Autopsy" with executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs
  • Blooper Reel
  • Alternate Take from "Daddy's Boy": The Valley Girl Version
  • "It Could Be Lupus"
  • Alternate Take from "Sleeping Dogs Lie": The Valley Girl Version
  • An Evening With House
  • Commentary on "No Reason" with executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs
June 15, 2006: TV Shows on DVD has listed the extras for the Season 2 DVD as:
  • "An Evening with House"
  • Blooper Reel
  • Alternate Takes: "The Valley Girl Versions"
  • "It Could Be Lupus"
  • Producer Commentary
June 14, 2006: According to "Elen" on the Television Without Pity's House Forum Walmart is listing the Season Two DVDs as being Single Sided and the extras as:
  • "An Evening With 'House'"
  • Alternate Takes
  • "It Could Be Lupus"
  • "No Reason" Commentary
  • Audio Commentary
  • Documentary
  • Featurette
  • Gag Reel
June 13, 2006: "House" Second Season DVD finally moving up in Amazon Sales Ranking:
Latest figures June 12: Sales Rank: #72 in DVD; Yesterday: #63 in DVD
Warning: it says "Region Unknown" at the moment. It is Region 1, of course. Plays on all U.S. or Canadian DVD players. says Region 1 for the Season Two Set and notes: Sales Rank 5
June 12, 2006: In addition to the ability to be able to pre-order House Season Two from,
For those people in Canada, this set is also available from (Canada)
June 9, 2006: (DVD available August 22)
Finally, Cover Art now available (see image). Click here or on image for ordering page with more details on Amazon and a 30% discount.
May 27, 2006: Amazon now has a page for ordering the Second Season DVD set
in Region 1 (U.S./Canada).
<— click to order.
No image yet, but it the release date is listed as August 22, 2006. Amazon offering 30% off.
Universal Studios; AC-3, Dolby, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC
May 23, 2006: The Second Season just ended in the United States and today we heard the first rumors of a date for the Season TwoDVDs.
A reliable Source says it will be late August. We will have new information soon and we will keep you informed from this page.
  • We will announce every release date (for the United States, for Canada and for Britain/United Kingdom/Europe) from the top right of the home page, and also on this page, as soon as that information becomes available.
Trying to keep up with the DVD Videos of the House episodes.

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