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Want Details about Aspects of the Shows?
We are going to be sponsoring different pages of our site that will be run as blogs about specific aspects of the show by individual fans of the show who do research or have knowledge to share with the rest of us.
One of our blogs needs a New Jersey/Princeton native type person to take over: Information on the New Jersey Locations and References.
The blogs that are now live:
Other Ideas:
Is there anyone out there with the inclination to do in depth notation and evaluation of any of the following (or who has ideas of your own that you would like to pursue)? These are just a list of ideas in no particular order:
  • When exactly does House take a Vicodin pill?
  • What lies or possible lies has House told - to whom, about what and for what purpose?
  • How often has Chase agreed with House and how does House or others react to these supporting comments from Chase? When was the first time we saw indications of this behavior from him? And how does this behavior relate to Chase's need to please House with answers, etc.?
  • Season Two
    House (Hugh Laurie) in the outer office.
    Credit: Michael Becker/FOX.
    In what ways is Foreman like House?
  • How does Cameron cope with death in various episodes? Is she learning to deal with it better or is she still helpless in dealing with the subject? How often does she bring up the subject even when she isn't dealing with dying patients?
  • What does the music on the show tell us in each episode or overall?
  • What do we know about the nursing staff that House comes in contact with? Do we have any names? Personality traits?
  • What do we know about Wilson's relationships with women? What does he say about "panty peelers"? What does all this say about him?
  • What repeat diagnoses have the team made in multiple episodes?
  • What has House specifically said about other doctors? What names have come up?
  • What word games do Wilson and House play? What do they believe are the circles of Hell?
  • What sexual references are there in the various episodes? What warnings are given to each episode? Are they different? Do some episodes get a stronger warning than others? Why?
  • Are there indications that House smokes?
  • What do the titles of each episode refer to? Indications are that each title has more than one reference to the episode. Can someone out there come up with starting points and allow for input from others.
  • What do the stories say about their writers? What themes do each of the writers like to put into the episodes they write? Do different writers emphasize different aspects of individual characters?
  • Does this team of writers have particular trouble making Cameron consistent?
  • Season 1 DVD
    What props does House use in various episodes?
  • What do these characters eat and drink in the different episodes?
  • What is the purpose of the clinic patients in the various episodes? In one, the clinic patient may add humor. Another patient may give an alternate or supporting approach to the main character. Often the clinic patient may provide House with a new approach to the medical dilemma he finds himself in with the main patient.
  • How does House solve the cases? In what cases do the other doctors come up with solutions, information that House didn't have before that?
  • What has happened to things that seem to have disappeared: the Mustang that House was given? Props on his desk that are there sometimes and not others?
  • What is House's home like? Do our various views of it seem to suggest he moves a lot? Does he seem to have a first floor apartment or one where he might sometimes have to use the stairs or a row house (like we saw in "Hunting".
  • How broad is House's knowledge of the world. What non-medical facts, theories, ideas, thinkers does he mention? How about the other characters?
  • How does "House" relate to other medical or detective shows, novels, etc. past and present? In what ways does it seem more like a detective show than a medical show? In what ways is it a typical medical show>
  • Does House operate within consistent ethical principles? If so, what are they?
  • What are the T-Shirts House wears?
  • What are the names of the patients from each of the episodes?
  • What can we know about a timeline?
  • What do we know about the ethical breaches House is constantly engaging in?
  • Collecting suggestions for the disease of the week.
  • Listing what extraordinary things House has done to diagnose and save his patients.
  • What doctors have been judgmental about patients. What patients amd why. How would this cause misdianoses?
Do any of the above ideas interest you? Do you have the time and the inclination to delve into one of them or another subject that has intrigued you? Tell us? Do you have any expertise in a related field? How do you plan to approach the subject? Can you be objective and most of all informative about the idea, and not try to just persuade us of a particular bias you might have for or against certain characters?
If you seem like you really want to do such a page on a particular topic, we will set up a page for you and teach you (if necessary) how to use the blog and your name (real or not, your choice) and a description of you (this should be real although we understand if you want to make it somewhat vague in places). Some people want to use their real names and some do not want to be personally identified. We will do things however you want.
If you are interested, email us (email address is in the footer of every page). We want to hear from you?

Quotations, etc. Copyright Heel & Toe Productions, Bad Hat Harry Productions, et al.
Pictures from the show copyright Fox Broadcasting Corporation
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