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"House" episodes are finally available Online for legal downloads. Click the iTunes image below to watch House M.D. online:
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Theme MusicMusic
What is the theme music?
According to a note posted on the Internet Movie Database House MD Forum, by rachel_lb "The theme song is 'Teardrop' by the group Massive Attack." and jupiter0225 posted that it was on the album Mezzanine. All of this is supported by the closed captioning during the credits during each episode.
***This album is also available from Amazon UK in Britain. But the overseas theme music is different. We can only assume that the contract for the use of this music was restricted to the U.S. So overseas there is theme music used for the first season and different theme music used for the second and that was done by the music supervisors and isn't available anywhere.
What's this about Hugh Laurie having written a novel?
Several years ago, Hugh Laurie wrote a "comic" "spy" novel which has gotten some great reviews.
For music on each episode, see the page on the episode.
What was the music playing at the end of the Season Finale (as well as in the pilot)?
Rolling StonesThe music playing at the end of the season 1 finale "Honeymoon" was "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones. This is available on two albums:
"Forty Licks" and "Let It Bleed"
You can listen to a sample of this song at Amazon's pages on these albums (click on the album title above and again at the first Amazon page and go to the bottom of the next page to get a choice of which song to listen to). This song was also played during the pilot episode.
Where are posters of Hugh Laurie available from?
All Posters does have a couple at this time:
Where can I get DVDs of the other things Hugh Laurie has done?
First thing we have available is a general Amazon page of a range of his past stuff and we also have the information on the Jeeves and Wooster series. And we just added information on a DVD of "A Bit of Fry and Laurie". And then he was in the last two sets of "Blackadder" (not the first one). We have also started a page with information on and links to other movies, DVDs that Hugh Laurie has been in.
What shows competed against "House" for the 2005 Emmys?
DVD sets for other Emmy Nominees


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