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First Season Episodes ::   #122 "Honeymoon"

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House (Hugh Laurie) and Stacy (Sela Ward) argue about the best treatment for her husband in the first season finale episode "Honeymoon" airing Tuesday, May 24 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Jamie Trublood/FOX.
First Broadcast
May 24, 2005
Lawrence Kaplow, John Mankiewicz
Fred Keller
The patient
Mark Warner who is now married to Stacy, House's ex-girlfriend. Symptoms: "Sudden mood swings, infantile regression, abdominal pain, he's passed out twice."
How House gets involved
House's ex-girlfriend asks him to diagnose her husband.
The mis-diagnoses
Cameron thinks the patient is healthy but House keeps searching even to forcing exploritory surgery which at first doesn't show anything but through a long night of watching the tapes of the surgery, House finally finds something: abdominal epilepsy "Means there's some sort of neurological problem."
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
House sends Foreman and Chase to break into the Warner home. And House does a dangerous test on Mark without his consent (Stacy asks him to) and Foreman is joined by Cameron and finally Chase in trying to stop him.
The final diagnosis
The clinic patient(s)
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  • Mark: "I don't want to take that test. Not until they're sure."
    Stacy: "You don't know Greg."
    Mark: Not like you do. I only met him when he drugged me."
    House [entering the room]: "Boy, are my ears burning."
    Mark: "What's that?"
    House [showing him a syringe]: "Cocktail hour. Just because you can't hoist a few doesn't mean you should be left out."
    Rolling StonesThe music playing at the end of this episode was "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones. This is available on two albums "Forty Licks" and "Let It Bleed" you can listen to a sample of this song at Amazon's pages on these albums (click on the album title here and again at Amazon then go to the bottom of the next page to get a choice of which song to listen to). This song was also played during the pilot episode.
    Forty Licks is also available from Amazon UK

    Mark: "Get away from me."
    Stacy: "Mark, this is what he thinks is wrong with you."
    Mark: "You trust his judgment more than mine?"
    Stacy: "His medical judgment."
    Mark: "And you'd bet my life on that."
    Stacy: "I would."
    Mark: "I don't."
    House: "Smart. Too bad you're paralyzed." [House removes the cover and moves to put the contents of the syringe into the IV but Foreman stops him - after a moment of stand-off House pretends to be the intercom] "Ping! Paging Dr. Foreman!" [Back to his own voice, House orders him] "Leave the room. It's not your problem."
    Foreman: "You need the consent from him."
    House: "But doc, he ain't right in the head!"
    Cameron [moving to stand beside Foreman] "Then you need a court order."
    House: "Okay, then get one. We'll wait here. I won't do nothing. [Chase has moved to stand with the other two to form a wall between House and Mark's bed.] Oh, love the Musketeer thing. I got goosebumps."
    Blind Willie McTellThe music House was playing in his office when Stacy walks in after her husband has been cured (at which point House turns the music off) was "Delia" by Blind Willie McTell, available on The Essential Blind Willie McTell album.
    The Essential Blind Willie Mctell is also available from Amazon UK

    Cameron "Give me the syringe."
    Stacy: "Please, if you're right this may be his only shot."
    House: "So what's your plan? You take the big, dark one, I've got the little girl and the Aussie will run like a scared wombat if things turn rough. I can't do it." [House turns away to stand at the end of Mark's bed well away from the IV and appoears to be putting down the syringe but suddenly House moves quickly and sticks the syringe in Mark's leg.]
    Mark: "You son of a bitch!"
    House: "See what I did there?"
    Stacy: "When does it happen?"
    Chase [checking Mark's vitals]: "If he had AIP, it should have already happened."
    House: "Everyone's different."
    Foreman: "This is not good. He could have embolism, tachycardia, stroke&8212;" [Foreman is interrupted by Mark, who goes into an attack.]
    Stacy: "What's happening?"
    Chase [ordering]: "Two milligrams of Ativan!" [Cameron moves to get the Ativan.]
    Stacy: "Is that an attack?" [Cameron runs over with the Ativan, but House knocks it out of her hands with his cane.]
    House: "No, you'll pollute the sample! Chase, get urine from the catheter."
    Foreman: "It's not an attack, he's stroking!"
    Chase: "He needs Ativan!"
    House: "This is not a stroke! Delta wave bursts just at the base of the spasm." [The catheter falls to the floor.]
    Chase: "Catheter's out, there's no way to collect the sample."
    Foreman: "Heart rate's in the 40s, bradycardia, we're losing him!"
    House: "Hold him down!"
    Stacy: "Give him something!"
    House: "No pain killers!"
    Foreman: "You were wrong!" [House moves grabing a syringe and sticks the needle into Mark's bladder, pulling out a urine sample.]
    House: "Straight from the bladder, that's as fresh as it gets. Will you give him the Ativan already."


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