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History of The House M.D. Guide
This website was conceived when we saw the rerun of "Fidelity" on April 5, 2005 and realized that the series was a reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes. Before then we had seen a couple of the early Vogler episodes ("Control" and "Heavy") and although we liked it, we hadn't been overwhelmed. In "Fidelity" House makes the kind of deductions that Holmes would make, not just about medical problems but even about personal relations (specifically deducing that Wilson is seeing someone new since he is wearing a new green tie and seems to be wearing new shoes, etc.)
House and his White Board
House (Hugh Laurie) and his White Board.
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX.

We had something up first at and then at about six weeks later but it wasn't until Friday, May 13, 2005 that we felt there was enough on each of 47 first pages to go start asking for links back from other websites and to announce the site in one forum ( On July 15, 2006 the site was 250 pages. About our Editors
This website is the work of many people. Many sections will be done by individual contributors — see their by-lines — and other contributions will also be acknowledged here (for instance when someone finds a typo or mistake in the site, we offer gold stars).
About our Blogs and Extra Sections
We have blogs on different House related subjects:
  1. House and his favorite soap "General Hospital", which connects the two seemingly very different television shows.
  2. The Character of Dr. Cameron which asks, does this team of writers have particular trouble making Cameron consistent?
  3. Information on the New Jersey Locations and References
  4. Examination of "House and Holmes" How is Gregory House like Sherlock Holmes
  5. Minutia on "House" details all the times House takes Vicodin and other details of the episodes
  6. Medical Investigation: Analyzing House Through The Media Lens
  7. Doctor James Wilson: A closer look at the charming Dr Wilson; cook, "boy wonder oncologist" and serial womanizer...?
  8. House MD Beyond the Script: The music and what it means and the various meanings of the titles of the episodes.
  9. The Meanings of Titles, Diagnoses, Patients (Detailing the meanings of the titles of the episodes, the patients dealt with and their illnesses, common diagnoses used throughout the show and finally, how Foreman is starting to resemble House.)
  10. The Clinic Patients: A look at how the clinic patients relate to the main case
  11. Theories and Thinkers: non-medical facts, theories, ideas, thinkers that House mentions
  12. Differential Diagnosis: A Medical Guide to House
  13. Inside the Writers' Heads
  14. What's in a Name: Shows and Sick People - about the Titles and the Patients
  15. The Diagnositc Team
  16. Pattern of Habits: A Look at House's Addiction to Vicodin and Baubles
  17. Thanks for Playing: The Lighter Side of House
  18. Performance Reviews: Which of the team made the final diagnosis and who added to it with their suggestions or discoveries along the way.
  19. House, MD's Title Connections: Where are the House, MD titles headed, what they refer to in the episodes, how they relate to the staff and patients of PPTH, and perhaps how they link the themes and characters to the outside world.
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May 23, 2006 - as the season ends, in general we continue to move up (as the West Wing series ended our West Wing site was the 59,289th most popular site on the web):
May 23 rank
April 26, 2006 - in general we continue to move up:
April 26 rank
April 10, 2006 - We do seem to be moving up. Our "West Wing" site is approximately the 70,000th most popular site on the web. And now this House site is about the 400,000th. And moving up fairly rapidly (100,000 places in less than three weeks!):
Ranking as of April 10, 2006
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The above is right around when "Need to Know" was shown.

Below is just a couple of weeks before

Actual visitors to the site
  • May 23, 2006 = 88,017 (so far this month)
  • Apri 1-April 30, 2006 = 65,947
  • February 1-17 = 22,776
  • January 2006 = 38,446

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