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Characters ::  House's T-shirts, shoes, etc.

Also see T-Shirts Available about House.

See below for the fourth season.
Fans are discussing the T-shirts House Wears:
  • Editor's note: to the right is a T-shirt House would never wear but his fans might and other such shirts are also available.

    We thought this was cute:
    House III, God III T-shirt

    Season Two
    Available in White (above)
    And Black
    And Ash Grey
    Also see other T-shirts, etc. about House.

  • December 19, 2008: Will T. sent us a link to a site that he says "goes over all the shirts (and shoes) that House has ever worn on the show." From what we have seen that might actually be right.
  • Note on where the T-shirts come from: in the March 5-11, 2007 issue of TV Guide, wer learn the following:
    • House's look is planned by Cathy Crandall, the show's costume designer.
    • "House's rock-and-roll tees may look ratty but they're actually desinger orignals by the likes of Barking Irons and Lincoln Mayne. They retail for nearly $100."
    • House's sneakers are Nike Shox
  • #102 "Paternity" - Home watching TV when the phone rings: Motley Crue t-shirt Television Without Pity's House Forum: "eejm" asked "was that the Motley Crue t-shirt in the scene where House is called into the hospital after Dan disappears?" and "amysusanne" answered, "Oh. Yes.")
  • August 28, 2006: "to21b" posted on the Television Without Pity's House Forum
    "new season 3 pics... [of] his two shirts with the skulls on them.... He's got one in white and one in dark brownish gray. In season 3 they made him another one with the same picture. It's dark blue....
    David Shore mentioned in the audio commentary for 'Autopsy' on the season 2 dvd box, that they have fun picking out t-shirts for House to wear. So there are the skulls shirts, one with 'Death Valley Sound Systems', two 'Old South Clothing House' shirts, one with little skeletons on it (also season 3, see previews), 'Red Dragon Tattoo - Hell Yeah It Hurts'
    ...seems like most of them involve pain or death."
  • Season Two
    Available in an auction
    from Clothes Off Our Back
    August 29, 2006: "FlipFlopsSox" posted on the Television Without Pity's House Forum "Barking Irons is one brand of tshirts that House wears."
  • August 29, 2006: "to21b" posted on the Television Without Pity's House Forum
    "I remember an article/interview where Katie Jacobs (I think) said that they had found this little company that sells vintage shirts and reproduces them as well (if I remember correctly).
    TV Guide had a blurb in May where they mentioned that the brown 'Old South Clothing House' shirt was available for $55 from Buckley (but not anymore)."
  • August 31, 2006: "Elen" posted on the Television Without Pity's House Forum
    One of House's T-shirts is up for auction for charity. It's the skull+flowers shirt from 'Autopsy'. (Editor's note: Auction ends around September 14, 2006)

    Lincoln Mayne is the designer, and you can buy the same kind of shirt (for $68) here.
  • September 17, 2006: in #302 "Cane and Able" House in the beginning is wearing a strang t-shirt, which had the following which "marykir" posted on the Television Without Pity's House Forum:
    Buying Car or Truck?
    in 15 minutes or less!
    bad credit,
    good credit,
    no credit.
    friendly, reliable brokers
    in the business for decades
    You Call, We [??]

    and of which "Yadi" posted a screen cap of.
  • September 28, 2007: in #401 "Alone" House wears a OmniPeace t-shirt with an emblem of Africa on it.

Also see T-Shirts Available about House.


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