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Characters ::  House's Shoes

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Fans are discussing the Shoes House Wears:
  • Third Season's Shoes:
    • Maurice Bellert emailed us, "Dr. House wore Asics Nimbus trainers in several episodes in season 3 (episodes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 it was only at the start of episode 10 where he walks in from the snow outside he is back in the Nike trainers)."
    • "iamdaffodils" posted on the Television Without Pity's House Forum about the shoes House was wearing in "Act Your Age":
      "House... had them on in Airborne too.... they're Nike Dunkeros."
  • Women's versions of many of House's shoes are available from Activa - Shop Women's Fitness Gear!
    Just search for the brand name using their search form in the upper right

  • Conversation in Television Without Pity about the First Season's Footwear:
    • "He wears Nike Shoxs. They run between 80-120 dollars at places like Foot Locker and Athletes Foot. The particular model he is wearing probably isn't available as Nike likes to roll out new stuff every few months."
         — "TrooperCam" posted this at the Television Without Pity's House Forum in answer to our question.
    • "I think it was determined that in season one he was wearing one of the custom pairs, too, so they weren't the ones you would just walk into the store and buy in the first place.
      "House also wears the Chuck Taylors now and then." — "amysusanne" added at the Television Without Pity's House Forum.

Also see T-Shirts that House wears.

Also see T-Shirts Available about House.


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