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Second Season Episodes ::  #201 "Acceptance"

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First Broadcast
Season Two
The second season of HOUSE premiered Tuesday, Sept. 13 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Hugh Laurie as Dr. Greg House.
Credit: Michael Lavine/FOX.
September 13, 2005
Writer / Director
Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner / Don Attias
The patient
A prisoner on death row (Clarence) whose "heart starts beating so fast it pumps out air instead of blood."
How House gets involved
He wants the case and asks for it having found it by using Cuddy's password on the hospital computers because "there are no usual options" for the symptoms reported.
The mis-diagnoses
No actual mis-diagnosis. First House figures out what is killing Clarence (methanol he deliberately drank) and cures that (with alcohol), and then he goes after the deeper problem.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
Lying to Stacy (about whether Cuddy approved) to get her to get a court order; getting the prisoner drunk to get the ethenol out of his system without his informed consent, stealing Cuddy's computer password.
The final diagnosis
Pheochromocytoma: small, adrenaline-secreting tumor that caused rage attacks.
The clinic patient(s)
Cameron is given House's clinic hours and has a patient who is dying of cancer and Cameron will not accept her own diagnosis.
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Questions raised by this episode:
"One strange gaffe: Though Princeton-based House remarks midway through the episode that the state (New Jersey) has not executed anyone in decades, the episode opens with the inmate in the cell next to House's future patient being prepped for a final meal. Hmm. Calling continuity."
Quotes / Dialogue (also do a search for "201"
  • Music at the end is Jeff Buckley's version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" from Buckley's CD "Grace". You can listen to a sample near the bottom of the main Amazon page.
    Wilson: "Bittersweet thing about being head of the oncology department, I get cc'ed on all the biopsy results."
    Cameron: "Yeah, I know. She's terminal."
    Wilson: "Yeah. So, I take it you were in there informing her?"
    Cameron: "Well, I— I hadn't exactly gotten around to that, but I was just ---"
    Wilson: "Doing what? Making friends?"
    Cameron: "Cindy's divorced. She doesn't have any kids, no siblings, both her parents are gone—"
    Wilson: "It's not your job to be her friend. Do you understand? And it's not worth it. She feels better her few final days, and you're not the same, maybe for years."
    Cameron: "You don't think it's worth it."
    Wilson: "I know it's not worth it."
    Cameron: "My husband— I met him just after he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. If I hadn't married him— he was alone. When a good person dies, there should be an impact on the world. Somebody should notice. Somebody should be upset."
  • Foreman: "Looks like they got the pheo out successfully. So. what now?"
    House: "Clarence goes back to death row."
    Foreman: "Just like that?"
    House: "He's cured."
    Foreman: "That tumor caused random shots of adrenaline, which obviously led to the rage attacks that made him become a murderer in the first place."
    Season 1 DVD
    Season 1 DVD
    House: "By God, you're right! Let's call the surgeons. We gotta to save that tumor; put it on the witness stand."
    Foreman: "We could testify at Clarence's appeal."
    House: "You smell that? I think that is the stink of hypocrisy. You wouldn't even consider the notion that Clarence's social upbringing was responsible for what he became, but now you're sprinting to the witness stand to blame everything on a little tumor."
    Foreman: "A person's upbringing and their biology are completely different."
    House: "Yeah. Because you only overcame one of them. Let's just give Clarence a free pass, huh? Course, you're probably going to piss off all those other pheo sufferers who managed to control their rage attacks and become lawyers, race car drivers, or even doctors. Removing that tumor puts a stop to those random shots adrenaline, but it doesn't absolve him."
    Foreman: "You want him to be executed?"
    House: "That's not what I'm saying."
    Foreman: "Got an opinion?"
    House: Everyone's got an opinion.
    Foreman: "I, um, I think I'm gonna testify at Clarence's appeal."
    House: "You'll do what you think is right. [pause] On your own time."
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