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Second Season Episodes ::  Music & Songs in Season Two Episodes

Also see Music/Songs for Season Three (3)

We note the music played in the episodes in our page on that episode.
But since some people search for Music in general for House,
we also offer this summary page of music for the first half of the Second Season of House MD.
We also have such a page for Season Three music.
For anything from a particular episode, please see the page on that episode.
  1. "Acceptance"
    Music at the end is Jeff Buckley's version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" from Buckley's CD "Grace". You can listen to a sample near the bottom of the main Amazon page.
  2. "Autopsy"
    Christina Aguilera's song "Beautiful" from her album "Stripped" is the music in the teaser as we see Andie at home. At the very end of the episode (with House after he leaves the hospital) Elvis Costello is heard in a "cover" of the same song (currently unavailable).

    Bird York
    Near the end of the episode — up to the point at which the patient leaves the hospital — the song in the background is Bird York's "In The Deep" from her CD "The Velvet Hour".
    (Ms York also played Toby's ex wife in "The West Wing".)
    This song was identified in the closed captioning.

    OperaWhat was the Opera House was listening to on his iPod in the locker room before and after he had his team listen to the heart beats?
    "Nessan Dorma (no one sleeps) from Puccini's Turandot". This whole opera is available on this album "Puccini - Turandot / Sutherland · Pavarotti · Caballé · Ghiaurov · Krause · Pears · LPO · Mehta " although we do not know if this is the version that House was listening to.

    See more information on how this opera relates to the episode.

  3. "Humpty Dumpty"
    Damien RiceNear the end of the "Humpty Dumpty" (as House looks at the rain and Cuddy deals with the leaking roof) the song in the background is Damien Rice's "Delicate" on the CD "O".
    Check & Listen to the clip on the full Amazon page. The closed captioning mis-identifies the song as Amos Lee's colors

  4. "TB or Not TB"
    Leon RussellThe song playing as the doctor leaves the hospital is, according to the closed captioning, "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Leon Russell, available on his Retrospective album. You can hear a sample on Amazon's main page on the album.

  5. "Daddy's Boy"

  6. "Spin"
    Solomon Burke
    The song at the end of "Spin" was Solomon Burke's "None Of Us Are Free" (Mann & Weil / Russell) which is available on his "Don't Give Up on Me" album.
    Amazon offers a clip of the song near the bottom of the full page on that album.
  7. "Hunting"
    Song at the end of "Hunting" was Amos Lee's "Colors" available on his "Amos Lee" album. To verify this, go to this link and then click on the album in the lower part of the main page that comes up, they will allow you to hear pieces of songs from this album including "Colors".

  8. "The Mistake"
  9. "Deception"
  10. "Failure to Communicate"
  11. "Need to Know"
  12. "Distractions"
  13. "Skin Deep"
    DemolitonThe song at the beginning (when House wakes up) and again at the end is "Desire" by Ryan Adams which is on his album "Demolition", available from Amazon
  14. "Sex Kills"
    "Honky Tonk Women" was being played in House's apartment at the end. This was by Taj Mahal and is available on the "Blue Light Boogie" album.
    Amazon allows you to listen to a piece of it on their page on the album
  15. "Clueless"
  16. "Safe"

  17. Pink FloydIn a future episode, House takes a shower at the hospital while Pink Floyd's "Breathe" is played. This song is on the "Pulse" album, available Sept, 2006.

We also have such a page for Season Three music.

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