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Second Season Episodes ::  #214 "Sex Kills"

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Season Two
House (Hugh Laurie, R) and Foreman (Omar Epps, L) race against time to find a donor heart for a dying patient
in the HOUSE episode "Sex Kills" airing
Tuesday, March 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Carin Baer/FOX.
March 7, 2006
Writer / Director
Matt Witten / David Semel
The patients of the week
  1. Henry, a divorced father, has an absence seizure and it also turns out that "his right testicle is almost twice as big as his left."
  2. Laura Neuberger, a car crash victim who has been declared dead but is still on a ventilator. She had something wrong with her heart before the crash (so no one else wants her organs) and House has to diagnose that in order to use her heart for Henry.
How House gets involved
Foreman sees Henry and we assume he brings it to House.
The mis-diagnoses
House assumes Henry has a sexually transmitted disease even though as Foreman tells him, "Blood and urine were negative for syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia." But House thinks the alternative is lymphoma and that means the patient is dead. So, he starts to treat for STD but then Henry has "flash pulmonary edema". None of the mis-diagnoses bother the dead woman.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
None. House and the husband of the dead woman investigate the home. Cameron had the help of the vice principal to investigate her desk at the school where she taught.
The final diagnosis
  1. Henry is discovered to have brucellosis which he got from eating unpasteurized sheep cheese (because he was taking antacids and so didn't have the acid in his stomach that would have destroyed the bateria in the cheese). This destroys his heart with an infarction.
  2. Laura Neuberger has gonorrhea, which she got from her husband.
The clinic patient(s)
Young man wants depo provera, which House tells him "will chemically castrate you." Patient then tells House "I love cows.... I pass a farm on my way to school. And they're so beautiful. They're so majestic I dream about them. Leather shoes, hamburgers? How can anybody do that to a cow?" Turns out he needs to stop thinking of his step-mom. He tells House, "Please. I just need the medicine for three months until I graduate and I move out of the house."
Notable incidents
  • Wilson discovers that his wife is having an affair and he moves out and moves in with House.
Additional information on this episode:
"Honky Tonk Women" was being played in House's apartment at the end. This was by Taj Mahal and is available on the "Blue Light Boogie" album.
Amazon allows you to listen to a piece of it on their page on the album
Quotes (Quotations and Dialogue) from the episode:
  • House to Wilson who is buying some expensive chocolates: "Who's the lucky woman?"
    Wilson: "My wife."
    House: "No, I don't want to know who gets the chocolates; I want to know who you're having the affair with."
    Wilson to the man selling the chocolates: "Fell on his head as a child, tragic."
    House: "Norwegian chocolate. Frankly, you buy that stuff the terrorists win."
    Wilson: "Some people bottle up their feelings, have them come out as physical pain. Healthy human beings express feelings such as affection by giving gifts."
    House: "Gifts express guilt. The more expensive the expression, the deeper the guilt. That's a 12 dollar box so that means you haven't slept with her yet, or she wasn't that good."
    Wilson: "It's not all about sex, House."
    House: "Really? When did that change?"
  • House, calling out to Wilson, who is on the other side of the nurses station: "Wilson! How long can you go without sex?"
    Wilson: "How long can you go without annoying people?"
    House: "No seriously. A week? A month?"
    Wilson: "I'm not having an affair."
    House: "I didn't say you were. Not in this conversation. I'm talking about a patient!"
    Foreman: "People have impulse control, we don't need sex."
    House: "Well not like air, but as a biological imperative, sure we do. There's two things we get stupid for: money and sex, and since money rarely enters the bloodstream...."
    Chase (Jesse Spencer) races against time to save a man
    who needs a donor heart (guest star Howard Hessman)
    in the HOUSE episode "Sex Kills" airing Tuesday,
    March 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
    Credit: Carin Baer/FOX.
  • House to the husband, whose wife has been declared dead: "This girl's father will die by next weekend unless he gets your wife's heart."
    Cuddy: "House, don't you think that's a little manipulative?"
    House: "No, it's hugely manipulative."
    Donald Neuberger (the husband): "You're an ass."
    House: "Hey listen, you take your wife off life support, and I'll have forgotten about this in two weeks. Gale here on the other hand—"
    Amy: "Amy."
    House: "Whatever. You're mad at me. Fine I get that. Take it out on me, not on her."
    Donald thinks about that for a moment and then steps up to House and knees him in the groin. As House falls to the floor, Donald tells Amy: "Fine. Your dad can have her heart."
  • Foreman to Donald as they runs tests on Mrs. Neuberger: "You really don't need to be here."
    Donald: "I assume House is a great doctor."
    Chase: "Why would you assume that?"
    Donald: "Because when you're that big a jerk, you're either great or unemployed."

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