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Second Season Episodes ::  #213 "Skin Deep"

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House and Cameron
House (Hugh Laurie) and Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) uncover a deeper secret when a super model comes in the hospital for a drug addiction in the HOUSE episode "Skin Deep" airing on a special day and time, Monday, Feb. 20 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Richard Foreman/FOX.
February 20, 2006
Teleplay by
Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & David Shore
Story by
Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner
Driected by
Jim Hayman
The patient of the week
A 15 year old beautiful model named Alex.
How House gets involved
Cuddy presents him with file and tells him saying, "Teenage super model. Presented with double vision, sudden aggressive behavior..."
House tells her, "You had me at teenage super model."
The mis-diagnoses
Heroin addiction (which she has and they are afraid the symptoms are masking some other problem) so they put her through a rapid detox procedure ("Put her in a coma, pump her full of naltrexone") - this causes a heart attack and when she comes out of the coma "Anterograde amnesia, short term memory loss, evidence of a hypoxic brain injury" which House says is due to "post traumatic stress disorder" caused by sexual abuse. When she has symptoms that can't be due to that, he assumes it must be cancer but Wilson can't find any cancer.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
It is possible to see manipulating the father into revealing that he had sex with his daughter by telling him they have doctor/patient confidentiality; and then telling Cameron, who starts the process of reporting him.
The final diagnosis
"He has cancer, on his left testicle." Alex has "male pseudohermaphroditism." House tells Alex, "in about 1 in 150,000 pregnancies a fetus with an XY chromosome, a boy, develops into something else. Like you. Your testes never descended because you're immune to testosterone. You're pure estrogen, which is why you get heightened female characteristics; clear skin, great breasts. The ultimate woman is a man."
The clinic patient(s)
A man "suffering from sympathetic pregnancy" (Couvades Syndrome). Later Cuddy sees him and gives him House's personal pager number and when the man is going through the labor pains, House gets the idea that his other patient may also have hormonal/gender problems.
Notable incidents
  • House's leg pain gets worse. Foreman tells him, "Your pain is affecting your decision making."
  • House's alarm goes off at 9:19 am.
Additional information on this episode:
Quotes (Quotations and Dialogue) from the episode:
  • Foreman: "House. Your pain is affecting your decision making."
    House: "You got a problem with a call I make, question the call, don't make it personal."
    Foreman: "Are you saying pain can't affect your mood? If I'm right about the pain you're going to want to rush it; which is what you're doing. Don't."
  • House to Alex's father: "Do you love her enough to admit that you slept with her? Psychological conditions can manifest themselves in physical problems. Sometimes these can be extreme enough to kill. There are treatments, but only if there's a diagnosis. Are you going to admit that you slept with your daughter, or are you just gonna let her die?"
    Alex's father: "One time...."
    House goes to his people and tells them the patient has post traumatic stress disorder: "PTSD. Get her a psych referral, pack her bags. He did her."
    Cameron: "Don't think so."
    House: "Daddy thinks so. Could be mistaken, said he was drunk, could be some other daughter."
    Chase: "Elevated proteins in her CSF."
    Foreman: "You're wrong about PTSD, and I was wrong about the hypoxic brain injury. Daddy didn't do this to her and neither did we."
  • Wilson to House (after hearing that the model had had a heart attack while in the coma): "Heard you killed your supermodel."
    House: "Only for a minute."
    Wilson: "Just for my own clarity. How many more patients do you have to kill before you admit this leg thing just might be a problem?"
    House: "Three."
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    Chase to Cameron after she tells Cuddy about the child abuse in violation of House's demand that they solve the case first and that he may need the father around to do that: "What do you think House is gonna do to you?"
    Cameron: "No idea."
    Foreman: "Well, you did the right thing. If you hadn't gone to Cuddy I would have."
    Chase: "If this guy had known we'd have to report him he'd never have told House the truth."
    Cameron: "She's a child, she needs to be protected."
    Chase: "She dropped out of high school to make millions of dollars. Why does she need more protection than some crack whore shivering in the clinic waiting room?"
    Foreman: "I think you're just afraid to piss House off."
    Chase: "There's that too."
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    Cameron later asks House: "I had to do what I thought was right.... Am I in trouble?"
    House:: "You had to do what you thought was right."
    Cameron: "So I'm not in trouble."
    House: "You can torture yourself all you want."
  • House goes to Cuddy's office and asks her: "I need a favor."
    Cuddy: "I'm not in a giving mood."
    House: "It'll help us both. I need a shot of morphine in my spine."
    Cuddy: "If your leg hurts, take your Vicodin."
    House: "It's not enough. Get a syringe."
    Cuddy: "Morphine is extreme, even for you."
    House: "Yeah, write that on the insert."
    Cuddy: "Get one of your lackeys to do it."
    House: "I don't want them knowing."
    Cuddy: "That you're on the road to becoming a junkie?"
    House: "That I'm in this much pain. I don't want them questioning my judgment. I can't ask Wilson because he figures it's all in my head."
    Cuddy: "Well, I agree with him. I'm going home."
    House (pulls down his pants to remind Cuddy of his problem): "Well, what about this?"
    Cuddy: "What are you doing?"
    House: "Is this in my head? 'Cause I could swear I remember a thigh muscle being here."
    Cuddy: "I'll get a syringe."
  • House: "Good news is, I don't think Dad's going to be sleeping with him slash her again. See, now it's gross. I need another shot."
    Cuddy: "When did the pain start coming back?"
    House: "A few hours ago."
    Cuddy: "About an hour after you solved the case?"
    House: "If I wanted to be psychoanalyzed I'd get Wilson to give me the shot."
    Cuddy: "Same dosage?"
    House: "If you would be more comfortable, I might be able to deal with a few less cc's lmorphine."
    Cuddy: "It wasn't morphine."
    House: "What did you give me? I told you I wanted—"
    Cuddy: "Saline, I gave you a placebo."

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DemolitonThe song at the beginning (when House wakes up) and again at the end is "Desire" by Ryan Adams which is on his album "Demolition", available from Amazon
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House was playing "French suite #5 in g major Allemande" by Bach (on the piano)
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  • Internsex Society of North America: The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) is the premier resource for people seeking information and advice about atypical reproductive anatomies and disorders of sexual differentiation (DSDs).


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