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Second Season Episodes ::  #204 "TB or Not TB"

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Season Two
House (Hugh Laurie) and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) discuss treating a prestigious doctor in the HOUSE episode "TB or not TB" airing Tuesday, Nov. 1 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Dean Headner/FOX.
First Broadcast
November 1, 2005
Writer / Director
David Foster / Peter O'Fallon
The patient
Dr. Sebastian Charles, who fights TB in Africa
How House gets involved
Cuddy asks House to give a second opinion. Dr. Charles has diagnosed himself as having TB.
The mis-diagnoses
Dr. Charles is sure all of his symptoms are due to TB and he tries to use that to publicize his cause of treating and helping eradicate TB from poor areas of the world like Africa. But at first House declares that its his heart (sick sinus syndrome). "Loose throttle. Sometimes beats too fast, sometimes too slow." and after a stress test, they decide Dr. Charles needs a pacemaker.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
House puts the Tilt-table test to its highest setting to either win a bet or get a good diagnosis. And he interrupts a press conference Dr. Charles is using to publicize his cause and shouts into the camera, "That is not TB" for no apparent reason except to be dramatic.
The final diagnosis
Nesidioblastoma ("An abnormal growth of the insulin-secreting glands of the pancreas").
The clinic patient(s)
Foreman, while wearing House's name tag, sees a woman who has discovered a lump in her breast and she assumes she has breast cancer and will die soon like her cousin did. Foreman, in a hurry, dismisses her concerns because it doesn't feel like a cancerous lump. The patient then complains about "Dr. House" to Cuddy and insists on an apology.
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  • House: "The nameless poor have a face, and it's a pompous white man."
    Cameron: "Yeah, what a jerk, saving all those lives like that."
  • Leon RussellThe song playing as the doctor leaves the hospital is, according to the closed captioning, "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Leon Russell, available on his Retrospective album. You can hear a sample on Amazon's main page on the album.
    Wilson: "So it's TB, but not TB?"
    House: "I'm complicated."
    Wilson: "The guy does know tuberculosis. If he says it can manifest itself --"
    House: "He's not even a real doctor, he's a human telethon."
    Wilson: "Is that your problem with him? You see hypocrites every day, why is this guy so special?"
    House: "You think I have a hypocritical attitude to hypocrisy? The problem is there are 26 letters in the alphabet and he only uses two of them. He treats thousands of patients with one diagnosis. He knows the answer going in. It's cheating."
    Wilson: "So it's all because he's one of them useless specialists?"
    House: "Oh, did I hurt the big time oncologist's itty bitty feelings? You're a big help to patients who actually have cancer. Other times you're just annoying."
  • House: "You can't demand to be treated like any third-world sick person and call a press conference!"
    Dr. Charles: "They treat me special! That doesn't mean I am! Now what kind of selfish jerk wouldn't take advantage of that fact?"
  • Dr. Charles: "Look, I know I have a way about me. I know I piss a lot of people off, and a whole lot more I just annoy. But you're the first person that I've ever met who I think is actually annoyed by what I do. Do you think I'm not saving any lives, or is that a bad thing?"
    House: "Right now, I'm just trying to save your life."
    Dr. Charles: "Or do you just have a problem with hope? You know, the difference between our jobs is not numbers or styles. It's that I know I'm gonna fail. Even if I save a million people there's gonna be another million. You couldn't handle that. I think you resent anyone who can."
    House: "Can't we just agree that you're incredibly annoying? Take the pills or I let you die, do an autopsy, call my own press conference, and make sure the world knows that you didn't die of TB. Corporate sponsors will be disappointed, but they'll find another disease."
    Dr. Charles: "Why would you do that?"
    House: "Because I'm just a mean son of a bitch."
  • Season 1 DVD
    Season 1 DVD
    House: "How do you prove something exists when you can't see it? Does God exist? Does the wind blow?"
    Foreman: "We know because the leaves move."
    House: "Look for effects."
  • House: "It's not about the kids dying every eight seconds, it's about the media stroking. Adulation and pats on the head."
    Wilson: "That's your problem with him, isn't it?"
    House: "Look at him, he loves it. Eats it up."
    Wilson: "Yeah, the man actually enjoys what he does."
    House: "Listen, I saved his life. That means I get credit for every life he saves from here on out."
    Wilson: "I'll make sure Stockholm knows."
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