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The Characters ::  The House - Chase Relationship in Quotes

Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) and Dr. Chase (Jesse Spencer).
Credit: Scott Garfield/FOX
Why House Says He Hired Chase
  • House tells Cameron: "I hired Chase 'cause his dad made a phone call." [#101]
  • House about Chase having guessed what answer House wanted and given it to him: "He knew that I saw something on the MRI so he figured there must be something there and took a guess. Clever, but also pathetic." [#102]
Revealing comments between the two
  • Chase (upset House is dealing with Chase's father): "How would you feel if I interfered in your personal life?"
    House: I'd hate it. That's why I cleverly have no personal life." [#113]
  • Chase to Cameron about House: "He doesn't like anybody. And nobody likes him." [#115]
What Chase thinks about House:
  • Foreman (suggesting that Chase back him up in his complaints to House): "When a dog dumps on the floor, do you pat its head and call it a genius? No, you smack it in the nose with a newspaper!"
    Chase: "Dogs can learn things, House can't." [#118]
  • Chase to House: "The honor of working for you is not worth a felony charge." [#219]
What House says about Chase's nationality:
  • Chase: "I'm Australian."
    House: "You put the Queen on your money. You're British." [#108]
About Chase Betraying Confidences to Vogler:
  • After the betrayal starts, just before telling Foreman that he knows it isn't him, House says to Chase: "Do I have a reason for not wanting you to get any stars?" [#115]
  • Chase: "You think I'm the one running to Vogler."
    House: "You're currently top of the list...."
    Chase: "You can trust me."
    House: "Problem is, if I can't trust you, I can't trust your statement that I can trust you." [#115]
  • House to a mobster: "...hitting a doctor, even if it was only Chase." [#115]
  • House: "Care to bet your job on that? What was that?
    Chase: "What was what?"
    House: "You got annoyed. That was clearly an annoyed face."
    Chase: "I get annoyed by glib remarks about our futures."
    House: "But last week you didn't get annoyed, you made poopie in your pants. It's weird, it's almost like now you know you have nothing to worry about." [#117]
  • House (after confirming Chase's betrayal to Vogler and being informed that he can't fire Chase): "Dr. Chase. We need to talk.... How do you see this ending?"
    Chase: "What ending?"
    House: "I can't fire you, so you have no reason to fear me, and therefore no reason to lie to me. You told Cuddy where I was. You told Vogler what I was doing."
    Chase (after thinking for a moment): "Yeah."
    House: "So how can I work with you?"
    Chase (after obviously thinking through several ways to answer): "Well, you don't have a choice." [#117]
  • House (assigning Chase a boring job after Vogler leaves and House could fire him): "Torture combing through all that stuff, ain't it? Real dull. Awful."
    Chase (refusing to admit he resents it): "It's no problem."
    House: "Well, thank goodness. A lot of people would resent having to do this." [#119]
  • House (after Chase helps Foreman instead of doing the busy work he was assigned): "Foreman is not your boss. When I tell you to do something---" House sees something on the test and forgets to continue. [#119]
  • Wilson: "You should just fire Chase."
    House: "What, and miss out on all this fun?"
    Wilson: "So. you're going to torture him for a while and then fire him? That's cold."
    House: "You don't think he has it coming?"
    Wilson: "Hey, I said fire him."
    House: "That's cold. All he did was save his job."
    Wilson: "What? He completely screwed you over!" [#119]
  • House (to Chase later): "I wouldn't have tortured you if I knew you liked it. You're on my naughty list. Sorry, no leather stethoscope this Christmas."
    Chase: "I'm not into---" At which point House goes back to the diagnosis they had been discussing. [#120]
  • Even after Foreman volunteers (reluctantly) House insists that Chase be the one to go to the prison, "I assume you have a reason beyond wanting to make me completely miserable?" Chase says but House never does give a good reason (saying prisoners might open up to him because he has a prettier mouth, could have been said about Foreman being black. [#201]
  • Chase says what he would do if terminally ill: "If it was me I'd just stay home and watch TV or something. Not lie here under a microscope" and House tells him, "Don't worry, anything happens to you nobody's is going to lift a finger." [#202]
  • House (when Chase agrees with him): " lap dog agrees with me." [#203]
  • House (when Chase supports him): "Welcome aboard the Good Ship Asskisser. Nice day for a sail. Pucker up, me hearties." [#204]

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