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Characters ::  Dr. James Wilson

Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson. Tuesdays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Nigel Parry/FOX
Played by:
Robert Sean Leonard
Counterpart in Holmes stories:
Dr. John Watson
(Note: "marty118" posted on the Television Without Pity's House Forum that "Wilson's medical diploma in his office reads 'James Evan Wilson.'")
Medical Specialty:
Job Title:
Head of the Department of Oncology
Position with the House Team:
Consultant, advisor, friend
Personal Life:
  • Jewish
  • Married
    • Previously married (maybe twice)
    • Not all that happily married
    • Has a roving eye for the ladies (there is mention of a nurse and Debby in accounting, etc.).
  • "Uncle died of cancer." [#101]
Personality Traits:
  • Doesn't like to discuss numbers/statistics. [#202]
Seems to have great "luck/skill" with women: married three times (at least according to the first, expanded version of the pilot which was distributed in TV Guide, and Entertainment Weekly just before the series started --- these discs are sometimes available on ebay), been in love several times, etc.). His advice on dating:
"Comment on her shoes, her earrings, and then move on to D.H.A. Her dreams, hopes and aspirations. Trust me. Panty-peeler." [#120]
Has a tendency to care about patients but pretend to House that he doesn't:
Wilson: "I forgot, I need a reason to give a crap."
House: "You're giving two craps."
Wilson: "The metric system always confuses me." [#108]
Has a tendency to care about patients but pretend to House that he doesn't:
  • "Guilt can be your friend." [#314]
What else we know about Wilson:
  • According to a post on Television Without Pity's House Forum, Wilson drives a Volvo S80.
  • "Wilson likes jazz." - Chase [#305]
  • Information on Wilson's marriages and cheating on those marriages:
    • Wilson [to Cameron who is offended by an athlete]: "Have you— ever cheated? Well, I have. You wanna punish him, good for you. But you can't do it without punishing the people who love him."
      Cameron: "Is that how you justified lying to your wives?"
      Wilson: "I always told them." [#206]
    • Wilson [to Cameron discussing cheating]: "My wife wasn't dying, she wasn't even sick. Everything was fine. I met someone who— made me feel— funny. Good. And I didn't want to let that feeling go.... You can't control your emotions.... You'd be surprised what you can live with." [#206]
    • House to Wilson (in his hallucination): "You agonize over moral choices. You aren't completely comfortable with anything until you've taken days to get your head around every possible side." [#224]
    • "You've sprinted through three bad marriages into an affair with a dying patient." [#305]
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