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Characters ::  Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy. Tuesdays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Nigel Parry/FOX
Played by:
Lisa Edelstein
Counterpart in Holmes stories:
Inspector Lestrade (suggested by KatalynJ December 29, 2004 in the Television Without Pity House Forum) This makes sense as she is the voice of authority, the establishment, linear thinking: She knows House is smarter than she is but doesn't approve of his methods.
Medical Specialty:
Possibly Endocrinology (House claims he is going to talk to an Endocrinologist when he sneaks out to disturb Cuddy who he knows is on a date - although he talks to her as the administrator, not a specialist in that field and he could have been lying).
Job Title:
Hospital Administrator, Dean of Medicine
Position with the House Team:
Controls the hospital they work in and their access to all equipment; signs paychecks.
Personal Life:
  • She is trying to get pregnant through "in vitro" but that isn't working out as well as she wanted.
  • Plays Golf and tennis and has a scuba certification card (scuba ccame up in #318)
What she says about herself:
  • Cuddy to Vogler about why she keeps House around: "I do not protect people I like. I protect people who are assets to this hospital." [#115 Mob Rules]
  • Cuddy to Vogler: "There are three female Chiefs of Medicine at major hospitals in this country and we all got there using our feminine wiles." [#115 Mob Rules]
  • Cuddy: "I wanted to be a doctor from the time I was twelve."
    Stacy: "I wanted to be a lawyer from the time I was six until my second week of law school. Sorry, your story."
    Cuddy: "I graduated medical school at 25, pissed off that I was second in my class. Chief of Medicine at 32. Second youngest ever, first woman."
    Stacy: "Sad story."
    Cuddy: "If I had been Alfredo's doctor—"
    Stacy: "You are his doctor."
    Cuddy: "I insisted on giving him Protein C. We had to cut his skull open. I insisted on amphotericin. Killed his kidneys. I missed the pneumonia completely. I would have searched his house and ignored mine. I would have watched him die, trying to save his hand. Oh, if I didn't have House looking over my shoulder—"
    Stacy: "You say you're not as good a doctor as House is?"
    Cuddy: "I'm saying House is right. I was so anxious to get ahead, I haven't been a doctor. In years." [#203]
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