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Characters ::  Dr. Eric Foreman

Dr. Eric Foreman
Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman. Tuesdays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Nigel Parry/FOX
Played by:
Omar Epps
Counterpart in "Holmes" stories:
A grown up & professional Baker Street Irregular (which makes him a "Regular", officially part of the team unlike the Holmes counterparts)
Medical Specialty:
Job Title:
Has a fellowship under Dr. House (after "eight years of medical training" [#104] elsewhere expressed as "Four years of college, four at med school, two years of residency, another four of sub-specialty training...." [#111])
Position with the House Team:
Offers suggestions, carries out plan
  • His parents are together [#110]
  • His mother "can't travel anymore." She has problems with new memories. Foreman's father says of her, "She's lost a lot of who she was." [#221]
  • His father is religious. [#220]
  • He has a brother. [#221]
Personal Life:
  • Arrested for breaking and entering when he was 16.
  • Had a 4.0 grade point.
  • "I never did drugs." [#108]
  • He says about his father: "He's not proud of me, he's proud of Jesus. Everything I do right is God's work; everything I do wrong is my own damn failing." [#220]
  • If I'm not afraid of dying, what the hell should I be afraid of, Dad."
    Foreman's father: "I thought you believed."
    Foreman: "I did. I'm not so sure anymore." [#221]
  • House pushes Foreman until he admits, "Yes, my exes have usually been black." [#305]
  • Foreman tells a young patient, "Had to teach myself a lot of stuff.... School sucked where I grew up." [#313]
Quotes on Dr. Foreman and his past:
  • Foreman: "Police issued Kevlar vests don't have the ceramic plate insert that would shatter a bullet, they would just catch it. So the bullet shattered on its own, meaning Babyshoes was using .38 caliber hollow points. Which, unfortunately, are ferromagnetic."
    House: "It's just so cool that you know that!" [#220]
  • Foreman to a cop who's a patient: "I grew up with cops like you. One part bully, nine parts hypocrite." [#220]
  • Cameron about Foreman: "He doesn't like cops." [#220]
  • Tritter is trying to get Foreman to testify against House by offering him a deal for his brother, Marcus, who is in prison: "You, uhm, you testify. I can make sure that Marcus goes free on parole in less than two months."
    "My brother and I, we grew up in the same home. But I made something of myself. He didn't."
    "Dr. Foreman, the way you talk, you think you never committed any crimes yourself. Now, you and Dr. House, you are both cold bastards. You don't give a damn about your brother, and you can't stand House. But I do expect you to take this deal, because you hate hypocrisy more. House has had a thousand chances. You had two chances. Why is your brother stuck at one?" [#309]
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