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The Characters ::  The House - Foreman Relationship in Quotes
        "Yeah, I'm just like him. Except for the angry, bitter, pompous, cripple part." — Foreman

House, Foreman
Dr. House (Hugh Laurie)
and Dr. Foreman (Omar Epps).
Credit: Scott Garfield/FOX
Why House Says He Hired Foreman
  • Foreman: "Whoa, I can't just break into someone's house."
    House: "Isn't that how you got into the Felker's home?" There is a pause. "Yeah, I know, court records are sealed, you were 16, it was a stupid mistake, but your old gym teacher has a big mouth. You should write a thank you note."
    Foreman: "I should thank him?"
    House: "Well, I needed somebody around here with street smarts. Ok? Knows when you're being conned, knows how to con."
    Foreman: "I should sue you!"
    House: "I'm pretty sure you can't sue somebody for wrongful hiring."
    Foreman: "But I'm pretty sure I can sue if you fire me for not breaking into some lady's house." [#101]
  • Foreman to Cameron (later in reference to what House had said about why he hired him): "You know what, after centuries of oppression, decades of civil rights marches, and more significantly living like a monk, never getting less then a 4.0 GPA, you don't think it's kind of disgusting I get one of the top jobs in the country because I'm a delinquent?" [#101]
Foreman is the most likely of the three on House's team to question him or stand up to him:
  • Foreman: "If it was any other attending doctor, I'd say that he made a mistake and gave her too much epinephrine."
    House: "Saying you wouldn't say it was my mistake is saying it was my mistake."
    Foreman: "Everyone screws up: your rule. I think you fit inside the subset of 'everyone'." [#105]
  • Cameron (later): "You don't trust him?"
    Foreman: I don't trust a man who won't admit he might be wrong. [#105]
  • House (when Foreman disagrees with what House is going to do): "I'm convinced. You're not. Question is, what are you going to do about it? Hmm?" (And Foreman goes to Cuddy to stop House) [#105]
  • House (later to Cameron): "Your unwillingness to stick by your diagnosis almost killed this woman. Take a lesson from Foreman: stand up for what you believe." [#105]
  • House when Foreman just does what House tells him to while he's recovering from a brain biopsy: "Where are you going?"
    Foreman: "To put her in a pheno coma."
    House: "What if I'm wrong? What if daddy's the drunk?"
    Cameron: "You want us to give her the pheno or not?
    House: "I want him to argue his point.
    Foreman: "I assumed you considered the father and ruled him out."
    House: "What's that saying: When you ass-ume you become a pain in the ass to me."
    Foreman: "Why should I argue? You'd just overrule me."
    House: "Enough! Get a pony or a watermelon farm."
    Cameron: "House!"
    House: "I need him to react. I need him to act like a human being. I need him to get over this boring near-death re-birth."
    Foreman: "I have changed. It's not something you get over.
    House: "Nearly dying changes everything forever . For about two months. Two month is too long. I need the guy I hired back, now.
    Foreman: "No matter how much your misery loves company, its not getting mine." [#222]
  • House trying to get a rise out of Foreman: "My other choice was your stupid psych theory." [but Foreman doesn't react] "Which was not stupid. I tell you. I'm gonna drop the N-bomb if I have to."
    Foreman: "You're addicted to conflict." [#222]
It has been suggested that Foreman is very like House:
  • Foreman: "You know why House thinks I'm a druggie?"
    Cameron: "This is gonna be a racial thing, isn't it?"
    Foreman: "Same reason he thinks this kid overdosed. When you're a drug addict, you want to think everyone else is, too."
    Cameron: "He's not addicted, he has to take drugs."
    Foreman: "The definition of addict."
    Cameron: "He's in pain---"
    Foreman:" And addicted to painkillers. What a coincidence."
    Cameron: "You really never did any drugs?"
    Foreman: "Now this is gonna be a racial thing."
    Cameron: "Deflecting a personal question with a joke. Gee, who do I know that does that?"
    Foreman: "Yeah, I'm just like him. Except for the angry, bitter, pompous, cripple part."
    Cameron: "Maybe we should all pitch in and get you a nice cane. You've already got the matching gym shoes." [#108]
  • House and Foreman, speaking at the same time in response to what particular poison to get medicine for: "I'll get all of them."
    Cameron: "Great minds think alike." [#108]
  • Mother of a patient comparing Foreman to House: "You're just as pompous and superior as he is!" [#108]
Their Relationship:
  • Foreman: "Why are you riding me?"
    House: "It's what I do. Has it gotten worse lately?"
    Foreman: "Yeah. Seems to me."
    House: "Really. Well, that rules out the race thing. Cause you were just as black last week." [#107]
  • Foreman to House: " I took this job to work with you, not cover your ass." [#111]
  • House when Foreman tells House that he needs to convince their patient to accept treatment: "Fine! Go on in there and tell her that every day is a blessing. So you killed your baby. Shake it off. Think positive. AT least you're alive. [Foreman doesn't move to do so.] Hmmm. Kind of hard to sell when you don't believe it, huh? And you never believed it. You just wanted all that crap you went through to mean something. Well, it didn't mean anything. It never does. Welcome back."
    Foreman: "Why are you doing this to me? I was happy."
    House: "You were aspiring to be content."
    Foreman: "Don't give me a semantic argument. I was content with the way things were! That's what happiness is."
    House: "Yeah/ if we were all just satisfied with what we had what a beautiful world it would be. We'd all slowly starve to death in our own filth, but at least we'd be happy. Listen. I need your self=worth to hand on this job. For kicking ass here to be all that lets you rise above miserable If waking up in the morning is enough, I don't need you."
    Foreman: "I can live with that."
    House: "No, you can't. Not anymore." [#222]
What Foreman Feels about House and his Job:
  • Vogler (talking to Foreman about his relationship with House): "...working for a man you can't stand."
    Foreman: I respect him.
    Vogler: What exactly is it you respect? His attitude toward humanity? He thinks we're all idiots and liars. How 'bout his attitude toward you, plays with you like a cat with a ball of string
    Foreman: What do you want?
    Vogler: I want to know if you want to keep your job.
    Foreman: I want my job. [#116]
  • Foreman: "You're an ass."
    House: "I know." [#224]
Dialogue, Conversations between House and Foreman:
  • Foreman (to House about House's theory about a patient's diagnosis): "He's getting better. That doesn't prove you're right, it just proves he's getting better. It, it's not two illnesses! It can't be two illnesses!"
    House (smiling): "I am so glad you work here."
    Foreman: "If I'm right, the antibiotics you prescribed could block his kidneys and liver, impeding his ability to fight off the virus. Could kill him."
    House: "Well, that certainly would be a concern. Fifty bucks? Don't look away, the space monkeys will be all over you."
    Foreman: "You wanna bet on the patient's health?"
    House: "You think that's bad luck? Do you think that God will smite him because of our insensitivity? Well, if God does, you make a quick fifty." [#110 Histories]
  • House: "Somebody told Vogler that I lied to the transplant committee."
    Foreman: "You think I did?"
    House: "You're too careful. You wouldn't jump ship unless you knew what was in the water."
    Foreman: "Stop, you're embarrassing me." [#115 Mob Rules]
  • Foreman:"Hiding because Vogler's looking for you. That's just pathetic."
    House: "I don't like loud, angry giants threatening me with violence. How is that pathetic?" [#118]
  • House (as an operating team looks for a clot): "Keep looking."
    Foreman: "There!"
    A Doctor: "I didn't see anything."
    Foreman: "It was there."
    House: "Are you sure?"
    Foreman: "Four millimeters lateral to the hippocampus. I saw it."
    Another Doctor: "House, she's out of time; she's gonna be a vegetable."
    Foreman: "I saw it."
    House (after a pause): "That's good enough for me." [#202]
  • House: "Foreman. Need your help here. You want to pull a bank job. Would you go it alone? If you're gonna rob a home, sure. It's a one or two man crew. But a bank— Lookout, getaway driver."
    Foreman: "I'm not saying anything until the metaphor plays itself out." [#211]
Racial Comments between House and Foreman:
  • House, snatching the marker back from Foreman who was writing on the board: "Sorry, there's a reason they call it the Whiteboard. It's not my rule. What ties both of these conditions together?"
    Foreman, when the others can't come up with anything that ties the two conditions together: "OK, we can all stare at each other or we can investigate what caused the heart failure. Just the heart failure. You wanna give me that Black marker?" [#216]
  • House pushes Foreman until he admits, "Yes, my exes have usually been black. So what? It's not a racial thing. It's cultural. I ahve more in common with them. Like I sassume you only date emotioanlly stunted bigots." [#305]
About What Kind of Doctors They are:
  • House to Foreman about Foreman and his former mentor: "You took a chance, you did something great. You were wrong, but it was still great. You should feel great that it was great. You should feel like crap that it was wrong. That's the difference between him and me. He thinks you do your job, and what will be, will be. I think that what I do and what you do matters. He sleeps better at night. He shouldn't." [#109]

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