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First Season Episodes ::  #111 "Detox"

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First Broadcast
House in "Detox:
Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) struggles with a vicodin dependency in the episode "Detox".
Credit: Scott Garfield/FOX
February 15, 2005
Writers / Director
Lawrence Kaplow & Thomas L. Moran / Nelson McCormick
The patient
A 16 year-old (Keith) whose girlfriend crashed his father's Porsche when she saw that he was bleeding.
How House gets involved
Cameron brings him the case just as he discovers that the Pharmacy doesn't have his Vicodin refill. Desperate for Vicodin, he still calls a meeting during the hour that he has to wait for his medication
The mis-diagnoses
Although House never buys into it, Cameron keeps pushing for Lupis. House thinks Lupis is a bad diagnosis but he can't think of anything else and in a desperate attempt tries to rule out hepatitis-E
Major ethical breach / Breaking of Hospital Rules
Has Cameron lie to the patient's father and interrupts a surgury
The final diagnosis
Naphthalene poisoning caused by termites in the walls of the house the patient lived in. It was made worse in the hospital because the patient didn't eat and so his fat cells were used for fuel and thus the poison stored in them was released into the body.
The clinic patient
House is the patient. House goes to Wilson in the clinic to be treated for the hand he deliberately hurt and like some of House's clinic patients, he lies to his doctor. (This was pointed out by "RacerX" on the Television Without Pity House Forum.)
Music heard at end:

"Feelin' Alright" from Joe Cocker which is on his album "Ultimate Collection" Click on the album name on Amazon and go down through the long page on this album to the list of tracks and the second one is this song and you can click to listen to it. Joe Cocker's "Ultimate Collection" is also available from Amazon UK
Unusual situation
Cuddy tries to get House to admit he has a problem with the Vicodin by offering a month off a clinic duty if he will stay a week off the Vicodin so while trying to solve this case, House is going through withdrawal symptons.
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Quotes related to the plot of this episode
  • House: "I take risks, sometimes patients die. But not taking risks causes more patients to die, so I guess my biggest problem is I've been cursed with the ability to do the math."

  • Wilson (at the end of the episode): "You learn anything?"
    House: "Yeah, I'm an addict."
    Wilson: "Uh, okay."
    House: "I'm not stopping."
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    Wilson: "There are programs. Cuddy would give you the time. You could get on a different pain management regimen---"
    House: "I don't need to stop."
    Wilson: "You just said---"
    House: "I said I was an addict. I didn't say I had a problem. I pay my bills, I make my meals. I function."
    Wilson: "Is that all you want? You have no relationships."
    House: "I don't want any relationships."
    Wilson: "You alienate people."
    House: "I've been alienating people since I was three."
    Wilson: "Oh, come on! Drop it! You don't think you've changed in the last few years?"
    House: "Well, of, of course I have. I've gotten older. My hair's gotten thinner. Sometimes I'm bored, sometimes I'm lonely, sometimes I wonder what it all means."
    Wilson: "No, I was there! You are not just a regular guy who's getting older, you've changed! You're miserable, and you're afraid to face yourself---"
    House: "Of course I've changed!"
    Wilson: "And everything's the leg? Nothing's the pills? They haven't done a thing to you?"
    House: "They let me do my job, and they take away my pain."

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