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First Season Episodes ::  Pilot

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First Broadcast
A team of medical experts (Jennifer Morrison, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer) treats a patient with a mysterious illness in HOUSE premiering Tuesday, Nov. 16.
Credit: Alan Zenuk/FOX.
November 16, 2004
Writer / Director
David Shore / Bryan Singer
The patient
Elementary school teacher collapses and starts babbling
How House gets involved
Wilson tells him the patient is his cousin.
The mis-diagnoses
Other doctors thought it was a brain tumor which was House's first guess. Later, House considered inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain.
The privacy invasion / major ethical breach
Foreman and Cameron break into the patient's home
The final diagnosis
Tapeworm in the brain
The clinic patient(s)
1) A guy who is orange (from carrots & vitamins) and House deduces that his wife is having an affair. 2) A 10 year old with asthma whose mother doesn't want him taking strong medicine. 3) Guy who diagnosed himself on the Internet to whom House gives candy in a pill bottle.
Rolling StonesThe music playing at the end of this episode was "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones. This is available on two albums "Forty Licks" and "Let It Bleed" you can listen to a sample of this song at Amazon's pages on these albums (click on the album title here and again at Amazon then go to the bottom of the next page to get a choice of which song to listen to). This song was also played at the end of the First Season Finale episode, "Honeymoon".
***"Forty Licks" is also available from Amazon UK in Britain as is "Let It Bleed"

Let us recommend this hilarious recap of the expanded version of the pilot episode ---there was a version of the episode with two more minutes that was sent off on DVDs to some selected subscribers of Entertainment Weekly and at least one other magazine back in November. (The link to this was brought to our attention by terrafirma on the TelevisionWithoutPity Forum on House.)

Further Information:
Quotes / Scenes
  • Season One DVDs
    Season 1 DVDSeason 1 DVD
    Rebecca: "Is he a good man?"
    Wilson: "He's a good doctor."
    Rebecca: "Can you be one without the other? Don't you have to care about people?"
    Wilson: "Caring's a good motivator. He's found something else."
  • House: "...she's my patient that's what you do with patients. You give them medicine."
    Cuddy: "You don't prescribe medicine based on guesses. At least we don't since Tuskeegee and Mengele."
    House: "You're comparing me to a Nazi? Nice."
  • Cameron: "You can't diagnose that without a biopsy."
    House: "Yes, we can, we treat it. If she gets better we know that we're right."
    Cameron: "And if we're wrong?"
    House: "We learn something else."

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