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    #117 "Babies & Bathwater"

First Broadcast
Babies and Bathwater
Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) gives a difficult diagnosis to a patient (Marin Hinkle) and her husband (Michael Goorjian) in the episode "Babies & Bathwater"; Tuesday, April 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX
Apr. 19, 2005
Writer /
Peter Blake & David Shore
(story by Peter Blake)
Bill Johnson
The patient
Naomi, who is 28 weeks pregnant, suddenly collapses. She is 39 and has miscarried three times.
How House gets involved
Foreman and Chase find House hiding from Vogler and tell him about the patient.
The mis-diagnoses
The doctors find one thing after another but no real mis-diagnoses. Although, after House gets her into a medical trial, Vogler cancels the c-section so that the patient can get into the trial.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
House lies to a doctor to get his patient into a clinical trial, Chase calls it "scamming a doctor".
The final diagnosis
Small-cell lung cancer which requires radiation and a C-section first and the patient refuses that wanting to carry the baby longer to give the baby a better chance. Later she gets "an embolism. A blood clot." and she dies but they save the baby.
The clinic patient(s)
Young couple's baby girl is losing weight (they are feeding the baby a vegan diet). Later the couple is charged with child endangerment, but House learns her thymus gland withered from "DiGeorge Syndrome".
Cuddy has a client patient with hemorrhoids (House comes into the clinic room while she is dealing with the patient).
Notable incident(s)
Wilson gets kicked off the board for opposing firing House. Then quits to keep that out of Who's Who.
For more information on this episode:
  • Vogler: "A man is the sum of his actions. Here are a few of Dr. House's. He violated a DNR and was charged with assault. He brought a termite into the OR and spat on a surgeon. He accepted a Corvette from a patient who was a known member of the New Jersey mafia."
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    Dr. Simpson: "Ed, look—"
    Vogler: "Edward."
    Dr. Simpson: "Edward. You look at anyone's career, you can find things that are—"
    Vogler: "These are the last three months. He's personally had more complaints filed against him than any department in this hospital.
    Wilson: Okay, he's screwed up. He's miserable, and he should probably reread the Ethics Code, but it works for him. He's saved hundreds of lives."
    Vogler: "He is a drug addict who flaunts his addiction and refuses to get treatment. He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to this hospital. I'd go on, but it gets kinda mean, so I'm gonna keep this simple. House goes, or I go."
    Cuddy: "You shouldn't personalize this."
    Vogler: "And by I, I mean my $100 million. How's that for personalizing?"
    Cuddy: "You gave us that money for a reason. Are you really willing to throw it all away because of one doctor?"
    Vogler: "Gregory House is a symbol of everything wrong with the health care industry. Waste, insubordination, doctors preening like they're kings and the hospital their own private fiefdom. Health care is a business, I'm gonna run it like one. I hereby move to revoke the tenure of Dr. Gregory House and terminate his employment at this hospital, effective immediately."
    Woman on the Board: "Don't you think we should discuss this?"
    Vogler: "We just did.
    Cuddy: We need time.
    Vogler: The vote is on the table. All in favor? [There is silence in the board room. Awkward pauses ensue, until one doctor on Vogler's right raises his hand. All of the rest of the hands in the room quickly go up, except for Cuddy's and Wilson's. Cuddy stares at Vogler, who stares back, and she sighs and raises her hand, which leaves] Dr. Wilson?
    Wilson: Opposed?
    Vogler: The motion is defeated. Dr. Wilson, would you mind leaving the room, please?
    Wilson: Excuse me?
    Vogler: We're gonna take another vote.
    Wilson: Well, first of all, you can't void my vote by making me stand in the hallway. And second, you should check the by-laws. You need notice and at least one business day before you can reconsider any matter.
    Vogler: We're voting on a different matter which you are conflicted out of.
    Wilson: "How can I be conflicted?
    Vogler: This vote is whether to dismiss Dr. James Wilson. [Wilson, a little annoyed, leaves.]
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    House walking into Wilson's office where Wilson is packing up his stuff: "Listen, Vogler's all about clinical trials, the hospital's chock full of them. There's got to be something for small-cell lung cancer. [House finally notices what Wilson is doing.] What are you doing?"
    Wilson: "I got sacked."
    House: "Did you make a pass at Cuddy? Told you, she only has thighs for me."
    Wilson: "I voted to keep you."
    House: "So he's getting rid of every board member who votes to keep me around?"
    Wilson: "Yeah, every one of us."
    House: "Just you?"
    Wilson: "Yeah."
    House: "But you're only off the board, right? They couldn't have got unanimous approval for you."
    Wilson: "Brown from Oncology voted no, so did Cuddy, Taylor and Peevey."
    House: "Eh, so you're off the board, big deal. Frees up Wednesday nights for bowling. You're still a doctor."
    Wilson: "Yeah, getting dumped looks great in Who's Who. Vogler gave me the option of resigning, and I took it."
    House: "Big of him."
    Wilson: "I've got no kids, my marriage sucks; I've only got two things that work for me: this job and this stupid, screwed-up friendship, and neither mattered enough to you to give one lousy speech."
    House: "They mattered. If I could do it all again."
    Wilson: "You'd do the same thing. Well, you'll be gone soon, too."
    House: "Those clinical trials?"
    Wilson: "I'll make some calls."
    House: "Thanks."
  • Vogler at a new meeting to get rid of House: "It's the same motion as yesterday, people, same reasons. All those in favor of dismissing Gregory House raise a hand." Dr. Cuddy doesn't raise her hand. "Dr. Cuddy, you realize this is going to happen."
    Cuddy: "I can't do it."
    Vogler: "You can't abstain."
    Cuddy: "I'm not abstaining, I'm voting no."
    Vogler: "You've changed your mind since yesterday? What did he do, buy you dinner and roses? Threaten to drown your dog?"
    Cuddy: "He did his job."
    Vogler: "Right. He saved another life."
    Cuddy: "Maybe."
    Vogler: "Good for him. It's great. It's not the point."
    Cuddy: "It's what we do."
    Vogler: "And you could do it a lot better if you didn't have to worry about some madman running around the hospital accountable to no one!"
    Cuddy: "But that's not the choice you're giving us."
    Vogler: "House won't listen to anyone."
    Cuddy: "And you're not accountable to anybody, either! Because you think you own us."
    Vogler: "I move for the immediate dismissal of Dr. Lisa Cuddy.
    Dr. Simpson: She's upset, we all are. Why would you risk your career to save him?"
    Cuddy : "If you think House deserves to go, if you think I deserve to go, Wilson deserved to go, then vote yes. But if you're doing this because you are afraid of losing his money, then he's right! He does own you. You have a choice. Maybe the last real one you'll have here.
    Later when Cuddy is toasted by the House team after Vogler takes his $100 million and leaves, she takes a drink and tells House: "Well, to the great champion. Saved you, saved Wilson, saved the whole team. Of course, none of them would have needed saving if you could actually get along with another human being."

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