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Characters ::  The Cameron - Foreman relationship

Cameron and Foreman
Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and Dr. Foreman (Omar Epps) 2005 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Chris Hasten/FOX.
Credit: Chris Hasten/FOX
Dialogue, Quotations, Quotes:
  • Foreman during the time Cameron is mad at him for "stealing the article": "God would probably want you to take the stick out of your butt and get over this."
    Cameron: "If there is some higher order running the universe, it's probably so different from anything our species can conceive there's no point in our even thinking about it. But I doubt It gives a damn about my butt."
    Foreman: "You believe God might exist, but you don't think about it? It's the most important issue—"
    Cameron: "I think penguins might as well speculate about nuclear physics. Why are we having this conversation?"
    Foreman: "What? I'm curious."
    Cameron: "You cannot tell someone they're your colleague and not a friend, then casually chat about the afterlife." [#219]
  • Cameron: "How are you coming along?"
    House: "Tell her everything's great. Neither of us wants to deal with her guilt."
    Cameron: "I don't feel guilty."
    House: "Of course not. Hell if people felt guilt every time they accidentally lobotomized a guy—."
    Cameron: "I was trying to save his life."
    House: "Yeah. Your heart was in the right place." [House reaches over to help Foreman open a package of coffee.] "Tell her everything's great."
    Foreman: "It's true. No more left-side, right-side reversals; still some short term memory loss and spatial processing problems but trying not to be too hard on myself."
  • Cameron, after House puts Foreman on restricted duty: "You'll be back playing with the big toys soon."
    Foreman: "Or not. Either way I'm fine."
    Cameron: "You don't have to say that.
    Foreman: "It's okay. I can always work in a research lab or teach."
    Cameron: "And you'd be okay with that?"
    Foreman: "Why wouldn't I be?
    Cameron: "You were planning on pursuing grants of your own. Running a department."
    Foreman: "I'm alive. Changing jobs. Not making coffee— if that stuff bothers me now, I don't deserve the second chance." [#222]
  • Cameron: "Someday when there's time, I would like to actually have a social life."
    Foreman: "Someday? Come on. If there's one thing a good-looking woman can have whenever she wants, it''s a social life."
    Cameron: "You mean a sex life."
    Foreman: "There's nothing wrong with a little companionship 'til the real thing comes along."
    Cameron: "I had the real thing. Forgive me if I don't want to settle."
    Foreman: "Right."
    Cameron: "What does that mean?"
    Foreman: "Nothing."
    Cameron: "You think I didn't have the real thing?"
    Foreman: "I have no idea what you had."
    Cameron: "And yet you're judging it."
    Foreman: "It's late. I'm cranky. Sorry."
    Cameron: "You think I didn't have the real thing. How could you even know?"
    Foreman: "You married a dying man. You thought six months, a year, it'll be tough. But then I'll recover and I'll have the rest of my life. It's like willy-nilly getting the flu or joining the Peace Corps. Short term."
    Cameron: "Wow, you nailed it. IOt's basically like a wasted weekend."
    Foreman: "The sacrifices you made were huge. But they were at the height of your love for him. Commitment is only commitment because it has no expiration date. You stand next to someone and watch them floss for 30 years like my parents have then ask for sacrifices. That's how you know the real thing. Cameron, I wasn't criticizing you. People who avoid commitment are people who know what a big thing it is." [#314]
  • Foreman has given two weeks notice and on his last day, Cameron gives him a present: "I got you something." Foreman unwraps the package to find a framed page of the Table of Contents of the Midwest Journal of Experimental Medicine which has Foreman's article (an article Cameron had also written but couldn't get House to sign off on) has been circled. "I'll miss you. I know you won't miss me but I just thought it'd be nice for you to have that."
    "I will miss you. [#324]

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Pictures from the show copyright Fox Broadcasting Corporation
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