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Characters ::  Dr. Allison Cameron

Dr. Allison Cameron
Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron. Tuesdays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Nigel Parry/FOX
Played by:
Jennifer Morrison
Counterpart in "Holmes" stories:
A grown up & professional Baker Street Irregular (which makes her a "Regular", officially part of the team unlike the Holmes counterparts)
Medical Specialty:
Job Title:
Has a fellowship under Dr. House
Position with the House Team:
Offers suggestions, carries out plans
Personal Life:
  • Thinks she is in love with Dr. House
  • Was married while in college and her husband died six months later. Months before we discovered this she said, "It's easier to die than to watch someone die." [#104]
    • "When I was in college, I... I fell in love, and I got married.... It lasted six months. Thyroid cancer metastasized to his brain. There was nothing they could do. I was 21, and I watched my husband die." [#107]
    • "My husband w — I met him just after he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. If I hadn't married him, he was alone." [#201]
What House Says to/about Her:
  • "Your unwillingness to stick by your diagnosis almost killed this woman. Take a lesson from Foreman: stand up for what you believe." [#105 Damed If You Do]
  • After learning about her husband dying and deducing that she must have known he was dying when she married him, House tells her: "You can't be that good a person and well adjusted." [#107 Fidelity]
  • "She is, in face, pathetically sincere." [#116 Heavy]
What She Says about Herself or House:
  • "I hate sports metaphors." which House uses all the time [#105, #108, #117]
What Patients say about/to her:
  • "Honesty. A kind of vulnerable honesty, that's your thing. And the looks." [#108 Poison]
Additional Information:
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