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Characters ::  The Cameron - Chase Relationship

Chase and Cameron
Dr. Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) 2005 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Chris Hasten/FOX.
Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX
Dialogue, Quotations, Quotes:
  • Chase to Cameron, ironically, after a long night's work as they pass someone with flowers: "Happy Valentine's Day."
    Cameron: "A holiday that only applies to people who are already paired up. For everyone else it's Wednesday."
    Chase "Thank you for that dash of cold water."
    Cameron: "Don't get me wrong. I still think true love's out there it's just very far away. Possibly in another galaxy. We may need to develop faster than light travel before we can make contact." The two walk on a little farther and then she says, "So I'm thinking we should have sex."
    Chase, confused "That makes sense."
    Cameron: "Despite the wisdom of pop songs. there's no point in putting our lives on hold 'til love comes along. We're both healthy and busy people. We work together so it's convenient."
    Chase "Like microwave pizza?"
    Cameron: "And of all the people I work with, you're the one I'm least likely to fall in love with.
    Chase "Like microwave pizza."
    Cameron: "The point here is to make things simpler, not more complicated. Someday there'll be time to get serious about someone. Meanwhile, we already had sex once and didn't get weird about it."
    Chase "I get it. I get it. So, what if I'm offended by your judgement."
    Cameron: "Then you're not the man I'm looking for." [#314]
  • "I want more" scene coming.
  • "I just wanted to let you know - should you change your mind - I'll be available."
    "Aren't you getting tired of hearing me say it? I have no intention of going out with you, of having sex with you — of doing anything with you, except work."
    "We don't have to make a big deal about it.I just thought I'd let you know. I've decided Tuesdays would be a good day to do that."
    "You did not suddenly fall in love with me. You were looking for something and I happened to be—"
    "Cameron. It's fine. No need to go on about it...."
    "We need to put this behind us."
    "But you keep bringing it up."
    "You're the one who's still talking. Look. I'm not demanding anything from you. I'm not following you home. I've got no expectations. A gentile polite reminder once a week is hardly stalking." [#320]
  • True Love
    See Merchandise with Housisms and other House Related Text

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