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Second Season Episodes ::  #203 "Humpty Dumpty"

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First Broadcast
Season Two
House (Hugh Laurie) takes Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Foreman (Omar Epps) out of the hospital to investigate [Cuddy's] personal life in the HOUSE episode "Humpty Dumpty" airing Tuesday, Sept. 27 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Jaimie Trueblood/FOX.
September 27, 2005
Writer / Director
Matt Witten / Don Attias
The patient
Alfredo, who works for Cuddy, falls off her roof after she insisted that he continue to work though he had told her he wasn't feeling well.
How House gets involved
Cuddy asks for his help
The mis-diagnoses
They weren't able to figure out what was wrong so when the patient's right hand developed gangrene, they had to amputate. Only later did they discover the cause before they had to amputate his left hand.
The privacy invasion / major ethical breach
House sent Cuddy and Cameron to investigate the home of the patient and then he took Foreman and Chase and they went to investigate Cuddy's home.
The final diagnosis
Psittacosis, which is passed to humans from parrots and other birds. Turns out Alfredo has been working at Saturday night cockfights: "If a bird is infected, you can get Psittacosis just by breathing his dust."
The clinic patient(s)
Foreman has an African American patient with high blood pressure to whom he gives medication "targeted to African-Americans". The older man has heard of drugs that were given exclusively to blacks due to racism and he doesn't want to be experimented on so he comes back and gets House. After telling House he doesn't trust this new drug and won't take it, House gives him "the same medicine we give Republicans" except he gives him the medicine that is better for blacks. Foreman later gets upset that House lied to the patient.
For more information on this episode:
  • Damien RiceNear the end of the episode (as House looks at the rain and Cuddy deals with the leaking roof) the song in the background is Damien Rice's "Delicate" on the CD "O".
    Check & Listen to the clip on the full Amazon page.
    The closed captioning mis-identifies the song as Amos Lee's colors
    Cuddy: "This guy's been working for me for a long time and I—"
    House: "Do I get bonus points if I act like I care?" Later when Cuddy recommends desperate measures, House tells her, "You know, if I tried a scheme like this, you'd give me that nasty, wrinkly face and scheme like a hyena. It's very sexy, I admit."
    Later House tells Wilson: "Protein C is border-line irresponsible. Except that the safe stuff isn't doing squat."
    Wilson: "This is exactly the type of thing you would do."
    House: "Well, obviously."
    Later Stacy tells Cuddy: "It's actually the type of thing he'd do."
    Cuddy: "I know. I think he's trying to protect me."
    Stacy: "Now that's not the type of thing he would do."
    Cuddy: "I overruled him. He's the best diagnostician in this hospital, and I overrule him."
    Back to House and Wilson with Wilson saying: "You were just jerking Cuddy around?"
    House: "You seriously thought I wanted to stop her?"
    Wilson: "One thing Cuddy is not is clueless."
    House: "No, first causality of this case is her sense of humor."
    Wilson: "Weird, nothing funnier than almost killing a guy."
  • Season 1 DVD
    Season 1 DVD
    Cameron: "So why haven't you fired House? ...I mean, it's just — you guys are always screaming at each other and I figure you hate him—"
    Cuddy: "I don't hate him."
    Cameron: "Why not? He's a great doctor, but any other hospital administrator would have fired him years ago."
    Cuddy: "Four of them did. The question is why did I hire him?"
    Later this scene continues
    Cameron: "You both went to Michigan. Did you know him while you were there."
    Cuddy: "I was still an undergrad, but yeah, I knew him. He was already a legend."
    Cameron: "So you just knew him as a legend?"
    Cuddy: "My God, you're subtle. Anything else on your mind?"
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