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Second Season Episodes ::  #208 "The Mistake"

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Season Two
House (Hugh Laurie) is the subject of an internal investigation for a potential mistake which, may have led to a patientıs death in the HOUSE episode "The Mistake" airing Tuesday, Nov. 29 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Also pictured: Jennifer Morrison.
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX.
November 29, 2005
Writer / Director
Peter Blake / David Semel
The patient
Kayla, a young mother of two elementary school daughters who has stomach and joint pain.
How House gets involved
Chase calls in Foreman for a consult and the symptoms they find are "weird enough to get House interested."
The mis-diagnoses
Bichette's - tests confirm it but... due to what turns out to be an understandable distraction, Chase missing a bleeding ulcer, which later perforates spilling the content of her stomach into her body and she gets septic. She needs an emergency liver transplant but has a rare blood type and her brother matches perfectly according to tests he brings them.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
First House tries to bribe and then blackmails a surgeon to do a liver transplant (later it appears that House uncharacteristically told the surgeon's wife that he was having an affair even though the surgeon did the surgery). And both he and Chase lie to Stacy, even though she is trying to help them.
The final diagnosis
Upon meeting the brother, House detects that he has hepatitis and "an undiagnosed hepatoma that was transplanted with his liver. Grew a lot faster in Kayla because she was immunosuppressed." The doctors were able to save the brother but not Kayla.
The clinic patient(s)
1) The patient started out as Chase's clinic patient.
2) Chuck, a clinic patient House sees can afford expensive gadgets but not health insurance. House tells him a story about a patient named Buck who "has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. His lung tissue's turning to rock. There's no known cause, no treatment. He is slowly suffocating.... Lung transplant's about a half a million dollars, but this poor sucker's got no insurance. If he tried to sign up now, he'd be excluded, pre-existing condition." Patient rushes out to get insurance. When Stacy complains about the way he gave his diagnosis, House tells her, "He's got a cold, and soon, health insurance."
3) Susan, another clinic patient without health insurance, tp whom House also tells a story about a patient named Fusan.
Notable incidents
  • About half of this story is told in flashbacks as they review what led to the death of a patient who Chase first saw six months before.
  • Chase learns his father has died (which causes his distraction).
  • Chase feels resposible for Kayla's death and when he learns that her brother and her children will have to sell their house and move, he tells the brother that he was hung over when he misdiagnosed Kayla when the truth was the he was distracted because he had just learned that his father was dead.
Further Information:
Information on the health issues/diseases mentioned in the episode.
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Episode Quotes (also search for quotes throughout the site using "208" as your search term.
  • Stacy [to Cuddy about counseling Chase and House about an upcoming hearing]: "Let me work with Chase. House should have separate counsel."
    Cuddy: "Stop looking for whatever you're looking for. For the last month, House has been crowing that you can't work with him because you're just swooning in love."
    Stacy: "There is nothing approaching love in what I feel about him right now."
    Cuddy: "Well if you can't work with him, it amounts to the same thing."
    Stacy: "We had a fight. It's awkward. Why not use another lawyer?"
    Cuddy: "Because 40% of our lawsuits last year were about House. You can't work with him, you can't work here."
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    Season 2 DVD
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    Wilson (upon discovering that Stacy is only preparing Chase for an upcoming hearing): "She's only advising Chase? Not you?"
    House: "Well what's the committee going to do to me? I haven't even met this patient."
    Wilson: "Your disdain for human interaction doesn't exculpate you, it inculpates you. Besides the charts, you're responsible for everything Chase does."
    House: "Which is why this doesn't matter. She protects Chase, she protects me."
    Wilson: "Unless her advice to Chase is to make a deal and give you up. [switches to an accent that is supposed to sound Australian but sounds "Turkish?"] 'I'm so sorry, if only Dr House had paid attention, he'd never even met her, he never does.'"
    House: "Chase loves me. And isn't Turkish."
    Wilson: "Cameron loves you. Chase loves his job."
    House: "You really think Stacy hates me that much?"
    Wilson: "I think right now she hates you more than enough. You think emotion only affects doctor's judgments?"
  • Season 1 DVD
    Season 1 DVD
    Investigating Committee Chairman: "After considering the testimonial and documentary evidence, this committee in the matter of Kayla McGinley has reached a decision. Dr Chase, your error resulted in a patient's death. You also lied, both to your superiors and the patient's brother. But taking into account the mitigating factor of your father's death, we've decided not to revoke your privileges. You'll receive one week's suspension, and a letter in your permanent file. Now as for Dr House — there is no evidence of a failure to supervise that would lead to disciplinary action. And yet, there is enough in the record to be very troubled by your conduct, including certain allegations of blackmail from members of the transplant team. And by your general refusal to meet with your patients. It should be noted that your patient's cancer was diagnosed as the result of a direct physical examination of—"
    House (interrupting): "Not of the patient, I met the brother. Never met her. You want me to go to a family reunion every time I take on a patient?"
    Investigating Committee Chairman: "The committee has determined that for no less than one month, Dr House will have his practice supervised by another doctor, to be designated by Dr Cuddy. This proceeding is adjourned."
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