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Episode Guide to Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Seasons

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Fifth Season - See Intro page to Fifth Season
Sept 16, 2008501Dying Changes Everything Eli AttieDeran Sarafian
Wilson returns from his leave after Amber's death and tells House he is resigning so House walks out on his patient (the assistant to a feminist consultant) to guilt Wilson into staying.
Sept 23, 2008502Not Cancer David Shore & Lawrence KaplowDavid Straiton
House hires a private investigator who not only spies on aspects of the case and Wilson but also changes a patient's medication.
Sept. 20, 2008503Adverse Events Carol Green & Dustin PaddockAndrew Bernstein
The team treats an artist who paints what he thinks is a realistic portrait but it is terribly distorted as House makes known what the PI finds out about the team members.
Oct. 14, 2008504Birthmarks Doris Egan & David FosterDavid Platt
House treats a patient back from China while avoiding his father's funeral until Wilson kidnaps him.
Oct. 21, 2008505Lucky Thirteen Liz Friedman & Sara Hess Greg Yaitanes
A woman Thirteen has taken home has a seizure after sex. House fires Thirteen but later hires her back.
Oct. 28, 2008506Joy David HoseltonDeran Sarafian
Cuddy has made arrangements to adopt a baby when Becca gives birth. When they meet Cuddy notices a rash on her arm. Meanwhile, House's team treats a man with blackouts and hallucinations.
Nov. 11, 2008507The Itch Peter BlakeGreg Yaitanes
Cameron brings House the case of a man who hasn't left his house in seven years so they have to diagnose and treat him in his home.
Nov. 18, 2008508Emancipation Pamela Davis & Leonard DickJim Hayman
House and his team try to figure out what caused the seizure of an emancipated minor while Foreman deals with a four year old boy with something no one else can figure out.
Nov. 25, 2008509Last Resort Matthew V. Lewis & Eli AttieKatie Jacobs
House and Thirteen and others are taken hostage by a man who has something no one can figure out. Thirteen is used to make sure House isn't giving him anything dangerous.
Dec. 2, 2008510Let Them Eat Cake Russel Friend & Garrett LernerDeran Sarafian
A thirty year-old fitness "guru" collapses. Foreman's trial includes Thirteen.
Dec. 9, 2008511Joy to the World Peter BlakeDavid Straiton
The team treats a 16 year old who is overweight and often bullied, Cuddy deduces that she gave birth recently and goes out to find the baby.
Jan 19, 2009512Painless Thomas Moran & Eli AttieAndrew Bernstein
The team treats a man who is in such pain that he tries to commit suicide. House relates to the situation.
Jan 26, 2009513Big Baby David Foster & Lawrence KaplowDeran Sarafian
A teacher of special needs children has a high level of patience and House considers that one of her symptoms. Cameron sits in for Cuddy as Cuddy deals with the baby she is now fostering.
Feb 2, 2009514The Greater Good Sara HessLesli Linka Glatter
A famous doctor, who has become a chef, diagnoses herself as she collapses, the team try to figure out why she has what she has. Meanwhile Foreman changed Thirteen from the placebo and it has caused complications.
Feb 16, 2009515Unfaithful David HoseltonGreg Yaitanes
A priest, who has lost his faith but keeps working for the homeless, has a couple of drinks one cold night and sees a crucified Jesus.
Feb 23, 2009516The Softer Side Liz FriedmanDeran Sarafian
Jackson, who has both male and female DNA (genetic mosaicism) but whose parents have raised him as a boy without telling him about the problem in his genes, collapses with severe abdominal pain after a basketball game. House tries methadone and becomes nicer.
Mar 9, 2009517The Social Contract Doris EganAndrew Bernstein
Nick Greenwald all of a sudden starts saying whatever he is thinking and then gets a nosebleed and collapses. Wilson has discovered where his long lost, homeless brother is.
Mar 16, 2009518Here Kitty Peter BlakeJuan J. Campanello
The head of nursing at an old age home believes a cat there can predict when someone will die by sleeping next to them and cat slept next to her. Taub is having money problems and thinking of leaving the team.
Mar 30, 2009519Locked In Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & David FosterDan Attias
House has a motorcycle accident and ends up in an ER with a patient the doctor thinks is brain dead but that House thinks is suffering locked-in syndrome.
Apr 6, 2009520Simple Explanation Leonard DickGreg Yaitanes
The wife of a dying man suddenly collapses. And the team finds Kutner dead of an apparent suicide.
Apr 13, 2009521Saviors Eli Attie & Thomas L. MoranMatthew Penn
An environmental activist collapses, Cameron gets involved to keep from giving Chase a chance to propose, which she thinks he might do just in response to Kutner's death.
Apr 27, 2009522House Divided Matthew V. Lewis & Liz FriedmanGreg Yaitanes
Deaf 14 year old suddenly hears explosions in his head. Chase and Cameron plan their wedding and House plans Chase's bachelor party.
Apr 27, 2009523Under My Skin Pamela Davis & Lawrence Kaplow David Straiton
Ballerina collapses during rehearsals and House decides he needs medical help for his hallucinations --- he has been seeing Amber for several episodes. He thinks he has asked Cuddy to help him detox.
May 11, 2009524Both Sides Now Doris EganGreg Yaitanes
To get rid of seizures a young man had surgery to separate the left and right halves of his brain but now has problems. And House thinks he and Cuddy had sex and when he realizes it was another hallucination, House finally agrees to be hospitalized.

Season Six Started September 2009

Sept 21, 2009601-2Broken Russell Friend & Garrett Lerner
& David Foster & David Shore
Katie Jacobs
Sept 28, 2009603Epic Fail Sara Hess & Liz FriedmanGreg Yaitanes
Oct 5, 2009604The Tyrant Peter BlakeDavid Staiton
Oct 12, 2009605Instant Karma Thomas L. MoranGreg Yaiyanes
Oct 19, 2009606Brave Heart Lawrence KaplowMatt Shakman
Nov 9, 2009607Known Unknowns Matthew V Lewis & Doris EganGreg Yaitanes
Nov 16, 2009608Teamwork Eli AttieDavid Straiton
Nov 23, 2009609Ignorance Is Bliss David HoseltonGreg Yaitanes
Nov 30, 2009610Wilson David FosterLesli Linka Glatter
Jan 11, 2010611The Down Low Liz Friedman & Sara HessNick Gomez
Jan 25, 2010612Remorse Peter BlakeAndrew Bernstein
Feb 1, 2010613Moving the Chains Russel Friend & Garrett LernerDavid Straiton
Feb 8, 20106145 to 9 Thomas L. MoranAndrew Bernstein
A day in the life of Dr. Cuddy, Chief of Medicine. The two main things: a pharmacy tech has been stoling drugs, Dr. Cuddy threatens to stop taking insurance from a company that offers a better deal to other hospitals.
Mar 1, 2010615Private Lives Doris EganSanford Bookstaver
Mar 15, 2010616Black Hole Lawrence KaplowGreg Yaitanes
Apr 12, 2010617Lockdown Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner
& Peter Blake & Eli Attie
Story by Peter Blake & Eli Attie
Hugh Laurie
Cuddy orders the hospital into Lockdown because a baby is missing. House is locked in with a dying patient who's case House refused to take. Chase is locked in a clinic room with Cameron who came to get his signature to their divorce papers.
Apr 19, 2010618Knight Fall John C. KelleyAndrew Bernstein
A knight at a Rennaissance Faire, wins a tournament then collapses and the whites of his eyes become bloody..
Apr 26, 2010619Open and Shut Sara Hess & Liz FriedmanGreg Yaitanes<
A woman in an open marriage collapses. And House tries to convince Wilson that Sam is doing things that drive Wilson up the wall like leaving milk in the door and not on the shelf in the refrigerator.
May 3, 2010620The Choice David HoseltonJuan J. Campanello
A bridgroom collapses at the ceremony and later it comes out he has been "cured: of being gay. Meanwhile, Wilson pays House's team members to take him out in the evenings.
May 10, 2010621Baggage Doris Egan & David FosterDavid Straiton
House tells his psychologist about his week when his patient had lost her memory, Wilson asked him to move out, Alvie comes back into his life and he loses a book he had planned to give Cuddy.
May 17, 2010622Help Me Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & Peter BlakeGreg Yaitanes<
House joins Cuddy and Foreman at the scene of a disaster where he finds a woman whose leg is pinned,

Season Seven Started September 2010

Sept 20, 2010701What Now? Doris EganGreg Yaitanes
Summary: House and Cuddy stay home to start an affair while Cuddy doesn't know drastic things are happening at the hospital.
Sept 27, 2010702Selfish Eli AttieDan Attias
Summary:House and Cuddy take their new relationship into the workplace with complicated results as House tries to save a girl by giving her parents an impossible choice.
Oct 4, 2010703Unwritten John C. KelleyGreg Yaitanes
Summary: House and Cuddy stay home to start an affair while Cuddy doesn't know drastic things are happening at the hospital.
Oct 11, 2010704Massage Therapy Peter BlakeDavid Straiton
Summary: House has a new possible team member who sets House down the road to solving the case of a schizophrenic who had everyone fooled.
Oct 18, 2010705Unplanned Parenthood David FosterGreg Yaitanes
Summary: House is left to babysit Cuddy's daughter while his team tries to figure out what is wrong with a baby and discover it is the mother who is most endangered.
Nov 8, 2010706Office Politics Seth HoffmanSanford Bookstaver
Nov 15, 2010707A Pox On Our House Lawrence KaplowTucker Gates
Summary: .
Nov 22, 2010708Small Sacrifices David FosterGreg Yaitanes
Jan 17, 2011709Larger Than Life Sara HessMiguel Sapochknik
Jan 24, 2011710Carrot or Stick Liz FriedmanDavid Straiton
Feb 7, 2011711Family Practice Peter BlakeMiguel Sapochknik
Feb 14, 2011712You Must Remember This Kath LingenfelterDavid Platt
Feb 21, 2011713Two Stories Thomas L. MoranGreg Yaiyanes
Feb 28, 2011714Recession Proof John C. KelleyS.J. Clarkson
Mar 7, 2011715Bombshells Liz Friedman & Sara HessGreg Yaitanes
Mar 14, 2011716Out of the Chute Thomas L. Moran & Lawrence KaplowGreg Yaitanes
Mar 21, 2011717Fall From Grace John C. KelleyTucker Gates
Apr 11, 2011718The Dig Sara Hess & David HoseltonMatt Shakman
Apr 18, 2011719Last Temptation David Foster & Liz FriedmanTim Southam
May 2, 2011720Changes Eli Attie; Story by Seth Hoffman & Eli AttieDavid Straiton
May 9, 2011721The Fix Thomas L. Moran & David Shore; Story by Thomas L. MoranDavid Straiton
May 16, 2011722After Hours Seth Hoffman & Russel Friend & Garrett LernerMiguel Sapochnik
May 23, 2011723Moving On Kath Lingenfelter & Peter BlakeGreg Yaitanes

Season Eight Started October 3 2013

Oct 3, 2011801Twenty Vicodin Peter BlakeGreg Yaitanes
Summary: House is in jail and not in control of everything as he usually is.
Oct 10, 2011802Transplant Liz Friedman & David FosterDan Attias
Oct 17, 2011803Charity Case Sara HessGreg Yaitanes
Summary: .
Oct 31, 2011804Risky Business Seth HoffmanSanford Bookstaver
Summary: .
Nov 7, 2011805The Confession John C. KelleyKate Woods
Summary: .
Nov 14, 2011806The Confession Eli AttisGreg Yaitanes
Summary: .
Nov 21, 2011807Dead & Buried David HoseltonMiguel Sapochnik
Summary: .
Nov 28, 2011808Perils of Paranoia Thomas L. MoranDavid Straiton
Summary: .
Jan 23, 2012809Better Half Kath LingenfelterGreg Yaitanes
Summary: .
Jan 30, 2012810Runaways Marqui JacksonSanford Bookstaver
Summary: .
Feb 6, 2012811Nobody's Fault David Foster & Russel Friend & Garrett LernerGreg Yaitanes
Summary: .
Feb 13, 2012812Chase Peter Blake & Eli AttieMatt Shakman
Summary: .
Feb 20, 2012813Man of the House Liz Friedman & Sara HessColin Bucksey
Summary: .
Mar 19, 2012814Love is Blind John C. KelleyTim Southam
Summary: .
Apr 2, 2012815Blowing the Whistle Danny Weise & Seth Hoffman Story by Danny WeiseJulian Higgins
Summary: .
Apr 9, 2012816Gut Check Jamie Conway & David HoseltonMiguel Sapochnik
Summary: .
Apr 16, 2012817We Need the Eggs Peter Blake & Sara HessDavid Straiton
Summary: .
Apr 23, 2012818Body & Soul Dustin PaddockStephen Schwartz
Summary: .
Apr 30, 2012819The C-Word John C. Kelley & Marqui JacksonHugh Laurie
Summary: .
May 7, 2012820Post Mortem David Hoselton & Kath LingenfelterPeter Weller
Summary: .
May 14, 2012821Holding On Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & David FosterMiguel Sapochnik
Summary: .
May 21, 2012822Swan Song/Everybody Dies David Shore & Peter Blake & Eli AttiDavid Shore
Summary: .


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