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House & Wilson
Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and House (Hugh Laurie) discuss their living arrangement in the HOUSE episode "The Down Low" airing Monday, Jan. 11 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Chris Haston/FOX
January 11, 2009
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Written by
Liz Friedman & Sara Hess
Directed by
Nick Gomez
After House and Wilson move into the condo Wilson bought (discussed in previous episode) so at least six weeks after that.
Patient of the Week:
Mickey, a drug dealer with loud noise induced vertigo.
How House gets involved:
Mickey and his friend, Eddie. come to him in the clinic.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach / Rule Breaking
House manipulates the patient into signing himself out of the hospital and he drives (that must be dangerous for him and everyone near the road with him). Thirteen and Chase try to follow the patient when he leaves and run a red light. Thirteen later gets Mickey's friend to let her into the area when Mickey sleeps and when they are discovered, she pretends to be a prostitute.
Preliminary diagnoses:
The team give the patient an ear test and he has a seizure due to elevated blood pressure. The team then thinks this must be caused by environmental exposure to something and they try to find out where he lives. After leaving the hospital, Mickey comes back delirious with a high temperature. They later decide it is a fungal infection. Off and on the team suggests an autoimmune disease.
The final diagnosis
Hughes-Stovin Syndrome, an autoimmune disease, that has no treatment at the stage Mickey is at.
Who Came up with final diagnosis
Clinic Patients
The patient starts as a clinic patient.
Additional Information:
  • Chase has a new hair cut.
  • Thirteen's middle name is Beauregard?
  • The team tries to bring Foreman down a peg or two and it backfires.
  • Wilson knows the words to the music of "A Chorus Line".

: House (Hugh Laurie) questions the friend of a patient who suffers from a unique form of vertigo in the HOUSE episode "The Down Low" airing Monday, Jan. 11 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Chris Hastonh/FOX
Additional Resources
Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase; Peter Jacobson as Dr. Chris Taub; Olivia Wilde as Thirteen/Dr. Remy Hadley

Guest Cast: Sasha Alexander as Nora; Ethan Embry as Mickey; Nick Chinlund as Eddie; Paul Zies as Marco; Preston James Hillier as Tommy; Rosalie Vega as Nurse Yvette; Bonnie Kathleen Ryan as Mickey's wife; Sammy Busby as Gorski

Quotes, Quotations, Dialogue, Scenes:
  • Wilson is enjoying his chat with cute new neighbor, Nora, about tips on the neighborhood. She tells him, "If you have any more questions about the neighborhood, I'm your girl."
       "Favorite shushi place. Maybe we could get dinner sometime."
       "Sure if you promist to bring that good looking guy with the cane."
       "You mean House?"
       "Your boyfriend's name is House?"
       Wilson is obviously confused and displeased with the misunderstanding. "He's not my boyfriend."
       "Oh, I'm sorry. What do you call each other? Husband" Partner? Lover?"
       "We're not gay."
       "Serioiusly?" She obviously doesn't believe him.

  • Wilson goes to House. "Everyone in our building thinks we're gay."
       House doesn't seem very concerned. "We're grown men over the age of 30 who moved in together. We're two tigers away from an acti in Vegas. They'll figure out we're straight eventually."
       "Eventually is not when I want to go out with the cure girl in 3B."
       "If only there were some way to communicate that to her. Perhas using sound...."
       "She didn't believe me."

  • House figures out a way to use the misunderstanding to seduce Nora. Wilson objects, "You're doing this to mess with me."
       "Correction. I started doing this to mess with you. Now I'm honestly trying to hit that."
       "By pretending you're gay and in a relationship with me?"
       "We're in a relationship but we're really unhappy. Communication's never been easy for us. Probably because we're so closeted. I got it all figured out. Noran and I spend the next few weeks handing out and become best girlfriends. I confide in her about our issues."
       "I can't decide if this is more despicable or illogical."
       "Then one night we get drunk. Back rub turns into a front rub. The next morning: 'I've never felt this way about a woman before.'"
       "That's quite a commitment you've made to jumping the girl I'd like to date.... I saw her first."
       "Seriously? You're invoking the guy code."
       "We're guys. It's a code."
       "You're only bringing this up 'cause you know you're gonna lose."

  • li>Wilson proposes in front of Nora in order to foil House's plan. Later House tells Nora his plan and convinces her that he and Wilson really are straight and Wilson tells House that they no longer believe they're gay. Now they believe they're: "mendacious dirt bags." House says he's more comfortable with that.

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Pictures from the show copyright Fox Broadcasting Corporation
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