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Miscellaneous ::  Updates through Twitter

Would you like to be notified when I make an update instead of just searching to see if any updates have been made? Do you use Twitter?
You can sign up or follow just by checking my Twitter page.
House (Hugh Laurie)
Credit: Scott Garfield/FOX
I am going to be sending out "Tweets" when I have added a page on an upcoming episode or updated the page on an episode that has broadcast or added a spoiler or news item. If you would like to be notified when there are updates,

Follow Me on Twitter.

You can check out the update Tweets without even opening a Twitter account just be occasionally clicking the link above.
Notes on how I plan to use Twitter:
  • When I have a new spoiler up, the Tweet will just be that there is a new spoiler and will not give any actual spoiler information.
  • I will not Tweet on what I had for breakfast, etc. So you will not be overwhelmed with notes from me. The Tweets will be mainly on "House" updates but may occasionally have updates to my other websites (none of which I update as often as "House"). The House Tweets will also say, "House" or "House Fans" first thing, if I have the space. Whatever few other things I have will start with something different.
  • You do not have to sign up for Twitter in order to get these updates. To sign up, click the link above to follow me and it will allow you a quick, easy way to sign up. But you I don't think you need to sign up, you can just click on the Follow me on Twitter link anytime and it will tell you what my latest notes are so that you know what has last been done on the site and you don't have to search everything.
  • I have just added a widget so that anyone who wants the Twitter updates can also get the most recent five on the House news page --- look for the yellow square just below the last two news items.
  • You can also get an RSS feed my the Twitter updates
  • More to come as this experiment continues.
    follow me on Twitter
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