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February 2, 2009
514 House
House (Hugh Laurie) and the team treat an esteemed cancer researcher who gave up her medical career in the HOUSE 100th episode "The Greater Good" airing Monday, Feb. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
2009 Fox Broadcasting Co.
Credits: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX
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Written by
Sara Hess
Directed by
Lesli Linka Glatter
Patients of the Week:
  • Dr. Dana Miller is a cancer researcher who was on her way to a breakthrough in treatment for retinoblastoma but she has given up this career after a medical problem requiring uterine surgery eight months ago in an attempt to find happiness. When she collapses she diagnosis herself with spontaneous pneumothorax.
  • The other patient is Thirteen. Foreman changed her to the real test drug from the placebo and she has a serious reaction.
How House gets involved:
  • After climbing the stairs, House is presented with the case by Thirteen who recognizes the patient and wants to help a person so close to helping medicine (not knowing that the patient has given up medicine).
  • House notices that Thirteen has a peripheral vision problem and tells Foreman and says he knows Foreman put her on the test drug.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
House keeps Foreman from telling the drug company about the problem and the drug company gets away with not reporting that they have a problem in exchange for Foreman getting out of the trial and not mentioning the problem. Also House and Foreman do an unauthorized surgery.
Preliminary diagnoses:
  • After an effort to treat possible asthma (which is suggested along with cystic fibrosis or lung cancer) the patient is given steroids. Later she starts bleeding into her abdomen. Her liver is bleeding. And Dr. Miller starts itching. Then an MRI turns up lesions and bleeding in many places. Wilson tries to do a biopsy but excessive bleeding occurs.
  • Thirteen is discovered to have a brain tumor upon which House and Foreman operate.
The final diagnosis
  • 514 House
    House (Hugh Laurie) and the team treat an esteemed cancer researcher who gave up her medical career in the HOUSE 100th episode "The Greater Good" airing Monday, Feb. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
    2009 Fox Broadcasting Co.
    Credits: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX
    While talking to Cuddy and blaming her recent nastiness to him as being related to her period, House figures out that the patient is menstruating and also has developed endometrosis that spread through her body because of the previous surgery. These got worse because of the steroids they gave her early on.
  • There was no mystery about what was causing Thirteen's blindness. They just have to wait until she recovers from the surgery to see if her eyesight is restored.
Clinic Patients
Additional Information
  • The first scene shows Foreman and Thirteen waking up together.
  • Early in the episode, we see Wilson washing dishes and notice that he leaves a cup with lipstick on it on the counter without washing it. He tells the patient he hasn't been able to move on since his girlfriend's death and she tells him the worst thing he can do is do nothing. At the end he washes the cup.
  • Taub admits to missing the money he used to make as a plastic surgeon and the lifestyle. But does admit that this job makes him feel like he is doing something worthwhile.
  • Taub thinks he might want children but his wife told him at the beginning of their relationship that she didn't want children. At the end he is not sure whether he can be happy without children but is sure he cannot be happy without his wife.
  • House diagnoses Thirteen with losing her vision because of the way she turned her head to look at the MRI.
  • House doesn't escalate the war of dirty tricks that Cuddy starts with him.
  • Cuddy uses a Mac notebook (we see it on her desk near the beginning).
  • While talking to Foreman in the lockerroom, House takes something out of a locker and when Foreman realizes it wasn't his locker, House explaines that he was teaching them to lock their locker.

514 House and Cuddy
House (Hugh Laurie, R) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein, L) come to an understanding in the HOUSE 100th episode "The Greater Good" airing Monday, Feb. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX
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Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase; Peter Jacobson as Dr. Chris Taub; Kal Penn as Dr. Lawrence Kutner; Olivia Wilde as Thirteen

Guest Cast: Judith Scott as Dana Miller; Jennifer Crystal Foley as Rachel Taub; David Purdham as Chef Anthony; Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse

Quotes, Quotations, Dialogue, Scenes

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    House goes to talk to Cuddy in her office, "Elevators keep crashing. Is Mercury in retrograde or what?"
    "Elevators can be capricious. Sometimes it just seems like they're out to get you...."
    "Why do you think the elevators would be out to get me?"
    "I don't know. Maybe they wanted to take time off to spend with their little dumbwaiter. But then they had to leave it at home with an elevator sitter because you drove the replacement elevator to quitting because you're incapable of listening to anybody but me. That's just a theory."
    "You're wrong. I don't even listen to you. Either do your job or go home. Leave me out of it."
    "I am going to do my job. It doesn't mean I have to do it happily. Doesn't mean I have to do it without resentment. It definitely doesn't mean I have to do it without seeking vengeance on the person making me be here. Congratulations, you've officially dragged me down to your level."
  • The group discuss the patient's choice to give up medicine when she was close to helping people with a cancer. Thirteen says, "Big Picture. I don't care if Jonas Salk's life is a miserable shell. I just want him to cure polio."
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    Foreman argues with her, "You can't live your life 'Big Picture'. You've got to look out for yourself and those you care about."
    "Well, then why are you a doctor...?"
    At this point House gives his opinion, "People act in their own self-interest. You're all here because you're happy to be here. Or at least because it's your best option."
    Kutner says, "I'm here because I want to help people."
    "No, you're here because it makes you feel good to help people. Taub and Foreman are here because they've got no other viable choices. And Thirteen is desperate to make her life matter before it's over."
    This causes Taub to ask House, "So, you're happy to be here?"
    "Does it show?"
    After Kutner sees something more on the pictures of the patients interior, they all leave to do more tests but House stops Foreman and quotes his words back to him,"'You've got to look out for the people you care about.' That wouldn't have anything to do with you screwing over your clinical trial t by slipping Thirteen the real drug, would it?"
    "You said that would be stupid."
    "Does she know? Because Jonas Salk would not approve."
    "There's nothing to know."
  • Wilson finds House treating his knee after he tripped over a trip wire to his office. "I hear Cuddy's SEAL training finally came in handy. Should I be investing in a flack jacket?"
    "You're safe."
    "No carpet bombing? No burning of Dresden to teach her a lesson?" When House just looks at him, he goes on. "Well, since you're incapable of taking the high road, I assume there's some deeper, more long-term strategy in effect."
    "Cuddy's not playing games. She's not looking for leverage. She wants pure, unadulterated vengeance."
    "And your counter move is to let her have it?"
    "The only time to strike back is when I want something. All I want now is to get things back to normal. Which I can't get by escalating. The only way to win this war is to lose it. Let her punch herself out."
    Wilson digests this and then says, "Yeah. That makes sense, too."
    "I was thinking you actually feel guilty about taking her away from her baby. But you're explanation's good too." Wilson pauses. "It's completely inconsistent with your character, but— but—"
    "Thank you Rationalization Man. You have saved the village."
  • Earler Wilson had gone to see the patient to tell her about his patients, who are dying and who now have less of a chance because she has left off her research. She suggests he is in a rut in his private life. Later he talks to her just before he does a biopsy. "I'm sorry about the other day. I unloaded on you and—"
    " You aren't sorry.... You feel bad because... I'm dying. You're a good person. I appreciate the sentiment."
    "Im not apologizing because you're dying, I'm aplogizing because you were right. I am stuck." He then tells her. "My girlfriend died. She was the only person I've loved in a long time and—" He pauses. "I'm still living in her apartment. I'm surrounded by her things. I've left it all exactly where it was. I don't know how to get unstuck."
    "The only wrong thing is to do nothing."
  • Afte they cure the patient Taub goes to her and asks how she felt about almost dying for the second time in eight months --- the first time caused her to give up her medical career to pursue other endeavors, "How do you feel about your life choices this time?"
    "I didn't lie there thinking, 'What if?'"
    "I always worry on my deathbed I'll think, I didn't do anything really important."
    "You're going to spend one day of your life on your deathbed, the other 25,000 are the ones we should be worrying about. Go to bed happy tonight."
  • Foreman calls the drug company to report what he discovered by switching drugs for Thirteen. He does this knowing they could cuase him to lose his license and that House had advised him against telling them. Later House finds him in the lockerroom. "You told them didn't you?" Foreman nods. "Well, you really had no choice on account of being an idiot."
    "I broke protocol. Her results are no longer admissible to the trial. They don't have to do anything. If anyone else gets a tumor, they'll put a warning on the label."
    "You gonna keep your license?"
    "They'll come after me if I attempt to participate in any more trials."
    "That's very decent of them. Well, good for me. I'll see you tomorrow and the next day and the next day."
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