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Fourth Season Episodes ::  #412 "Don't Ever Change"

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House (Hugh Laurie) treats a newly converted Hasidic Jewish woman (Laura Silverman) in the HOUSE episode "Don't Ever Change" airing Tuesday, Feb. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Also pictured: Eyal Podell.
Credit: Adam Taylor/NBC Universal/FOX
February 5, 2008 (last new episode until mid-April to end of April)
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Written by
Doris Egan & Leonard Dick
Directed by
Deran Sarafian
Music (anyone with info on the first one, please email us)
  • Starting just before House runs into Wilson and Amber at the restaurant: Weldeck's "Jerry Weintraubl"
  • While Roz is brought to the celebration of Shabbat: Accentus Ensemble's "Nani, Nani" (later Eshet Chayill is sung)
  • After House solves the case: "Waiting on a Friend" from The Rolling Stones
Patient of the Week:
A woman, who has recently converted to Hasidic Judaism, collapses at her wedding.
Porphyria, Wegenerıs, Lupus
The final diagnosis
Nephroptosis, floating kidney, which also caused internal bleeding
Clinic Patient(s)
Additional Information
  • Kutner is a science fiction fan: "Star Trek", "Star Wars".
  • Thirteen may be bi-sexual.
  • Amber says with Wilson she can have both love and respect and it trumps the job she thought she wanted so bad.
  • House knows a lot about the orthodox/Hasidic wedding ceremony.

House (Hugh Laurie) and Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) treat a newly converted Hasidic Jewish woman in the HOUSE episode "Don't Ever Change" airing Tuesday, Feb. 5 (9-10 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit:Adam Taylor/NBC Universal/FOX
Additional Info on this episodes:
Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase.

Guest Cast: Laura Silverman as Roz; Eyal Podell as Yonatan; Faye DeWitt as Mrs. Silver; Karen Strassman as Female Guest #1; Heather Sher as Female Guest #2; Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse.

Quotes (Quotations), Dialogue
  • House tries to interfere with Wilson's affair with Amber. They spar when House breaks into her apartment (with Wilson's key) and she agrees with all his charges which makes him rethink them all and discard them. For instance, he accuses her of trying to make him realize that he made a mistake when he fired her. She says, "It's a good plan, don't you think? Perfectly tailored to your personality."
    At which House backtracks twice, "No, its not.... And you know it's not. 'Cause you know that even if I made a mistake, I'd never admit that I made a mistake..."
    "So, which is it, House? Am I in this for you or am I in this for him?"
  • House claims to Taub that the patient's conversion to Hasidism six months ago is one of the symptoms they should account for in their diagnosis. Taub disagrees, sort of. "Look. She's nuts. But we can't just give her 10 CCs of atheism and send her home."
    "Religion is a symptom of irrational belief and groundless hope. Altered mental status on the other hand is a symptom of porphyria.... People don't change. They may want to. They may need to."

  • There are five designs
    House "runs into" Wilson and Amber at the restaurant where they met for lunch. Amber is fine with him joining them and goes off to insist on a table now. Wilson explains to House (unnecessarily), "She tends to treat... every event like it's the last copter out of Saigon."
    "She's the anti-Wilson. She's a force for evil."
    "She has an annoying quality. Perhaps even two. If I were perfect, I would date perfect."
    When Amber succeeds at getting them a table, House tells him, "You like that?"
    "It's annoying but she's good at it."
    "This isn't just about the sex. You like her personality. You like that she's conniving. You like that she has no regard for consequences. You like that she can humiliate someone if it serves—" House stops and suddenly makes a deduction. "Oh my God. You're sleeping with me." This disturbs Wilson a little and makes House leave.
  • House tells Wilson, "I went by your hotel this morning. They told me you moved out. Moved in with C.M.?"
    "No. Apparently, I moved in with you."
    "The very fact that you're resisting my insight, probes to me—"
    "House, you're right. Why not? Why not date you? It's brilliant. We've known each other for years We've put up with all kinds of crap from each other. And we keep coming back. We're a couple."
    "Are we still speaking metaphorically?"
    "Amber is exactly what I need and you would agree if you weren't mired in self-loathing, topped with a thin crust of megalomania.
    "Hey, that's my best friend's girl you're talking about." Wilson walks away. "I was wrong."
    "House, you're right."
    "She's not me. Well, she is me. But that's not why she's attractive. She's a needy version of me.
    "Hard to imagine such a mythical creature."
    "You started seeing her right after I fired her....
    "She wasn't needy. She was in a bad situation. There's a difference.
    "Not to your libido."
    House Calendar
    Wilson walks away and then walks back. "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Why are you doing this? Every time I agree with you, you find a new argument. What are you trying to avoid." When House doesn't have an answer, Wilson says, "Well, if you'd looked at me with those flashing eyes before I was involved...."
  • House goes to Cuddy to see if she can interfer with Wilson's affair. She refuses, of course, but then does talk to Wilson who tries to explain the relationship, "She's pretty. She's funny. Maybe she's a little more—"
    Wilson continues without a pause, "Agressive than you'd expect from me, but I'm happy. Can't I just enjoy what that feels like for a while?"
    Cuddy tells him the problem she sees with the relationship. "Amber compulsively looks out for number one. You complusively look out for the person that you're with. Your needs are going to feed her needs until all that's left is a Wilson chalk outline on the floor."
    Wilson responds with an expression of surprise and as he turns says with stong emotion, "Wow!"
  • As he leaves for the day House sticks his head into Wilson's office to tell him, "I've decided you could do worse than a female proxy for me."
    Wilson runs after House. "So you're going to acknowledge that people can change?"
    "You think I've changed or Amber's changed?"
    "Then you've changed."
    "If you do change, can it be the part of you that chases me down halls, trying to change me?"
    "Do you know what this means?"
    "That you made one good dating choice. The fabric of the space/time continuum could unravel."
    "My world could expand. I could form a long-term connection that isn't with you. And since you put the darkest possible construction on everything, you could end up losing a friend. You've thought of all this. And yet you're going along with it. Are you being— self-sacrificing?"
    "I'll sacrifice a lab rat. I'll sacrifice a fly. I'll sacrifice two hundred on a mudder at Monmouth Park. I don't sacrifice self. Shabbat Shalom, Wilson."
    "Shabbat Shalom, House."
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