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Fourth Season Episodes ::  #406 "Whatever it Takes"

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Whatever it Takes
House (Hugh Laurie) is recruited by the CIA to treat a deathly ill agent in the HOUSE episode "Whatever it Takes" airing Tuesday, Nov. 6 (9-10 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Also pictured, Chad Willett.
Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC/FOX. © NBC Universal
November 6, 2007
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Teleplay by
Thomas L. Moran & Peter Blake
Story by
Thomas L. Moran
Directed by
Juan J. Campanella
Music (in the order heard in the episode)
  • One Big Holiday" - My Morning Jacket
  • "What A Man" - Linda Lyndell (used as House's cell ringtone)
  • Lizz Wright "I Idolize You"
Patients of the Week (there are two):
  1. Casey Alfonso, a drag racer. After a race, she collapses: "seizure with visual and auditory processing deficiency".
  2. "John" a CIA operative who shows signs of having been poisoned.
How House gets involved:
  1. He decides to take Casey Alfonso because "Nothing says 'thanks for saving my life' like a test drive in a car that accelerates faster than a space shuttle."
  2. A CIA agent comes to House to ask for help. House isn't convinced by the badge but when the agent has a helicopter on the roof, that is impressibe. The agent tells House, "It helps when you have props."
The final diagnosis
  1. Heat Stroke: diagnosis by Foreman
  2. Eating too many Brazil nuts: diagnosis by House
False preliminary diagnoses
One of the candidates induces symptoms of polio so that he can show that a super, high dose of Vitamin C can be shown to cure polio.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
House interferes with the treatment another doctor is doing and that treatment would have helped.

Whatever it Takes
Foreman (Omar Epps) and the remaining fellowship candidates try to diagnose a drag racer suffering from visual and auditory processing deficiencies in the HOUSE episode "Whatever it Takes" airing Tuesday, Nov. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX
Additional Info on "Games":
Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase.

Guest Cast: Amy Dudgeon as Casey; Anne Dudek as Amber; Olivia Wilde as Thirteen; Peter Jacobson as Taub; Kal Penn as Kutner; Andy Comeau as Brennan; Edi Gathegi as Cole; Tom Wilson as Lou; Michael Michele as Samira Terzi; Holmes Osborne as Curtis; Joel Bissonnette as John; Chad Willett as Brian Smith; Nick Warnock as Reporter; Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse

Quotes (Quotations), Dialogue
  • House has disappeared and Foreman and the reamaining candidates try to diagnose a patient with results that aren't going well. Amber (who House calles "Cuttthroat Bitch") asks Foreman, "This is a test, right? You're reporting back to him everything we do."
    "Yeah. And I asked the patient to be uncooperative. Personally, I think she overplayed it."
    Another candidate, Travis, says, "She's being uncooperative because you made us all look like idiots."
    "We're only gonna look like idiots if we can't figure out how to get her to agree to the treatment."
    Cole, the Morman, single father asks, "What would House do right now?"
    The candidate known only as "13" says, "Pop a pill, insult us, and trick the patient."
    The candidate Kutner says, "We can do that last part. She's never met House before, has she? Who's got a cane?"
    Foreman refuses. "House isn't here. We're not gonna act like him."
  • House Calendar
    2009 Calendar; Due Out July 1, 2008
    At the CIA, the doctor in charge turns out to be a good looking woman named, Samira Terzi: "I'm afraid there are going to be some limitations on his medical history. Just let me know what you need, and I should be able to provide it."
    House says, "FYI, my malpractice insurance doesn't cover alien autopsies."
    "That's fine. X-Files are the next wing over."
    A second doctor called in for the consult says, "Where was the patient when he first felt ill?"
    "Sorry, that's classified. But assume there aren't too many places in the world John hasn't been. And, yes, John's a cover name—"
    "What can you tell us?"
    House jumps in on this, "Yeah, did Oswald really have sex with Marilyn Monroe?"
  • Back in Princeton the doctors are confused about the symptoms. Taub insists: "It's lupus."
    Amber agrees, "I'm with the little man on this one. It's attacking the body and the brain. Classic autoimmune."
    Taub responds to her, "Flirt all you want, but I should warn you - Shiksas are for practice."
  • Taub (and Amber) goes to ask Cameron for advice and she tells them, "All House cares about is results."
    "I know. I'm talking about how to do deal with Foreman."
    "So am I."
  • House seems more interested in the CIA doctor than the case and tells her "Wanna ditch Dr. Killjoy and— hop in the company jet? Little trip down Mexico Way. And I'm not talking about the country or the plane.
    "Do you think acting like an idiot and talking about sex works on girls?"
    " Well, if it didn't, the human race would have died out long ago."
    "You're pretty cheery for someone who was just proved wrong about his pancreatitis theory."
    "I'm appropriately cheery for someone who's being proved right."
    "John hasn't vomited in six hours."
    "What's to vomit? [holding up a chicken leg] I'm eating his lunch. Withholding nutrients is the treatment for pancreatitis. That and the antibiotics you put him on. I did unhook your iodine, though. Didn't seem to fit with the whole 'I'm-just-jerking-you-guys-around' gestalt."
    The second consulting doctor tells House, "You're unbelievable."
    "Well, let's ask John if he'd rather be sick honestly or cured dishonestly."
  • Blade Runner
    New 25th anniversary multidisc
    of "Blade Runner"
    "results look almost 3-D."
    Foreman doesn't take kindly to Cameron's interference and tells her that he sent her patient home. When Cameron complains, he says, "Wow. This taught me a lesson. I guess when I mess with other people's patients, I risk looking like an officious bitch." Turns out he didn't send the patient home.
    Cameron complains to Chase who tells her, "That's funny."
    "It's not funny. It's totally immature."
    "It is funny. You just can't appreciate it because you're the victim.
    "Yeah, I deserve shame and ridicule for offering a consult. Unheard of for a doctor."
    "You didn't offer a medical consult. You offered a 'Dealing with Foreman' consult."
    "For the good of the patient. It's what House would have done."
    "Maybe House will hear about it and tear up with pride."
    "You think I'm trying to impress him."
    "I think that, for someone who's not involved in his team, you're remarkably involved in his team. Let it go. Let him go."
  • Cameron ends up going to Foreman at a time when he is feeling like he was completely wrong about the patient. "When— when you were dying, you tried to infect me. Because you knew I'd fight for you if I thought I was dying too."
    "You bringing this up now so I'll forgive you for messing with my patient?"
    "I'm happy I changed jobs. But I know I'll never have that sort of... excitement."
    "You miss people trying to kill you?"
    "No. I miss— people doing whatever it takes to get the job done. I guess that's why I'm having trouble giving it up. I shouldn't have helped them mess with your patient."
    "They had to screw with me. I've gotten everything wrong."
    "I don't believe it. You're not gonna get everything right. But you're never gonna get everything wrong." Turns out Foreman was right at the beginning.
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