Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Daddy's Boy

Man, I'm making progress!

No GH reference in this one, either.

Great frelling episode, though.

TB or Not TB

No GH reference at all.

Which is good 'cause it's almost three and I don't want to be a bonehead.

Humpty Dumpty

This is a big one for the House/General Hospital crossover.

Not only is the primary PotW ("Patient of the Week") a contract actor on GH but there is actual GH watching by House!


In the House episode titled"Humpty Dumpty", Ignaccio Sericchio, he of the sexy Spanish and the slow eyes, plays Alfredo, he of the disgustingly rotting hand.

In General Hospital, the actor plays Diego Alcazar, the surprise son from Meh-hee-co. (Really, that's how Ted "Timecop" King pronounces it and it's very silly and distracting.)

Diego is a disaffected youth (the most dangerous kind of youth, you see) who was doing just fine and assimilating and having fun until......the writers decided to assassinate him with deadly writing.

As we saw in an earlier post on this blog Diego is being assassinated by the writers and going, like Alfredo's hand, the way of all flesh.


Although I wasn't thrilled with Diego Alcazar when he first showed up, I do like him now and am sad to see both his character and the actor leave. The character became much more three dimensional and Servichio's acting ratcheted up several notches.

Oh well, in the immortal words of Stephen Wright, "Ya can't have everything. Where would you put it?"


During the episode, House is sitting in the Clinic room he always sits in. He's sucking on a lollipop (okay, hot) and watching the Minivision.

Happily enough, the show has finally decided to get their timing right.

Stacy (okay, not hot) comes in and House says, "Gotta patient!"

Stacy (just, ew) says, "Not according to the log!"


House compromises, "But, it's 3:15. Commercial."

Which is freakin' hilarious.

And true.

Short commercials at 3:15 and 3:45. Long set at 3:30.

And could that be a true shoutout to me that I call people boneheads who come in during the show rather than waiting for commercials?!

Surely not.

But I like the idea. ;-)

PS: Ignacio is from Buenos Aires. Of course.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Speechless, Part Deux

On the flipside.

Tonight's House was incredible.

These people leave me speechless.

In a good way.


Forgot to mention.

Today's GH had little or no advancement on plot. Tuesdays are not big for them.


Today's GH had a dream-cam version of a Sonny/Emily kiss.

I'm horrified and speechless.

I took a shower.

I am now going to bleach my eyeballs.



Here's hoping tonight's "House" has a GH reference because somebody owes me.

Chin, chin!

Yesterday's Theme: People Who Don't Love You. Niiiice.

Yesterday's theme was all about people not loving each other.

As House would say, "Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice."

First of all, Lulu Spencer is a classic, er, well, Spencer. She is a manipulative brat "housed" in her mother's gorgeous face and body. I find her fascinating.

Her father, Luke, is much amused and sees right through her games.

Her stepmother (long story) loathes her with a passion.

The young actress playing Lulu is doing a tremendous job holding her own up against powerhouse actors like Anthony Geary and Jane Elliot.....Whereever they found this child they need to erect a shrine. She's awesome.

Carly, meanwhile, still at the loonybin, RoseLawn, is doing her damnedest to get outta there. She loathes Emily and reads her the riot act.

The actress now playing Carly is taking her back to her wicked roots and I like it. Best Friend turned to me and said, "Now that's Carly."

Very good.

"Um"ily? Lose the tacky new southern accent. First of all it's bad. Go take diction lessons from Hugh Laurie. If he'll let you in the room. Second of all, where the hell did it come from? Third of all, it's completely out of character. A Quartermaine would not drop the "g"s off of the end of her "ing"s.

Lord Peter Wimsey got away with "ain't" and made it classy.

Anythin' you're sayin' ain't comin' across, hon.

Plot? Oh, yeah. That thing. "Um"ily's Holier Than Thou speech fell completely flat and I think that round went to Carly. hee

Mainly 'cause everything she said was completely accurate.

Sonny manipulates pretty girls and he's manipulating Emily.

As a matter of fact, back at GreySkull, we get ominous music just after Sonny announces that Jason is getting better and Emily throws herself at him in a hug. Which results in Maurice Benard flashing his amazing dimples.

I'm not that fond of MB as an actor but those dimples are incredible. I'm just sayin'.

MB is a very good actor (in my opinion) but his diction style is trying to out-Shatner THE SHATNER and that is a crime.

Or it damned well should be.

Plot: I've read rumours that Sonny has utterly no intention of getting romantically involved with Emily but she misinterprets his "advances".

That would make me SO happy.

In the hospital, Jason is out from under the brutal devices of the Evil IV and is better. He's even smiling.

Much to the dismay of thousands of viewers, he has NOT returned to being Jason Quartermaine but remembers everything about his life as Jason Morgan. Which makes him love Sam even more.

And they are adorable.

Even the Holy Saint Steve let a racy line out of his mouth. I paraphrase, but Weepy McWeepster (Sam) was by his bed and he said, "Get in here and let me make you feel better."

Both Best Friend and I went O_O.

(Nothing happened. They just cuddled while Sonny and Robin chatted in the corridor about the fact that Robin still has feelings for Jason but understands she can't act on them.)

Lastly, we have the classic literary technique in play, Character Assassination.

The teenybots are all hanging out at Kelly's when poor Ignacio Serrichio ("Humpty Dumpty" Roof Falling Dood) comes rolling in hot with guns-a-blazing trying to steal money to get out of town. His father, the incredibly HAWT Ted "Timecop" King now playing Lorrrrrrrenzo Alcazar, turned him in to the PCPD for being the roofie-doling-naked-girl photographer but he ran away before they could cuff him.

Paging Doctor Chase.

Paging Doctor Chase!

ANYway, Diego (IS) shoots at Mike* who brings up a shotgun and my guess is that today he ends up in the hospital. Just a guess.

*Mike runs Kelly's now. He is Sonny and Courtney's Father. He is played by a marvelous actor who has a long tenure in soaps. I ~think~ he started out on Ryan's Hope with Kate Mulgrew. That may not have been his start but he most certainly was on that with her.

I'm starting to love IS (and it has nothing to do with his stint on House, which was pretty wooden). On GH he's getting much better than when he started.

However, as I said before, it doesn't do anyone any good to get too attached to actors on soaps. They either stay forever, move around immediately, or come back for brief cameos. It's a very shifting canvas.

When this kind of character assassination begins it's usually the kiss o' death. I have a feeling old "Diego" is not long for this show. :-(

And isn't it amazing how much storyline these guys can cram into an hour? O_O

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Why can't I detox from this show?

Rather than watch any of season two last night, I cranked up "Detox" and practically went into defibrillation when House hit his hand with the pestle.

As ya do.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

College Football? I'd Rather Watch Hank Wiggins "Act".

Yesterday's GH seemed to magically transform itself into college football.

Which, now that I think about it, probably isn't all that different from a soap opera. I know NASCAR is the same damned thing; why not college football?!

I guess my job now is to force myself to keep watching Season Two "House" episodes.


PS: Y'all did get the Hank Wiggins joke. Right? 'Cause jokes suck when you have to explain them.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Satellite Radio, GH Repeat

GH was a repeat yesterday. A horrid one at that. Oh well. When you're on 5 days a week, 52 weeks out of the year, you're bound to have a clunker.

Unfortunately, there is an Olde Running Joketh that the show has and TIIC finally broke down and ignored it. That's just sad.

The joke is that the Quartermaines....the most fabulously wealthy family native to Port Charles....can never seem to get the Thanksgiving Turkey right and end up ordering pizza.

Because the episode TIIC chose to air yesterday was so wretched, I didn't bother to watch the whole thing. For all I know, it was last Thanksgiving's Very Special Episode.

Don't know.

Don't care.

If TIIC don't care, why on Earth should I?

Anyway, in more a more festive vein. I had a ball at Thanksgiving yesterday. After all the oldsters left, my sister and I cranked up the Satellite Radio to 60s tunes and danced for three solid hours.

I thought my brother-in-law was going to split a gut he was laughing so hard.

I kept teasing him that most guys have to pay a lot of money (at least bring a bunch of $1 bills) to watch women dance together.


Hope everyone here in the Blogosphere had a great day yesterday!

Now, as House would put it, go forth and shop! The other holidays fast approacheth! Personally, Daddio and I are going out to the Very Sincere Christmas Tree Farm way the hell out in the countryside to kill a tree and schlep it home.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

US: Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. It's a day where we eat and drink way too much and hang with the family.

Mr. C just asked me not to kill any relative. That leaves me a wide open field, don't you think?

So, now I'm off to do the sweet potatoes and the lima beans. Sister takes care of the rest.

Red wine?

Why yes, I think I shall!

With that in mind, the last thing anyone wants is Cap writing a blog with a snootfull. I'll try and check out the soap today but that's what TiVo was invented for.

Have a wonderful one, everyone, and I'll see ya manana.

PS: Mr. Laurie? Great episode this week. And enjoy your time off in London. We Merrycans miss you already. We are very thankful for your talents and your hard work. Same to everyone else on the "House" team. Bless you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Today's GH

Oh, Ignacio. How we loved you.

The actor who played the Roof Dude from House's "Humpty Dumpty" is a regular on GH. I haven't gotten to THAT yet because I'm slow on Season Two. I know.

Anyhoo, Diego, he of the sexy Spanish and the slow eyes, is the roofie spiking, naked-girl photographing stalker.

His father, Lorenzo Alcazar, is not amused.


Oh, yeah. I completely forgot to mention that the wickedly wonderful and evil Helena tossed the stupid Courtney into the harbour. *

Both Courtney and the teaspoon of goop appeared to have survived.

Yes, I know ~that's a child~ but this is a soap so don't get too attached.

Fiction, people.


*There is really hilarious-ish continuity there because she lost her first attempt at procreation when she dove into the inky seas off of the coast of Bolivia. Think about that for a minute.

Good Gravy!

221B Baker Street is Hiring Gay Irregulars

How cool is it that House's ever-morphing apartment is now at 221B?

Way cool.

That's how cool it is.


No GH references in tonight's episode but I do have a "thing" for Steve McQueen so that was irrelevant but neato.

I have read articles in which Laurie mentions his interest in Steve McQueen so I'm starting (not really, I've had this impression for a while) to wonder just how much creative control Laurie has over House.

McQueen references.

The motorcycle.

The clothes.


As for today's GH. Well. We had to listen to Emily whinge about "I'm not worthy" to be a doctor. And ya know what? She's not. She's quite right. I'll give her credit where it's due.

She should stop "going to medical school" (which she obviously is doing via hologram) right now.

Here's an example of why she'll be the worst. doctor. ever.

Her cousin, Dillon, played by the freakin' incredible Scott Clifton, is in a fender bender and has a little bit of blood on his forehead from hitting the steering wheel.

"Um"ily (how, exactly, did you win that Emmy and Hugh Laurie DIDN'T?) freaks the frell out and acts like she has no idea what a BandAid is.



Glad I don't have to pay her malpractice premiums.

Ya know? Selling shoes for a living IS an option.

So is acting school. There are several. Well known and popular. May I recommend Julliard or RADA?


ANYway, Jason is still freaking out on the gurney and Sam (love her with the passion of a thousand flaming supernovae) is trying to convince herself that Jason needs to continue the protocol.

She wants to save him but is torn about the violence of his (unconscious) reaction to the drugs.

Bless her heart.

In a just bloody fantastic scene of Jason (shackled in the bed), Sam by his side, and Little Doctor Robin at the foot.....Jason and Robin just lock eyes and nod.

Not a word is spoken.

The Exposition Fairy doesn't come along and sprinkle Magic Exposition Dust.

They just let the audience understand that Jason wants to continue the medication and Robin agrees.

It was a thing of beauty.

And, so, chickadees, Robin exits stage right and tells a nurse to get his medication ready.

In other news, Jax is a dick. And a tremendous yawn. To quote the inimitable David Byrne, "Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was."

Lastly, because it can't be said enough, 221B being House's address in tonight's episode rocks on and I love the show, House, more and more.

Seriously, though. Hugh? Er, Mr. Laurie? Throttle back the Cuteness-Jets or my heart won't be able to take it.

Monday, November 21, 2005

GH and Driving Around the City in the Rain

Monday's GH was rather tame.

Predictably enough, (Hot) Jason is freaking out under the not-so-careful ministrations of Little Dr. Robin. Her experimental (emphasis on the mental) procedure is much more radical than anyone thought and a) Sam is pissed off and b) Jason awakens to plead with her to remove his shackles.

Paging Dr. Chase.

Paging Dr. Chase!



Inside (House) joke, there.


Otherwise, today's show theme was "Bad Parenting".

In the other plotline, Lulu is being a pure Spencer and annoying her Father, Luke, to no end. She has no place to stay since the current CPD has her Grandmother unable to control her and kicking her out. (How unbelievable is THAT?)

Lulu is looking for anywhere to stay and decides upon Wyndemere. Which is perfectly cool with her stepbrother Prince Nikolas. Lucky, still in the hospital, asks Nikolas to tell her no so that she's forced to stay with her Father at the Quartermaine's.

Lulu figures that out and tells Luke where to get off.


Like Father; like Daughter.

Elizabeth, normally someone who pushes ALL of my "not-like buttons" makes sense for once (since, for the past 6 months she's been Mother Theresa even though for the 6 years prior to that transformation she was Bad Girl in Town....What?) and tells Lulu that her Father reacts poorly to having her around because she is the spitting image of her Mother, Laura.

She is.

And the actress rocks the house. I have to find her name, asap. She's fantastic.

Jax is in "over control" mode (as someone here predicted, ahem) and is annoying Courtney.

Courtney's trousers are too low.



In real life, Best Friend, Best Friend's Brother and I went to see Matthew MacFadyen and Kiera Knightly do Pride and Predjudice.


Very different from any version I've ever seen and certainly different from the novel, but I'm all for any iteration anyone wants to send my way.

Matt? Call me.

Kiera? Close your mouth. But if you can't? Please, for the love of God, please eat a sandwich. Then He may give you secondary female characteristics like breasts. GOD.

Ah, er, um. House connection? Tom Hollander was in Maybe Baby and was Mr. Collins in this film. Although he totally lost me on the humour, he was charming never-the-less.

Of course, after all was said and done......the movie, brilliant Turkish food for dinner at a brilliant restuarant.....we assimilated Mr. Best Friend after he got off the subway from work and the four of us had to tour around in the rain looking for a) In Style; b) People's 50 Sexiest Men and c) 3 D Glasses so Mr. and Mrs. Best Friend could watch Medium tonight.

I actually have many sets of 3 D glasses because one of my dearest friends is a 3 D photographer and got me into it....Yes, I have a Nimslo ......And I know how to use it......but no one told me Medium was in 3 D tonight. Or else I would have supplied everyone with their own glasses.


(About Medium. I liked the show until it hit a real low with one horrible scene so I don't watch it myself. So horrible that, like the ending of Hannibal, I won't even describe it. Never will. Do NOT get me started on the Crack Monkeys who hand out Emmys.)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Acceptance: Coma? I Hardly Know Ya!

A GH reference!

Whoo Hoo!

Just finished Acceptance and while House is noshing a Rueben (cold, no pickle) off of a coma patient's tummy, he's watching GH on the television.

He and the newly arrived Wilson expound on why, exactly, a coma patient rates a television as GH rambles on in the background.

Not real scenes, btw. More bogus shots of fake GH.

PS: While I am utterly not an advocate of corporal punishment (I'm a complete Democrat Wimp Non-Invasive-Toucher).....House was SUCH an amazing prick in this episode I would have been tempted to break down and slap him into next week. He really outdid himself on the Prick-o-Meter. Wow.

Out of Order, Yer Honour! Autopsy and the GH recap.

Yes, yes, I know, I haven't re-watched "Acceptance" yet and I did re-watch "Autopsy" last night. I'm out of order. Sue me.

No GH references at all in "Autopsy".

I must admit to being a bit of a Broadway whore and I loved the ENTIRE autopsy scene. Watching Hugh Laurie, et al, channel Bob Fosse was a complete riot.

As for yesterday's GH? Just pass me the Kleenex and get it over with.

The most important bits were Saint Jason, the Hitman, and Sam McCall his pint-sized girlfriend.

(Do I need to wait here until you go Google her boobies and neatly coiffed runway again? Kelly Monaco is the name. And don't bother with the regular search; just go straight to "images". Sheesh.)

Well, Jason has agreed to do Dr. Robin's experimental technique to....what, exactly?.....bring him back to his Quartermaine Existance before The Accident? Or to get him over whatever it is he junked his veins up with to help Michael remember his kidnapping?

Hmm. I'm curious.

ANYway, before he goes under the IV Drip from Hell, we get two fascinating scenes. The first is his (second) proposal of marriage to Sam. Now, here, I have to admit something. I usually cannot abide "self made" vows. Do it like God told you to and keep your trap shut. He writes better than you do.

However, these two did such a wonderful job that I actually sat through and listened to them. It was utterly charming.

Not to mention, the ring looks stunning. It's the first one that is so beautiful that the horrid over-used and annoying word "bling" doesn't come to mind. It' s just lovely. Simple. Understated. And an instant heirloom.

I want one just like it.

Oh, wait.

That might cause ego problems in Capville.

Let's just say it's beautiful and move on.

Then, THEN, after that romantic interlude we get bondage.

Yes, I said bondage.

Apparently Little Dr. Robin's medical procedure will leave Big Bad (Hot) Jason in a state of delusion for a few days so he needs to be




Where is Doctor Chase when we need him?!

So, Sam straps him into the velvet, er, sheep skin lined cuffs and away he goes to Neverland.

Sadly, after all that, the first word out of his drugged-up mouth is "Robin?"


In other news, Sonny, Emily, Michael and Morgan all got to put their peepers on Jason so they know he's alive.

As the other plotline moves on, we learn, not so surprisingly, Jax is a dick. While Prince Nikolas went to go visit Courtney, Jax told his chauffeur to hold the car so he could see how long Nik spent in the flat. Dick. Courtney tells Nik that she has chosen him to be her consort and that she's dumping her husband, Jax. (And, mind you, father of her child. Supposedly.)

Nik leaves asaply. Courtney calls Jax's cell phone and tells him she needs to talk to him. He TOTALLY lies and tells her he'll be there but that he was en route to a construction site.


After the appropriate amount of simulated "wait around" time, Jax goes to Courtney.......assuming, in a dick-like manner, that she has chosen him.


That was a sweet smackdown.

(And, mind you, there are people out there who like Jax. Can't figure that one out at all.)


Now, I'm off to watch "Acceptance" and get back in order.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Just wanted to mention that I watched the MADTV parody yesterday (again) and, in its infinite wisdom, it has a parody of itself.

House is in his office watching television. (GH reference.) On the machine, the actor portraying House (Michael McDonald doing a brilliant and hilarious job) watches his own comedic character to whom he refers as "Man Baby".

So, to explain, we have a parody of House watching what is, ostensibly a parody of General Hospital on the real show, but is, in this case, a parody of the actor parody-ing House.


I think my head just exploded.

Such a mess.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Saint Jason

Well, today's Very Special Episode was a) all about "Saving Jason, the Saint" (huh? he's a hitman, people) and b) establishing the new actress playing his best friend Carly.

While everyone above ground is panicking about Jason being assumed dead and TPTB in Port Charles seal off the mountain catacombs, a very much alive Jason is hangin' out with Carly in a deep hole tryin' to figure out how to get out of their predicament.

There is much gnashing of teeth, rending of clothes, and scenery chewing by Jason's girlfriend, Sam.....but the bottom line is Jason and Carly escape harm, Jason and Sam tearfully reunite, Carly gets back to RoseLawn relatively unscathed and with a refreshed knowledge that Jason not only remembers her but also loves her (as a chaste soulmate/friend) and Doctor Robin (who looks all of twelve) wistfully watches Jason hug Sam like he hasn't seen those Google Shots in days.

On an annoying note, Jax tries to butter up Courtney by bringing the "baby" a kangaroo toy (the actor who plays Jax, Ingo Rademacher is from OZ) but also exits stage right quickly, "I'm not being overcontrolling," he protests, "I'll leave before you can throw me out."

Hon? It's just a matter of time.

It's just a matter of time.

Soon after, Prince Nikolas (having forced his brother to agree to letting him pay for his medical bills), arrives at Courtney's door and tells her how much he genuinely loves her.


Damn. She's in a wicket and brought it all on herself. Not bad, chiquita. You sleep with everything that moves with, appendage.....and you end up impregnated by a multi-million dollar corporate raider and, as a booby prize, with a Prince pinin' for your fjords.


Go figure.

On a House note, I'm going to start Season Two tonight. I'm not very confident that GH figures predominantly but I shall buck up, gird my loins and watch as much as I can. LOLOLOL

Lastly, not to make House all about......House......but the Leno interview last night was wonderful and Laurie was charming as ever. Buns of Yoghurt, huh? Personally, that was just enough information and the sooner you can drop that subject the better.


GH Update

Not that much happened today, quite honestly.

Trains are still wrecked.

Survivors and dead bodies are still being evacuated.

On the home front, Emily is questioning her decision to go to Medical School. I told Best Friend, on the phone, that if this is merely a morality play and we get to hear this whinging once.....I'm cool with it. But if I have to hear "Um"ily whinge about her ability to make mistakes and deal with them for years to come then I'm going to have to plug my ears. She should be a shoe clerk.


We were teased the entire day with "Where's Jason" in the cave in. The third or fourth cave in. I've lost track.

Carly, not-so-merrily ensconced in the mental asylum, Rose Lawn, discovers that her best friend Jason is lost and takes off to find him.

Reese is still very dead.

Sonny is very worried about his best friend, too, but manages to be pretty damned ineffectual.

Courtney (Sonny's little sister) is recovering in the hospital (remember that "hospital" thing?) where she weeps openly to her lover, Prince Nikolas, but not the father of her child (supposedly) that she has to go back to her husband, Jax, (the father?) because he's being such a good guy.

He is?

Frankly, he's being just as two-faced about fatherhood as always and will return to being a Corporate Raider Manipulative Bastard as soon as he's given the green light. Which, by the look of the previews, is as soon as tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure that covers it.


From what I've noticed, the show works its weeks thusly. (And, mind you this is a generalization.) Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays are filler. Wednesdays are the big "cliff hangers" (don't ask me, I don't know why) and Fridays are left as cliff hangers if it's sweeps or the need arises.

Also, the one thing I don't want to do is lose the focus of this blog.

This blog is about House and the GH references in that show. It's decidedly NOT about GH.

So, don't think that I'll lose sight of that. The moment House mentions GH, my purpose in blogging will return. Until then, though, I feel it is my moral imparative to keep us up to date on the soap so that we're primed and ready for the moment we hear the minivision crank up and Greg House get into the intricacies of the private lives of the doctors of Port Charles, NY.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

I don't want to sound alarmist or anything but I, er, haven't noticed many GH references in the second season of House.

If that's the case, I'm already noodling a way to keep this blog relevant.

I'm a lawyer.

Persuasion is what I ~do~.

So, here' s what I'm thinking.

Because House is into GH, this blog is, by definition, relevant. What I will do (if it comes down to it) is simply keep everyone up on a brief synopsis of the daily episode of GH.

That way, I figure, if House does refer to the show again, we'll all have a ready source of information (here) to come to so that we are up to speed on the plotline.

To that end, I will start right now.

The absolutely amazing and cool November Sweeps plotline involves a crashed set of trains.

Here are the parties involved. (And I'm just going to dive right in. The previous blog on characters should have enough explanation in it to afford me the luxury of not having to expound on every single character.)


The long and the short of it.

Elizabeth Weber and Lucky Spencer (Luke and Laura's son, yes, of "Luke and Laura" fame) finally got married.

Their fabulously wealthy best friends (Emily Quartermaine Cassedine and Prince Nikolas Cassedine) bought them the wedding of their dreams and a train ride for their honeymoon in Manhattan.

(May I have one of those, please?)

Also on this "Orient Express" are family and friends.

Comes along train number 2. This train is coming from Manhattan and going back up to Port Charles.

All the while, there is this fabulously creepy Mob dude up from Miami who is fixated on killing Sonny Corinthos. But only after making the greasy little mobster suffer the slings and arrows of watching his wimmin abused in front of his eyes.

Much as I love Manny Ruiz, he is one seriously crazed mofo.

Sooooo, he kills the train conductor on one train and that results in a HUGE train crash. Everyone flies everywhere.

Right now we've lost Reese to the Great Maker in the Sand. Alexis Davis (Prince Nikolas' aunt and all around genius actress, Nancy Lee Grahn) just gave birth to the (unlikely named) little girl Molly. (As in, unsinkable. Thank you, GH. We get it. Save your anvils for more subtle things.)

Everyone is safe except Jason Morgan (Sonny's hit man and a Quartermaine himself) and his girlfriend, Sam McCall (the one you need to be careful when googling her image 'cause of that Playboy shoot that always comes up first....and I just know you're gonna go do it right now so her name is Kelly Monaco. She originally won that Dancing with the Stars competition. Yes, that little mite.)

ANYway, now that you're back from googling those pictures, I'll continue.

Jason and Sam are stuck in the tunnels still because Manny, in his infinite evil-ness, has planted TNT charges all over the frelling place.

That's a pretty fair, if brief, generalized catch-up for everyone.

Now, if and when House does finally re-reference GH, we'll be all up to speed.

Remember, my lovelies, having an excuse to get away from the rest of the global population for one hour a day is considered a good thing.

ABC, EST, 3-4pm, Monday through Friday.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Three Stories, Honeymoon

I wrapped up Season One today.

God, what great episodes and what a brilliant show this is.

I'm amazed.

However, there were no General Hospital niggles a'tall.

Tomorrow, I will, God willing, get started on Season Two.

Love Hurts, Don't It?

Just finished "Love Hurts".

Given the relative dearth of GH references in the previous few episodes, I was surprised to see a cute one in this. I had quite forgotten!

House sends Chase and Cameron off to check Harvey's home for any clues to his parents' location (or existance, for that matter.)

He returns to his office and flips on the television on the bookshelf.

He sits down to discover Foreman has followed him into the room, "We need to talk."

House, "Ooookay...."

Foreman plants himself squarely in front of the minivision (no audio, though) and begins to dispense his own form of romance advice.

It's not half as amusing as Wilson's later (DHA and panty peeling) but it is funny enough to earn him the moniker, "Doctor Love", from House.


Eventually, House gets fed up and complains, "I'm missing my soap for this?!"

At which point we get a gratuitous glance at the screen displaying Blonde Hunky Doctor's face between Foreman's legs.


I'm twelve.


That's a total reach and I don't think it was intended but I thought it was funny as hell.

ANYway, that's the GH reference for today.

I'll try and get Three Stories and Honeymoon wrapped up by tomorrow. And then get cracking on Season Two. Or at least what we have of it so far.

I don't mean to complain, FOX, and I love me some baseball (Go, Home Team!), but transplanting House for something as inane as the World Series?

Come on.

I suffered through the FarScape hiatus-es. I'm a professional hiatus-waiting-person. But don't make me do it again.

Just don't.

It made me turn to fan fiction and if I read one more implausible House/Wilson hook up I might have to start upping the Vicodin dosage.

Oh, and completely off topic? Ellen D? That guitar was the cutest gesture I've ever seen. You are a thoughtful and kind human being. Don't ever change.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Babies and Bathwater

GH reference: House and Vogler face off with Cuddy in the background watching and listening in.

Setting: Lobby of PPTH.

House enters from the elevator yelling Vogler's name across the room.

The two round on each other.

House, "You're killing her!"

Vogler, "Why don't you play some Gameboy? You won't be 'round much longer. Watch your soap? I hear they're firing the handsome doctor today. Boy, that should be a good one." He exits.

Focus in on Cuddy as she and House exchange glances.


Well, I think I've done yeoman's work for the past couple of days. All without Best Friend's careful ministrations.

Tomorrow, the Redskins play Tampa Bay so I shall be distracted.

Real Life is slowly creeping in but I'd like to get Season One finished by Monday.

Wish me luck.

Sports Medicine, Cursed, Control, Mob Rules, Heavy = Productive Day

Well, I had a productive couple of days!

Got through Sports Medicine, Cursed, Control, Mob Rules and Heavy.

Only remote GH reference was in Heavy where a pissy Cameron (man, she was annoyed through this whole episode) tells House to go "watch television or play gameboy or whatever else you enjoy doing alone".


In other news, General Hospital is rocking the "house" right now so if you've ever wanted to get involved in the show other than vicariously through "House".....I'd get some tapes of the past few weeks, play catch up and jump in. The water's fine!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Lulu Spencer, Detox

GH/House rears its head again. This is meta.

I feel like this is a game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

The newest General Hospital cast member, Julie Marie Berman as "Lulu Spencer", had a role as Julie on Once and Again. Sela Ward ("Stacy" on House) made her television splash starring in Once and Again.

Small world, huh?

Hopefully, I'll get to Detox today.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Role Model, Soap Opera Reference

Well, we didn't get to Detox yesterday because ~someone~ left her DVD disc 2 at home in her DVD drive.


So, Best Friend and I made the best of a situation.

We re-watched "Daddy's Boy" and then watched "Role Model" which is the first episode on the #3 disc. No General Hospital references to be found.

On the other hand, there I was, lurking around when, what to my wondering eyes should appear? A HUGE paragraph in the gossip and news section on Ignacio Serrichio...Diego Alcazar on GH and "Roof Guy" on S2 House's "Humpty Dumpty."

Carol Banks Weber, the woman who writes the gossip and news column on Soapzone (along with a spoiler column), is an excellent writer with highly reliable information. Here is the paragraph followed by the source url.

"Some fans (like me) may have had a problem with the sudden demonization of Diego, but his portrayer didn’t. Ignacio Serricchio easily rationalized the stunning plot turn of his ordinary teenaged character turning college stalker. It happens in real life, with real, so-called normal teens and their overactive hormones, he said. He’s committed to playing the beats of this and any other plot turn for as long as GH will have him, whether it’s for the long haul (doubtful) or until Diego goes away in handcuffs. On a brighter note, Serricchio’s past, guest-starring turn on the surprise Fox-TV drama, House, as an invalid patient, proved quite enlightening. For one thing, his Italian/Hispanic background invites wide, dramatic expressions, yet his character had to remain still, bedridden for much of the episode; everything for him as an actor had to come from within, through his face. The star of this primetime drama, Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House), turned into quite the welcome enlightenment for Serricchio too, in that – unlike Laurie’s unpredictable live wire of a lead character – he was quite cool to work with, “He’s a goofball. He’s amazing. He’s really very approachable. At first, it was intimidating — for the first two seconds. And then it was just like, ‘Bring it on. I can roll with these guys!’” –Soap Opera, Features"

Of course, the use of her prose and the link were posted here with her permission. YAY! House is everywhere! Even on General Hospital websites. I told you how meta that would be. Now we just need to hear House mentioned on a GH episode.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Question of the Day, Detox, Sports Medicine

Good morning my doowerlinks!

Momentarily, I will be off to go watch Detox and Sports Medicine with Best Friend. She has to work for the next two weeks so I won't be able to rely on her cunning and clever wit.

If I' m very good, I might even get her to continue on and watch Cursed.

Since last night's episode, "Daddy's Boy" was so frelling good, she's probably in just the right mood to marathon House.


So to speak.

Why am I blushing?

Ahem. Permit me to regain my composure.

ANYway, the question today is "When you see the ending credits in "Fidelity" are those real GH credits? Can you tell what year?"

No, those credits were not real. They were bogus. However, there is a way to tell what year is airing by looking at the credits. Mainly the opening splash and shot of the hospital.

The splash page is a running opening credit that airs everytime the show airs. The format is usually "teaser, splash, act one, act two, long commerical break, act three, act four, tag". Sometimes they toss it up but not too often.

The "splash" comes between the teaster and act one. Each main cast member...depending on importance of character or ego of shown in flashy shots with flashy theme music.

Here is an example of being able to figure out what year the show was aired by looking at the splash:

I've posted that link before but a little overkill never hurt anyone.

(I dunno if "splash" is necessarily the business' term of art for that sequence but it's what BF and I call it.)

Remember you can always go to and look up the whole show.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Question of the Day

And now for the Question of the Day.

"Since the writer of this piece is also a lawyer [ahem], I would also want them to tell me what right they have to use the name, "General Hospital"? And can they pretend that they are showing scenes from it legally."


I don't practice copyright law. Although I play a copyright lawyer on tv.


Seriously, it's an important professional attribute to be a lawyer and avoid dispensing advice in a field you're not trained in. Ethically, it's mandated.

That's a cleverly camoflaged way of saying, "I honestly have no idea."

Many years ago, out of idle curiousity (something I seem to have in abundance), I did do some research on copyright law and I can say this with some certainty: Shows can use anything from the mainstream media once.

You'll notice that when the Purple Porn Light of Sex is turned on on General Hospital (which is not nearly enough, in my opinion), the afternoon airing will use a popular pop song to, er, augment the goings on.

When you watch the repeat on Soapnet at 10pm, however, a different song (usually much more obscure) is used.

It's my understanding that this attention to detail is not done because TPTB want us to be entertained but because they don't want to be sued for overstaying their welcome.

One time and one time only do they get to use that particular pop song.

Also, there is a "fair use" doctrine which does permit the use of someone else's ideas or creations if they are sufficiently in the public domain. Ie, I can say "beam me up" and not get sued by Star Trek.

Tread softly in this realm, though. I'm convinced the only reason the fan fiction writers don't get sued is because a) such litigation would cost more than the production companies would reap, and b) fan fic is, in some ways, good advertising and a good source of demographic information.

For all I know, TPTB may view fanfic as a necessary evil.

What I have just written above is NOT legal advice and it is written entirely as a layperson.

My lawyering is confined to a very small, boutique practice that has nothing what-so-ever to do with entertainment or copyright law.

If you really want advice on those topics involving US law, I recommend a US State Bar Association's directory. They are there to help. :-)

Now, I must go take a Vicodin and get to work on those Spencer/Cassedine family trees. Hopefully they will be less confusing than the Quartermaine/Corinthos ones.

DNR, Histories

Good Morning!

Well, DNR and Histories. Not too taxing, apparently.

In DNR, Wilson and House are in the Clinic both watching GH on the minivision. "Marty" the doctor from California comes in the room and House is snippy about him being a bonehead. (Bonehead=interrupting GH.)

Not a thing in Histories.

Now, the reason I'm rather glad that the GH references were a bit thin in those last two episodes is that it has come to my attention that my earlier explanation of the Quartermaine family makes one prone to headaches. Heh!

Here's why: I just copied and pasted my own crib sheet. Blogger and Word are not quite compatible, it seems.

Yet another example of the sad but true state of the human condition.

On the other hand, I can clear it up here or I can go back and edit.

We all can tell by now what a feeb I am with software.

The Quartermaines are the staple family of Port Charles, NY. (Rochester, in RL.) Their business is associated with the actual Port itself (shipping?) and is called Edward Louis Quartermaine Industries or, "ELQ".

Edward married Lila.

Edward and Lila had two children.*

Tracy and Alan.

Tracy had two children, Ned (in his 40s) and Dillon (in his 20s).

Ned had a daughter, Brook Lynne (also in her 20s).

Alan married Monica.

Alan and Monica had three children. AJ, Jr. who is now dead. (Supposedly. Hey, this is a soap. Anything can happen.) Jason (Morgan) who is brain damaged but also my hero. (Even though he's a hitman. Whatever. I'm trying to keep this simple.) And Emily (who was adopted when her biological mother died of breast cancer.)

AJ, Jr. had a one night stand with Carly Benson and they produced Michael Corinthos, Jr.

And that's it.

Edward & Lila bore Alan & Tracy.

Tracy had Ned and Dillon.

Ned had Brook Lynne.

Alan had AJ, Jr., Jason and Emily.

There are the Qs in a nutshell.

*Lest we forget, Edward also had a child out of wedlock who then produced Justus Ward, Edward's grandson.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fidelity; Poison

Good Morning, my lovlies!

It's a short entry today because a) Fidelity had a small GH reference and Poison had a smaller one. It's itty bitty and b) I left my DVDs and notes at Best Friend's "house" on Friday. Upon realizing the error of my ways, I did scream, rend my clothes and gnash my teeth.

None of which made my DVDs and notes appear in the apartment so, although I felt better about things, all that palaver really didn't help much.

To my great embarrassment and sadness, the DVDs turned up in the car when Best Friend called me today and said, "I'm going with Mum down to the Gallery tomorrow and will be near you just in time for GH. Will you be home?" "Yes," I said, "By the way, did I leave my House DVDs in the safari room yesterday?" "Uh, no." "Hmm. Did you hear me scream in agony?" "Uh, no. Are you okay?"


But, Onward, Pioneers, Onward!

Fidelity had such a small reference that without the presence of Best Friend and her urging, I probably wouldn't have even noticed it.

After Foreman diagnoses Tulerimia, House turns on the show. We snap off with him turning the television off over the bogus credits.

Next, in "Poison", House is watching his minivision (again) and asides to Mother, "That's Susie. She'll never marry him. No money."

What makes me laugh my fanny off is that's my sister's name and I could say the same thing about her.




(But that's really freakin' hilarious.)

(With apologies to my brother-in-law who is a complete dreamboat.)

ANYway, since that's all I have for today, I'll answer a few more of the questions contributed by "Certified Genius". And you know who you are.

"How do the showings or mention of GH connect to the episodes they are in?"

Funnily enough, BF asked this self-same question on Friday.

Answer: They don't seem to have any connection whatsoever to the A Plot or the B Plot of the specific episode. So far, the closest they come to even being relevant (other than as another character trait of House's) is that the clips demonstrate how House reacts to them.

In one, he diagnoses the fictional patient with amnesia. In another, he uses the show to escape from facing patients/clients.

So, the bottom line (thus far) is that the use of GH is a CPD devised to give House an exit strategy. (Remember, they also used the baseball game in the teaser of "Love Hurts" for the same reason.)


"Are the things we see actual scenes from GH?"

No. They've only used two real clips and only one made it to airing. In the Unaired premier, they used a shot of Dr. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) performing surgery and channeling Cuddy, "When we make mistakes, people die." In the Aired version, they used a shot of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) at the Nurse's station...during the scene where Foreman and House share a rather grotty lunch together in the cafeteria. House is much more fascinated by the television over Foreman's head than the fact that Foreman is eating an egg salad sandwich contaminated by the snot of the kitchen staff.


Next, please.

"Are they recreations of scenes that are simliar to scenes in GH or are they just using the name?"

Other than the fact that the fake scenes are set in a hospital, they are nothing like the real series. Not even the character names are the same. :-


For a final hurrah, today, I thought I might start connecting the dots....and by that I mean to include links to actors' websites (official and amateur) so that people can start putting faces to names.

Here are the heavy hitters:

Maurice Benard

Steve Burton

(Steve? You SO should have been an emergency backup elf in any of the LOTR films, you handsome devil, you.)

Nancy Lee Grahn
Who couldn't be lovlier if she tried.

Oh, just go here:

That's a really cool page with everyone and their cousin. Literally.


Last note, I promise.

One thing to remember about soaps is to not get too attached to actors. Because these shows are around for an elephant's age, actors come and go. The newest one to leave and return is Carly. She is a pivotal character but has now chewed through four actors. Her most recent incarnation premiered on Friday last.

Paternity, Maternity, Damned if You Do, Socratic Method: Cookin' with Gas

Good evening , Popsicles!

Time for another installment of General Hospital meets House.

Is it too much for me to hope that one day General Hospital has the presence of mind to mention House? Now, ~that~ would be truly meta.

First of all, I need to amend my “Paternity” observations. The ever on-her-toes Best Friend told me that my facts were a wee bit off and, by God, she’s right. (Duh.)

In “Paternity”, House walks into the darkened lab and leans over ~Foreman’s~ shoulder (not Cameron’s). Foreman is looking at the computer that is monitoring the patient’s night terrors. House says, “General Hospital is on channel six.” (Hence my dutiful search to prove that, in fact, Princeton’s ABC affiliate is channel SEVEN. See blog post for url.) Foreman answers, “Dan’s brain is not showing channel six right now. It’s showing mush.”

As for “Maternity”, just to be clear, the bogus GH character in the bed on the screen has been in a car accident. And, just to make sure the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted….Wilson accuses House of having been in the OB/GYN lounge “all morning” but, if that’s the case, House definitely wasn’t watching General Hospital which doesn’t air until afternoon.

So, we now proceed on to “Damned if You Do”. The first appearance General Hospital makes is on House’s handheld television (damn, he’s got a bunch of those) in the chapel. He’s gone there for privacy and to get away from the rabble.

As I mentioned before: Having an excuse to get away from it all between 3 and 4 in the afternoon has its advantages.

House is sitting in a pew watching a surgical procedure on GH. Again, it’s a bogus bit of film but it is freakin’ hilarious. Since this is a Christmastide episode for House, so, too, is it for GH. (Nice attention to detail.)

In the vignette on the GH screen, there is a surgery with a nurse and a doctor conversing amiably over the supine patient. (I would have said prone but we all know that prone means tummy-side down, don’t we?)

The convo goes accordingly.

Surgeon: Who’s your favourite reindeer?

Nurse: [complete with Santa Claus hat] Rudolph! (you silly goose)

S: I thought it would have been…….[wait for it]…….Vixen.

N: Why would you think that?

S: I saw you at the hospital party with [every doctor in the room].

N: I was just dancing!

Suddenly the annoying Sister BusyBody comes in and interrupts House’s television watching.

At Chez Cap/BF, we call that being a “bonehead”.

Never, and I mean NEVER, call during GH. You’re labelled a bonehead and woe betide you.

Just as House is turning off his minivision, we hear the Surgeon say, “Well, it could have been North POLE dancing.”


I got no end of amusement out of that.

Because I’m twelve.

After the convo with Sister BusyBody is over, House immediately goes back to watching GH.

Socratic Method, next in the batting order, has no GH reference so I’m off the hook for that one.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


GH notes on Maternity! Hot off the press!

We come back from the credits to find our favourite Doctor eating lemon jello in the OB/GYN lounge. He is walking past a lovely flat screen television mounted to the wall. It is playing the lamest fake General Hospital scene known to man.

Really, the only notable thing about it is that the "doctor" is a ringer for Chase. LOL

As House goes by the television, the fake soap characters blather at each other.

Patient in Bed: I can't remember anything!

House: [snark] It's amnesia, you idiot. [House crosses the room and plops down in a lounge chair.]

The diagnosis is funny on several levels. First of all, leave it to House to instinctively diagnose something on a television show. Fiction, House. It's fiction.

Of course so are you but that's a topic for someone else's blog.

Second, amnesia is one of the most cliche soap Convenient Plot Devices ("CPD"). There's trusty old amnesia, unknown twins who turn up at the most inopportune moments and the classic Who's the Daddy; known in all the correct circles as "WTD".

Why, even General Hospital had an amnesiac twin (two CPDs for one!) plotline this past year. I'll get that Cassedine and Spencer Crib Sheet up as soon as I write it...but just understand for now that there is this eeeeeeeeevil family who are fabulously wealthy and live on an island in the harbour. The family is the Cassedines and the mansion is called Wyndemere. (Your spelling may vary.)

The original Cassedines (from Greece) were royalty in more ways than the standard. Yes, in the fiction they are royalty but they were played by actors of the same calibre. Helena was portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor. That Elizabeth Taylor. Her husband, Mykos, was played by John Colicos.

For those who don't know who John Colicos is run to your video store and rent the original Star Trek series. He was one of the original Klingons. He was a fantastic actor.

Next, go rent the original Battlestar Galactica. He played Dr. Baltar.

For those of you who don't know who Baltar is.....shame on you. Aside from "House", BSG is the best show currently on television. Get thee to a store and rent the original and then start watching this one. They are different but I love them both.

Okay, back to GH. So, Helena and Mykos are eeeeeevil and have all sorts of nefarious plots to rule the world, et-bloody-cetera, but they also have a regular brood of family members. These family members run the gamut from nice to eeeeeevil but not a one of them is very redeemable.

One such child is Nikolas, the Boy Prince. He was raised by his Uncle Stefan (thinking all along this was his father, rather than the UberEeeeevil Stavros) and is accomplished at everything. He rides horses, he speaks 10 languages and reads in Latin. He's poised and he even knows which fork to eat with.

ANYway, just this past year, Nikolas was convicted for pushing Helena off a cliff on the island and sent to jail.

During which time, his TWIN (not genetic) deserts from the Marines in Iraq, wends his way home to Port Charles (hummenah? Small world, huh?) and finds his wife...all the while Nikolas has gotten out of jail...only to be hit in a car crash and lose his memory. So, for a good long time (*yawn*), Mary, the lunatic wife, convinces Nikolas that he's really her "dead" husband.

Nikolas' memories and training are too ingrained, though, and he starts to wonder how he could know what he knows and still be a dishonourable jarhead carpenter married to this simp.

Am I digressing?

I seem to be.

I'm just saying that amnesia is a staple soap opera CPD, like twins, and GH used both on the same guy just this past year. (They are in the middle of yet another WTD at this very moment.)


House gets up and leaves the scene (moving pretty spryly, all things considered) as soon as he hears something less easily diagnosed in a conversation between two OB/GYN doctors behind him.

I have to digress again.

Only to say that this is positively my favourite Clinic patient in the whole series. Everyone seems to love the poetic syphilis lady but I have to say that the Pregnant-Mono Girl is a completed riot. Not only is the writing a genuine treat but Laurie and the actress are a scream together. Whoever's idea it was to have the girl be dumber than dirt but be so freakin' sweet is a true genius.

When House leaves her to think about her situation, he gets this angelic grin on his face that reads, "I figured it out! I know what's killing the babies AND I know a way to get a few months of uninterrupted viewing in the OB/GYN Lounge!"


Last bit of GH in Maternity: In the tag, we see House blissing out in the chair he sat in in the teaser and we are treated to yet another bogus shot of General Hospital.

He's cured the Baby Epidemic, discovered not only the disease and cure but also the cause, and has agreed to help Pregnant-Mono Girl through her pregnancy...thereby earning the right to stay in the OB/GYN lounge through March.

As a note, there is no character in GH (yet) named Naomi.


Question for the Day.

Why does House watch any soap? And why this one in particular?

I think House watches soaps for the same reason he plays with yo-yos, reads junk magazines and lies on the floor listening to his iPod. It's distracting and taboo. For years, soaps have been looked down upon and criticized as the lowest form of theatre. (See rant about that in previous post.) So, just to tweak people's noses, he watches it. And, probably, enjoys it.

As for why GH in particular? Well, I think the obvious answer is that it's set in a hospital. Even though most of it is Mob-tastic, you'd be surprised to discover how many mob hits end up in surgery.

On a deeper level, it may be because TPTB are aware that GH keeps winning all the Daytime Emmys for writing and "Best Show" so they might assume that if House is going to watch any soap, it'll be the one most recognized by the Academy as the best of the bunch.

Of course, WE HOUSE FANS all know that the Emmy Academy and its voters are all crack monkeys.

But I'm not bitter.