Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Credible GH Reference! Whee!

Finally! A credible GH reference on House! Wheeeeeee!

For those who have seen "Son of a Coma Guy", I'm sure you'll remember the scene in which Wilson goes to the casino to give House an alibi while nefarious activities take place in the hotel room.

Wilson's idea of the alibi is a good one...he makes an idiot of himself trying to pick up a woman at the Roulette wheel (who clearly did not want to be picked up) and then tells her his room number anyway. However, he pretends he can't remember it and yells at "House" who is playing slots some distance away. "House" yells back the number.

Thereby covering both Wilson and House for the time of.....oh, whatever it is that goes on in that hotel room.....if you don't know I'm not going to be the one to spoil you.

We come to find out that House has actually remained behind with Gabe up in the room. Wilson, cleverly, found a look-a-like, gave him the cane and yelled at him. It was dark enough and busy enough and far enough away that he actually quite resembled House.

Well, "Fake House" as he's called on IMDb, was played by Johnathan Strait who played a magician on General Hospital!