Saturday, April 29, 2006

GH Shout Out!

Well, now.

Hows about that?

Tamara Braun (the second Carly) was on House!?!


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today's Theme? Family Quarrels.

Honestly, the only interesting thing that happened today was that Carly was in a gorgeous dress and Jax is a dick.


While Carly is at Sonny's surprise birthday party at Castle GreySkull, Jax is at her house awaiting her return. The door knocks and it's a courier with a letter for Carly. Jax signs for it and sees the return address is Mercy Hospital. (The very Emergency Backup Hospital that proved Nikolas is John's father.) I was going to say "real" and then thought "biological" and then thought, "Oh the Hell with it. Tell them."

Okay, I don't like getting ~too~ personal on this blog but, what the Hell.

I'm adopted.

I was adopted at 6 weeks of age and as it happens, I grew into a 5'9", 145#, natural blonde with red cheeks, bright blue eyes and big bones. Walk down any street in Denmark and you'll see hundreds of me. I'm a dime a dozen.

BUT, ask me what my heritage is and it's Scottish.

My FAMILY is full of skinny, gaunt, pale, hawk nosed, brillaint, funny, baleful, glorious, moody, "sensitive yet manly", "feminine yet strong as an ox" Scots.

I have the Scots in my blood by osmosis.

I hear the bagpipes in my sleep and I cook a haggis on January 25th. (Google it.)

So all this "Who's the Daddy" crap on soap operas makes me tired.

Boot, Ah'll tell ye whah: That there Jax is a dick.

The letter arrives and he not only signs it but when he sees the return address is Mercy Hospital, he opens it.


Let me say that a little louder.



What a...... erg I'm choking.

Anyhoodle. He opens it and sees that it's evidence of Baby John's true paternity.

So, see my issue? There is a difference between "biological" and "real" depending on the age of the child. At this point, John would never know any difference if Jax grew a set and renegged on this ridiculous avenue of lying to a newborn.

If at 6 weeks, my "biological" Father had taken over my life, I wouldn't have known any different. I was too young. As it is, at 45, my "real" Father is the man I adore who raised me, put me through a brilliant education and, more importantly, taught me how to fix the back axle on a 1924 Model T. (It was a total mess but, by God, we got the job done.)

Am I making any sense?

If Jax wants to clear his name (in my estimation), he needs to fess up NOW, not LATER. He's got his chance and he should take it. For John's sake.

If he elects not to, he'd better give this child an idyllic life. 'Cause he owes him that.

Letter in hand, he confronts the elegently dressed Carly about it and she rallies. As Carly does.

He shuts her down (and their part in the episode) with this blunt question. "If you could hide Michael's paternity the way you did all those years ago again? Wouldn't you do it?"

Now, ~that~ was a reasonable question.


In other news. Sonny and Jason spar from their separate corners and Mr. Escobar (one of the Drug (oops, did I say ~drug?!~) Lords has told Jason that he kill Sonny or no deal.

Meanwhile, Alexis has accepted the ADA position from Durant. Anything, I suppose, to get her out of the apartment o' hubby and kids. Hubby, oth, is seeing a great way to squeeze into the vaccum Jason has left behind in his brother Sonny's life and bidness. Alexis and Reek bicker.

In the hospital, no one has yet figured out that Lucky is in the middle of a classic 5 second General Hospital Drug Addiction Story (see: Courtney and Hydrocodone) and is all pissy all over his wife, Liz.

Robin and Scorpio almost reconcile as Daughter and Father and then fall out again.

So, that's Family Squabble (Jason/Sonny; Alexis/Ric; Jax/Carly/John; Robin/Scorpio): 4.

Winners: 0

PS: The Scot in me insists that I apologize for the personal rant in the beginning of this post. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yesterday, Today and (okay not) Tomorow

As we know from the previous entry, I missed Friday's episode but I most certainly can quickly recap the past few days. Because: Yawn.

No reverse-House references and certainly no House references from Tuesday's episode of House. I really think that part of the show is good and dead. When I read that TIIC of GH refused to give the House Team rights to any clips, my heart sank. Right now, I'm to the point where I've considered referencing House/General Hospital comments from fanfic. o_O

In lovely Port Charles, Jason has turned all UberMobster on us and taken over Sonny's complete empire.

I think it's a) rilly kool and b) about time.

Sonny is not as pleased.

Jason and he confront each other over a contrived dinner at Sonny's wherein he has set up a dinner "party" on the patio with the two children, Jason and Sonny.* Nice. Involve the children, why don't you? GAH.

The kids split and the next thing you know, Sonny punches the Hell out of Jason just as two people careen in on the scene......Max with gun levelled and "Um"ily doing God knows what. Sonny throws his arm out in the melee and manages to toss Um to the floor.

Jason, going blind into rage as his greatest fear has just come true (Umily's danger at Sonny's hand) turns around and pins his best friend up against the french doors. He is clearly about to kill him.

"Um"ily, being a flaming idiot, leaps to her feet and tries to calm things down by running to ~Sonny's~ aid and hugging him while whinging that she looooooooves him.

Jason, he of the bloodly lip, is appalled.

This man, this mobster with uncontrollable bipolar rages and a tendency to throw barware, just tossed his sister to the ground like confetti. In front of a man with a gun.

Nice romantic scene, huh?

Absolutely vindicated, Jason goes home to Sam only to find her agreeing with the stupidity that is "Soily" as the mass websites have labelled The Stupid and Unholy Union. Maybe it stands for "Sonny's Other Ignorant Leaching Yutz"? I'm not sure.

When Jason talks to Sam about the whole debacle and they completely disagree, he goes to his best friend Carly. She backs him up and gives him her sofa for the night.

Meanwhile, Carly saw paperwork that proved Nicholas is really Boy John's father. (You will NEVER hear me call him "Little John" as they call him on the show. I cringe every time. Stupid, stupid writers. Does this mean the child is destined to grow up and have a fight on a log with a strange guy in Lincoln green tights? AGH.)

For the next three days, Carly tries to use her feminine wiles to wheedle the truth out of Jax. So far no luck.

Speak-een of Lucky. He's HOT. Oh, sorry. He's in the hospital recouperating and is be-een a difficult patient. He wants to get home long before he's ready. (The "een's" are a reference to Becky Herbst's annoy-een inability to hire a diction coach and learn how to speak correctly.)

Through some amusing shennanigans, Dillon finds out that Georgie has been lying to him about writing Diego while Diego (Ignacio Serrichio from "Humpty Dumpty") was in jail.

There is a big wonderful dustup in the foyer of the Q mansion returning the show back to it's fabulous roots of WAY too many good actors on screen reacting to a lover's tiff with all kinds of complicated emotions. It would take me a week just to describe that scene. Trust me, it was great.

Today, Georgie and Dillon made up. Awwwww. Diego was watching half annoyed and half wistful since just before Dillon arrived, he and Georgie had agreed to remain friends "no matter what".

There was some Skye and Lorenzo kanoodling again about "married/not married" and the baby coming but I just can't get into it. It's going nowhere and it's repetitive; even for a soap opera.

On the other hand, Ric and Alexis are setting up thier law practice together in their apartment with their two children close at hand and they are so funny and have such great comic timing that they simply need to take their show on the road.

Either that or bottle it and sell it as the next great pick me up.

Just lovely stuff!

In the most important news of the week, JOHN INGLE IS BACK AS EDWARD QUARTERMAINE! HUZZAH. Er, excuse my yelling but that's some good news right there, folks. :-)

ETA: Scorpio is back. He's in kahoots with Luke to track down Holly Sutton but in this plotline, Scorpio is running things from Port Charles while Luke is AWOL hunting for Holly who is supposedly being held by Scorpio on The Island of Monkey Flu. I just cannot get into it because a) all of the action is taking place off screen while Scorpio's role appears to mainly consist of talking on a cell phone and fighting with his estranged daughter Littlest Doctor Robin and b) because as amazingly HAWT as Tristan Rogers is/has become? He's a completely horrible actor.

*I just realized the line "the children, Jason and Sonny" was really unintentionally funny. It means, "the children, Michael and Morgan are at dinner with Jason and Sonny" but it sounds like I'm calling Jason and Sonny children. hee I'm leaving it and considering it unintentional double entendre. ;-)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Good Gravy, my DVR let me down!?

Good gravy.

I didn't get today's episode on DVR.

Sooooo, I'll try and get it over the weekend.

Since the Earth seems to still be on its axis and the sun is slowly setting behind the western horizon, I assume nothing either Earth-shattering or orbit shifting happened.

Wednesday was a kick in the pants, so I'd sure hate to miss a traditional butt-kicking Friday.

In a Nutshell

When I was in lawschool we used to have these cool little books called "In a Nutshell" in which nice people from On High explained whatever impenetrable topic of the semester you were slogging through. (My 1L slog was Contracts. Confused the Hell out of me. I was a Tort Machine, though.)

"In a Nutshell" (and the other crib books) was amazingly helpful and spoke in complete, actual English sentences rather than in archaic terminology and footnotes that rambled onto the next page leaving only a paragraph of real text on the page of the main prose.

So, here goes my attempt at the past soapy, busy few days on GH.

I ~think~ we might be getting some tenous references from GH to House and I only have one from House to GH.

I'll have to go back to "Clueless" but I seem to recall House opening a sentence with the word "soap" and everytime I hear it, I think he's going to mention our show. But no, fake out!, it's just an order to check on the soaps in the PotW's home to see if he's allergic to it.


How lame is THAT reference?

I take what I can get, folks. I take what I can get.

As for GH?

Dr. Patrick Drake ends up giving a lot of his liver to Noah, his father, and they both are now just waiting to meet up post-op so Noah can get Medieval on Patrick's butt for going directly against his wishes.

Littlest Dr. Robin and Patrick are wonderful together. They are fabulous. They have fabulous chemistry, the storyline is making sense and he is so handsome it hurts.

And, by handsome, I don't mean the tall Adonis kind of handsome. You know, that David kind of handsome.

I mean, he's perfectly cast as Noah's son. He has that brunette shag goin' on that frames a long face with brown eyes, dimples and a lower lip that goes from stern to pouty depending on the emotion it's conveying.

Lovely man.


Not to mention he can act.

In my opinion, one of the fortes GH has is the "bedside" monologue. They do it oh, so well....even the mediocre actors get real performances pulled out of them.

The (unlikely) champion of all of them is Jason. I don't think I've seen him do a bedside tear jerker without reacting accordingly.

Patrick Drake is no exception. He's wonderful.

Okay, on to the dreck.

1. Sonny and Emily lie to everyone and go for a tryst in a hotel which ends in a mob hit. Jason, avenging angel, shoots the dude in the back.

However, not before the cops get there and the paparazzi starts in full force does he realize the full impact of what's going on in that hotel room.

And it impacts the entire canvas of Port Charles.

(Who cares? I know. But it does. I'm just reporting what TIIC are giving us.)

2. It hits the evening news broadcasts. Michael and Morgan see it. Michael puts two and two together even though his mother and Jax try to spin the obvious. Michael, understandably, is totally squicked that his father is boinking his aunt.



(Granted it's his adopted father but still, ew. Also, Sonny knew Emily when she was a teeny bot. This whole thing just smacks of pedophilia and incest and I'm completely uncomfortable with it. I don't care how many mis-guided Emmys are involved.)

Jax wings off with Michael and Morgan to get them out of the fray while Carly runs around telling everyone involved how wrong they are.

Jason ends up spending the night in jail care of Sam (who is over her "shrew" fugue thank goodness).

She asks that Jason be kept in jail overnight because he is so angry about Sonny and Emily that she is afraid he might do something he regrets.

She may be hypothetically right but in the meantime poor old Steve Burton has to bear the burden of a one-set "I'm right and why can't you see that" desperate scene with Sonny in one breath and then with Emily in the next.

He did a great job.

Sonny is just being selfish and pigheaded. (What's new?)

He may well be destroying his friendship with Jason but that remains to be seen.

Emily, oth, is a complete selfish and delusional witch who twists everything Jason says that makes sense into nonsense.
I ~think~ TIIC are trying to set up a construct where there are no right answers but, because this same scenario has been played so many times before, the only right answer is Jason's.

I'm not saying that the tables can't turn but the track record of women in Sonny and Jason's lives weighs heavily in Jason's favour. (Lilly..mob hit, Brenda..mob hit in shower, Angel..daughter of mob, Leez...if you blinked you missed the "I can't live like this" speech, Courtney...mob hits, etc., couldn't hack "da life", Carly...possibly the only one strong enough to put up with the crap they have put her through.)

So, my point is that history squarely defends Jason when he tells Emily that "Sonny is too dangerous. Not only his life but his mental instability. You'll change to suit his needs. And when you do, he won't be interested in you any longer."

Right effin' on, Jase. Right on.

Sing it, brutha.


Much squabbling at Quartermaine's over Emily and Sonny and the undesireable press coverage.

Discovery that it is Tracy's birthday and much cute hilarity ensues including an impromptu birthday party in the foyer of the Mansion until Sonny crashes it.


(In a side note, Nicholas has a beautiful speech to the Qs defending Emily's ability to make her own decisions. Too bad she's too much of a selfish nin-compoop to listen to what he is saying and how wonderful he's being than puffing up and loving that she has a hero. Who cares that he's basically telling her family that if she wants to destroy her life she can.)


For Emmy consideration, Alexis and Sam have a come to Jesus moment in a courtroom chamber. Sam realizes she's been making horrid assumptions about Alexis but also realizes that Alexis thinks her first daughter is dead.

Both performances were great but Nancy Lee Grahn took her material and ran with it. She was awesome. Truly awe and then some.

That was a pleasure to behold.


Nota Bene: The Daytime Emmy Awards will be held 28 April 2006.

*Yep. It's there. It was Foreman.