Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Has it Been a Week?!

Good Gravy it's been an eventful week.

Both in RL, in House and in GH.

I'll try and take this time to catch up.

In RL, my 82 year old Father fell and broke his hip on Monday so I had to come home from my trip early.

Surgery yesterday.

Misery today.

My Mother is staying with me and is currently napping in my bed room while I sit here with a red wine and Giacomo Meyerby on the XM.

Le sigh.



Lots of sex and drugs but no GH.

Great episode. Absolutely perfect in just about every way.



This will be short because, although I don't mind being specific in a daily basis, a week is way too much storyline to go into detail over.

The Monkey Flu rages on.

Dillon and Georgie marry. Too cute. He nearly dies but dreams of Georgie and in his dream she brings him back to life.

They totally sold it and, for once, a dream sequence wasn't painful.

Tracey prays to God (awkward, much? Tracy Elliot owned the scene. Fantastic acting.)

Courtney comes back from South Carolina and at the moment it's: A C Section to save the baby but possibly lose Courtney; lose both of them; or let Courtney fight the good fight and possibly lose the baby anyway.

They elect a C Section but at the last gasp, Courtney's fever is too high. Oh, what to do?

Maxie collapses in a broken elevator with Nikolas. After some wrangling with the elevator from outside (Mac, "Um"ily and Manny) they get her outta there. During the scene, "Um"ily talks Nikolas through CPR and the use of a defibrilator.

He saves Maxie's life but not without "Um"ily's help.


Meanwhile on Monkey Island.

Jason and a very sick Carly track down the laboratory that has both a dying Lucky and the antidote.

Great Jason and Carly interaction as they continue defining their friendship.


Back at the horspital, Leez gets a call from Lucky that's pretty damned depressing and she faints.

Patrick Drake comforts her and tells her to find a room and take a break.

Leez gets up, grabs a chart, and bravely says, "I can't help Lucky right now but there are people here I can help." Off she races.

Drake looks after her with awe.



Anonymous said...

I hope your father gets well soon!

8:56 AM  
Cap said...

Slow and steady wins the race.


1:46 AM  

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