Monday, February 06, 2006

Did I forget to mention on Friday that Carly and Jason (mistakenly) are hunting the loose chimp? Carly shows Jason a sneaky way to get out of the hospital undetected and they end up in an unsual location shot in the parking lot.

The chimp leaps into a waiting limosine and the passengers/driver/whatever open fire with machine guns on Carly and Jason.

How on Earth could I have forgotten that completely wonderfully plausible moment?

(I know you can't see me but I'm rolling my eyes so hard right now I can literally see my brain.)



Carly and Jason are surrounded by SWAT guys and (because they are lying liars and we know all about that don't we!? Because as Dr. House would tell us, "Everybody lies.") the two deny ever having been in the hospital at all.

The SWAT team stupidly leaves and Jason calls Justus.......he got the license plate of the limo and needs a trace.




The cutest child in the world, Kurlyboo, also known as Kristina Davis, toddles into the living room to find Alexis passed out on the sofa while the television newscaster natters on about the epidemic.

We pull back to see Ric unconcious on the floor.

Kurlyboo, teddy bear in hand, crawls on the sofa and tugs her Mother's sweater, "Mommy? Mommy? What's wrong with Daddy Ric? What's wrong with Daddy Ric?"

Camera pulls back.


I get a Kleenex.

When this show gets it right it really gets it right.


Now, I'm thinking that GH has stolen the casting crew from House because the longer the Drakes and Scorpio are on my screen the more aligned the planets get and all is right with the World.

Lightening in a bottle, people.

On the other hand, the geeky weird Police Detective Jesse (on the posters call him "Twerpico". hee) has found Lucky passed out in the snow near the cabin.

He contacts the Energizer Bunny (although that little guy doesn't need a diction coach), Leez, and then the battery on his cell phone fails.


What the Hell is going on?

I'm in a spin.

The Drakes just had a great exchange?


Good writing?

On GH?!

I think the temperature in Hell just dropped 5 degrees......

Noah and Patrick are at the door to Luke's room.

A nurse has watched the blood harvesting begin and freaks and runs.

Noah insists on doing the procedure.

Patrick: Your liver condition has you compromised. I'm not letting you get near Luke. I'm doing the procedure.

Noah: Exactly, I'm dying. I have nothing to lose.

Patrick: Well maybe I do! That's why I'm not letting you do this. I may not be able to stop you from passively killing yourself but I can need you around long enough to harass you about it.


Double hee......hee, hee.


Parking lot.

Justus is there. Looking fabulous, I might add.

The plates were diplomat plates and belong to someone very, very dangerous.


Apparently Kurlyboo knows how to dial 911 and Alexis and "Daddy Ric" are wheeled into the ER.

Sam, in a freakin' brilliant example of physical acting......she was awesomely looking off into space like she saw phantoms no one else could see......slides out of bed to race out of the building.
"I heard shots!" she slurs to Patrick Drake....."I heard shots!"

He, sexily, drags her back into a room and puts her to bed.

Because everything he does is sexy. o_O

Turns out the only bed available after Sam's litte excursion, is in Alexis' room.



Assuming it's a medevac helicopter, Twerpico gets a comatose Lucky ready.

In a scene that this show does really well, scary guys in black with guns and gas masks pour in.

It's pandemonium.

Twerpico completely blows the scene by getting caught in Lucky's blanket (bwah!) and messing up his only line by saying "Take it easy!" like 9,000,000 times.....once from under the blanket.

Too freakin' funny.

You can tell these guys are baddies and they not only scoop up Lucky and swoop him away but they set the cottage afire.

Leaving an unconcious Twerpico on the floor.

We can only hope.


Carly and Jason trace "Rush" the bad guy to the MetroCourt and we're back on set.

Jason cases the room when Rush goes for dinner.

Carly bribes a hooker into letting her meet Rush for dinner in her stead.



Someone pass the brie 'cause it just got cheesy in here.

Nikolas finally gets a room and it's shared with Sonny. Nice. Sonny wakes from his fever dreams and mumbles, "Dis could ged interesting."

Yeah, Mo.



Jason finds a CD in the waste basket.

Just as Carly and Rush come in the room, he dives into the closet.


And then.......suddenly.


Out of left field.

And completely off topic.....





Seriously, people.

I can go to my grave content.

Leonard Nimoy appears in an Advil commercial as HOT as he's ever looked.


He's backstage on the phone talking to his agent, "No, I can't!" He handsomely and manly strides past the makeup room, the room of extras, his dressing room, "I can't! I can't do it! It hurts too much!"

He's holding his hand up in a "talk to the hand" position.

It's so obvious what he "can't do".

I'm not sure if I'm going to laugh or cry!

I'm gobsmacked.

I'm speechless.

"Advil?" he says into the phone.

And, I guess later on, he steps onto this amazingly sophisticated and yet understated stage with giant screens on each side and a gorgeous podium and steps up to it with manly vigor.

Cap is getting the vapours.

We get a crowd shot.

They are all Trekkies. There are two fangirlies in Next Generation outfits (science blue).

Complete with Vulcan ears.

And Nimoy grins.

And he greets the crowd with that "talk to the hand" move......and after a moment wherein my heart skips a beat even though my intellect totally knows where this is headed......he does the Vulcan Salute.

To wild cheers and applause.

I think something else might've happened on GH but I've forgotten.

I have to go get the smelling salts.

I'm the happiest Trekkie in the World right now.


Ith said...

I really need to stop reading your synopsis before I actually get to see the episode. I just can't seem to help myself!

4:43 PM  
Cap said...

I recommend, as good as the episode was, that you fast forward directly to Nimoy's ad.

Then, when you recover, watch GH.

5:13 PM  
Ith said...

LOL!! I was always more of a Sarek gal myself :)

I did think Nimoy was cute in that priceline ad with Shatner though.

6:45 PM  
Cap said...

The biggest mistake Allie ever made was leaving the Saavik character in the dust.

Not only was she a great character but Allie and Nimoy had crazy, mad chemistry.

It's all about the chemistry.

(The second biggest mistake was made by Cosby when she left Tasha Yar bahind. What a fool.)

11:10 AM  

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