Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Noah, Noah Drake

I have THE biggest fangirlie crush on Rick Springfield.

Not like Hugh Laurie or Ben Browder. I mean, let's get real.

But RS? Is freakin' hawt.

Way to go, man!

Update? Yeah. Reality check.

Er, Noah is trying to convince Patrick that he's sober. He is but also meets up with something or other that causes him to go to the hospital and look suspicious.

Emily and Sonny play tonsil hockey AGAIN.



Jason has a wonderful scene where he tells Sonny off.


Luke and a monkey.


But the most important thing is that Robert Scorpio is back and HOTTER than ever! He looks great and he's wonderful and perfect and everything you could ever want and......

I just had an infarction.


Ith said...

I knew if I came here I'd find Robert gooshing :) What I'm most waiting for is an explanation of his 'death'. Does Robin know he's alive? Did she find out years ago? I wanna know! And I'm not patient :)

I'm really liking Rick Springfield! I hope they keep him around a while, his schedule permitting. I'm even beginning to like his kid.

3:33 PM  
Ith said...

I can't help myself.

Read many spoilers.

Oh my.

4:18 PM  
Cap said...

Isn't Patrick dishy?!

Good for you on the spoilers. I love them. Best Friend avoids them like the Chimp Flu.

I'm amazed they got Tristan Rogers back again but I'm also extremely happy about it. :-)

11:15 AM  
Ith said...

Now if they'd snag Richard Dean Anderson back for a bit. Liz needs her daddy! I so miss him on Stargate, Ben Browder notwithstanding.

Yeah, I go spoiler nuts about once a month and now I have April doing it too.

2:18 PM  
Cap said...

A friend of mine is a Richard Dean Anderson fan and I think she said something about his wanting more time with his family or something like that.

She did say that the man has been working nonstop for years and has earned the break.

Ben Browder could not possibly be more handsome if he tried. He is the quintessential Merrycan Boy Next Door Drop Dead Good Lookin'.

And I'd have just as big a crush on Commander John Crichton if he wasn't quite so frelled up.

(Now, I ask you....this yahoo word verification is all well and good but what if I don't know how to ~do~ an umlout?)

11:57 AM  
Ith said...

That's why he left Stargate. It films in Vancouver and his daughter lives in L.A. with her mom. He wanted to be nearer as she grew up. So he's only doing stuff that films in SoCal these days. I did hear he was one of those Mastercard "Priceless" adverts coming up with a MacGyver theme. That should be a hoot.

Yes, BB is cute and adorable and yummy! I'm really liking his character on SG1. He's got great comic timing while still having the ability to do the dramatic stuff.

1:58 PM  
Cap said...

Did you ever watch FarScape?

The three episodes after the premier are a little hard to stick with but then you can't put it down.

It's better than potato chips.

Nerve and Hidden Memory are two of the best hours of film I've ever seen.

And then something happens in Season Four that blows your mind. (Grayza and Crichton for those who saw it....)

That man can do angst like no tomorrow. o_O

2:12 PM  
Ith said...

Yeah, I watched Farscape from day one :)

3:18 PM  

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