Sunday, January 08, 2006

Forgiveness is a Virtue

Okay, so yesterday I was a little upset with GH.


I did, in my blind rage, forget to mention some absolutely beautiful work done by Luke (Anthony Geary) and Lulu (Julie Berman). She is a Goddess.

On Thursday's episode, Luke was having a parenting crisis that ended with him crying to Lulu, "What do you want from me!?" Lulu's unguarded response was equally emotional, "I want my MOTHER!"

It tore your heart out.

On Friday's episode, Luke took Lulu to see Laura at Ferncliff Asylum.

Luke visits once a week. Lulu is so visibly shaken that she tells Luke she'll never return.

They end up in a diner and Luke reminisces about how important diners were in his life with Laura, Lucky and, eventually, even little Lulu.

Lulu, still in wonderment at the circumstances her Father and Mother have ended up in, finally reveals that there is one other little thing that bothers her....will she end up losing her mind like her Mother did?

The next scene is why Tony Geary has enough Emmys to line an entire wall.

Luke gets the most sublime smile on his face and, while waxing lovingly about his divine Laura, he assures young Lulu that she has something Laura never had to protect her.....Spencer genes.

He tells Lulu that she's got that spark. She's got more of it that even Lucky has. And that star is going to protect her through thick and thin.

And he's right. Not only has the One Good Writer given Lulu a fantabulous character but the actress has sold it....hook, line and sinker.

It was a lovely and perfect scene from soup to nuts and it's why I keep coming back to the show. Thank you, writers, for not messing that up. And thank you Geary and Berman for such a wonderful performance.

PS: Speaking of Berman. Could she be a Berman as in Rick Berman? That Berman?


Ith said...

That's a good example of why they made her contract a few weeks into her starting on GH.

6:48 PM  
Ith said...

Wow! She's 23. I had no idea.

6:50 PM  
Cap said...

Julie Berman is brilliant. I'm still wondering if she's related to the "Berman" of Star Trek.

10:15 PM  
Ith said...

I went to IMDB to see, but nothing on her paternity, just her age.

10:53 PM  
Cap said...

Hmm. I'll keep my ears open to hear any references. I'm betting she's related.

She's certainly talented.

10:40 AM  

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