Saturday, January 14, 2006

Friday's Child is Full of.....

Yeah, so there was an episode of GH on Friday.

Huh. Go figure.

Nothing much happened.

Just to set the record straight, Jax, the dick, did change the DNA test on the latest WTD Plot Contrivance but the second test (the one he didn't know about) was valid. All roads at this moment point to Jax' appendage as the offending member.

That's not to say that we need to forget this is a soap opera and that Helena Cassedine is slithering around free. Nikolas claims he locked her up in a Swiss asylum but we've seen her slink out of more confining places before.

My bet is that the "writers" on this show want a new generation of Cassedines and we're ultimately going to find out that Courtney's "bundle o' joy" is, in fact, Rosemary's baby.

Er, so to speak.

Which is totally cool. We've got the brilliant (brilliant, brilliant, did I say brilliant?) Julie Berman as the newest little Spencer. We've got Maxie and Mini as the newest Scorpios. We've got Dillon, the newest Quartermaine and Lucas (God, let him stay around....I know the actor is afraid of getting typecast as a young homosexual with it, kid, the show needs you) as the, cousin Spencer.

God knows Sonny has been populating all of Port Charles for the past few years.

This show needs a Cassedine and, quite honestly, a Morgan.

I can't wait to see what toxic genetic mix Alexis and Ric managed to create in Molly...the newest Cassedine with a sprig of BSC* Ric thrown in the recipe.

I say, "Sew those seeds, people! Get to it! There's work to be done and babies to be born!"

*Acronym time: Convenient Plot Device is also known as the CPD. BSC stands for Batshit Crazy. WTD is the greatest CPD ever, Who's the Daddy? Somewhere back down the road, I posted an acronym helper....maybe in November?


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