Thursday, February 02, 2006

Robert, Robert Scorpio

Robert Scorpio is back and is freakishly HOT.


When did ~that~ happen?!


It is some kinda hot in here.


So, Luke was missing and brought back a chimpanzee. At first I was bored but the little guy has grown on me. He's kinda cute. And, he gave Jason an opportunity to brush off his comic timing and air it out a little.

Unfortunately, either Luke or the chimp also brought back Chimp Flu and the denizens of Port Charles are starting to fall like flies.


Patrick Drake offers his Father, Noah, a living donation of part of his own liver. Noah won't accept it. Then he reneges and thinks he will.


Did I mention Robert Scorpio is hot(ter)?


So, ahem, Robert Scorpio is lurking around the hospital and gets into a computer room. He hacks into the system only to be immediately caught by The Littlest Doctor Robin.....his daughter.

Damn, that man is good looking.


"Um"ily is still pinin' over Sonny. This is a failed pairing, TPTB. End it quickly, please. And someone tell Natalia Livingston to take some diction lessons. Maybe Leez (Rebecca Herbst) can join you. While Herbst needs to understand that words end in "ing" not "een", Livingston needs to take breathing lessons. And, please, for the LOVE OF GOD, lose the "um". (Not to mention, she's picking up the really annoying habit that Maurice Benard has of saying "You know" all the time.......Stop it.)


Robert Scorpio.




Ith said...

So, what do you think of Robert? [weg]

Between him and Sean Donnelly, back in the day.... Woo mama! I remember the first time him and Holly kissed, when they realized they'd gone and fallen in love [melt]

2:11 PM  
Cap said...

Robert Scorpio.


Just WOW.

12:03 PM  

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