Friday, February 03, 2006

White Board, White Board, On the Wall. House is the Fairest of Them All.

GH today was freakin' hilarious.

They quarantine the entire hospital ("Kids") and Dr. Patrick Drake goes into full blown House mode.

Complete with writing the symptoms ON A WHITE BOARD.

(No, it's not vasculitis.)

Too funny.

Next, we get Leez apologizing to Nikolas that they can't find him a room.....SO HE'S ON A GURNEY IN THE HALLWAY. ("Kids")

Lastly, they gave Luke a shot to calm him down....they did everything but say ATIVAN.

With any luck, Monday's episode will be even more blatant.


Plotwise....Lulu is rilly rilly sick. Sonny is sick and we have to deal with Talons of Doom for a while but she's easy to ignore. It's called a combination of today's Sudoku puzzle and the mute button.

Skye is sick and I forgot to mention that yesterday she and the amazingly HOT Ted King, oops, I mean, Lorenzo Alcazar finally consumate their sexy tap dance.

Dillon collapses in the hospital cafeteria.

Lukas tells his Father he's gay. (Total coolness: Tony accepts him and then gets back to the business of curing the city.)

Robert Scorpio runs around the hospital shutting it down and making a PSA to the news media about the quarantine. He's very sexy. Er, I meant authoritative.

Young Dr. Drake grabs the Littlest Doctor Robin and insists that she get out of there. Being HIV + is compromising her immune system enough as it doesn't need Ebola or whatever making things worse.

Robin refuses to leave.

(She wouldn't be able to anyway but it was a powerful performance from Dr. Drake so we'll let it ride.)

Meanwhile, Patrick determines that the Chimp is Ebola-free and that Luke's Libertine lifestyle (he drinks Crown Royal like a fish) has protected him and created antibodies in him that could save the city.

Robert Scorpio takes it upon himself to tell Luke the awful news....."This could save everyone. Except you."


Luke announces, nobly, "If donating my blood will save Lulu then....start cutting and dig in."



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