Friday, February 03, 2006

And when it was good, it was very, very good.

Yesterday's GH was fabulous and even provided me with a House reference!

Shout Bravo! at an annoyingly loud volume! (clue: BlackAdder reference.)

Sadly, the amazingly cool monkey is probably the source of the disease so from now on I'll refer to "Monkey Flu".

Just about everyone has it. Lulu (the fabulously fabulous Julie Berman) is very, very sick. They take her to GH and in a tear-jerking moment of delirium, she cries out to Luke, "Don't leave me! Don't leave me in Shadybrook!"

My eyes really did well-up with tears as Luke, stunned by the reference to Laura's asylum, assures Lulu (without really knowing she can hear him) that he would never leave her at Shadybrook. That he'll stay by her side until she's well.

And then he did something my own Father does. When things are clearly really, really bad he starts irrationally telling everyone it'll be okay.

"It'll be fine, Lulu," says Luke. "You'll be fine, sweetheart."

It just ripped me to shreds.

Dr. Patrick Drake flies into the emergency room and immediately puts on his best Dr. Gregory House imitation. The only things he needed to add were the limp and the cane.

"I need to diagnose this!" He starts ordering, er, orderlies around. Nurses fly in and out of the room. He orders the chimp to be tested. Results are still pending.

Ya know, I just noticed. Maybe Patrick doesn't have a Vicodin addiction, but his Father is addicted to alcohol. Perhaps a more apt comparison between House and GH would be that both Drake doctors need to be combined to come even closer to channelling Greg.

Yeah, that works for me.

Patrick continues to crab about the place and, in the process, completely ignores the Littlest Doctor Wilson, er, Robin. It was quite a blatant snub. But it wasn't very well explained.


She, on the other hand, is having a Very Bad Day (tm, me). As you recall, yesterday she walked into the filing room to find her long lost Father hacking into the mainframe.

The interchange between Robin and her newly discovered Father was fantastic and I should just post the dialogue word for word but that's not what this blog is about.

Suffice to say, Robert Scorpio was blackmailed by the The World Security Bureau (the "WSB") into working as an assasin. He didn't feel he could tell his daughter. She snorts (lose the nose ring, child) and comments about Jason having been her lover but then quickly glosses over the moral differences between being forced into killing for the betterment of your country (or world organization) and being a Chief Enforcer for a Mob Boss.

The moral amiguity is grey at best. (To be fair, we've only seen Jason pull the trigger a couple of times....and those are usually off screen....and he couches his "business" in the concept of protecting those he loves. *cough* Face it folks, he's a Hitman and kills people for pay on the behalf of a crime lord.)

Robert tells his daughter that he's been recruited by a global medical organization (honestly, I'm sorry but the name escapes me) and has been tracking Monkey Flu around the world.

It has this nasty habit of wiping out entire villages in days.


So, the Littlest Doctor and her Father apparently reach some sort of raprochement? We'll find out more today.


Carly butts into Patrick and Noah's business about the liver donation and both men tell her to butt back out again. Vehemently.


Robert appears in Luke's emergency room and the two light up like Christmas trees. The reunion is awesome. AWESOME.

I'm tellin' y'all. I could feel the planets aligning and all was suddenly right with the world.


Nikolas, looking like shit on a shingle, pops into Kelly's and sees "Um"ily. (Her umming is getting worse if that's humanly possible. o_O)

He promptly collapses from Monkey Flu.

She puts those rancidly manicured fingers to his forehead and claims, in her best doctor diagnosis, "You're burning up!"

Man, I wish I'd gone to medical school.

Feeling someone's forehead to see if they have a temperature would never have occurred to me!


(And I cannot wait until those nails are gone. They are almost as hidious and distracting as her poor breathing technique.)


Lucky has promised Leez that they will have a holiday and, earlier, gets keys to the summer cottage from Nikolas. While setting the cottage up, he collapses (alone) from Monkey Flu.


Dr. House, er, Drake diagnoses encephalytis. Ouch.

And ominously announces that this strain can kill entire families.......



segue to

The Corinthos' family having a fun ice cream dessert at dinner in Greyskull Manor.

Dum dee dum duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum.


Ladies and gents? That was some good soap.


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