Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The new House last night bordered on perfection.

But the only pertinent fact to this blog is that soap operas were non-existant.


I read somewhere that GH wouldn't give House the rights to the show so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that House may never specifically mention GH again.

Time will tell.


Back at the Hospital.

Leez, witnessing Lorenzo and Skye bill and coo, routinely checks Lulu's chart.

She confronts Lorenzo with her suspicions in the hallway.


Sonny/'Um"ily blather blither blather


Lorenzo indirectly admits that he did switch the charts by asking Leez, "If that was [sic] Lucky in there? Wouldn't you have done the same thing?"

In a rare flash of good act-een, Leez hisses, "No."

Luke pulls up holding Bobbie's arm and just not looking too good. He survived the, er, whatever that was, and is looking for Lulu.

Meanwhile, in the room, Skye is sitting up on her own and looking ever-so-much-bettah but sees how very badly off Lulu is. She's crying, "Daddy! Dad! Where are you? What did I do? Why did you leave me?"

Like the title of that great film, I recommend you "Get Out Your Handkerchiefs".


Have y'all heard of UC? "Unintentional Comedy"?

The best line of the episode, nay possibly the week, nay possibly the past 4 years......."Um"ily is arguing with her Father and Mother that Sonny needs to be put back on the recipient list based on his need rather than, as Scorpio wants, at the bottom of it based on his lifestyle.

After some verbal wrangling, Alan finally states that "AJ is dead because of him. He took Michael. He took Jason. Now it looks like he's gonna take you...."

"Um"ily, shocked, cries out, "You want him dead?!"

Alan, hilariously, answers, "We'd all be better for it!"

You and me both, buddy.

You and me both.



Sam freaks out when she wakes up to find Manny lurking over her bed.

Twerpico comes in and throws Manny out even though Alexis (in the next bed) said that Manny was being a good guy and not circling Sam like a vulture.

Later, Twerpico confronts Manny about this "Angel" act and tells him he sees through it. "I've known guys like you," he hisses. "You're a killer and you always will be."

Just then, Twerpico collapses in his arms. Victim # 8,000,001.


Luke has a heart rending visit with Lulu. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Next time we see him, he's in the lobby subbing for the short handed nursing staff....

He helps get Twerpico on the gurney.

And notices the Twerp's gun in its holster still strapped to his Virus Infected hip.


Lorenzo goes to the Chapel and has a "Come to Jesus" moment.

Which is exactly what he needs to be doing and exactly what he needs.

(Nicely performed by Ted King.)

He prays for Lulu.

Rumour has it that Tony Geary is involved in the writing of this Virus Arc and I believe it. Because the other crack monkeys would be incapable of such nuance.....or the wonderful fact that religion and godhood is a thread that weaves its way through every single vingette.


The God Committee decides, finally, that life and death cannot be.......decided by committee.......Littlest Dr. Robin nominates Dr. Patrick Drake as God and the vote is unanimous.
Just then, Luke walks in, congratulates the new God, and raises his gun.

"Your first commandment will be to give my daughter the next dose."

Meanwhile, Lulu has gone into convulsions.



Okay, my little mice, I have to go on a business trip to Albany and Montreal tomorrow and over the weekend.

There probably won't be any new entries until Wednesday.

I'll miss you all! ;-)

(I'll try and keep up on GH and if something really, really blatant happens I'll swing by but otherwise, I'll see y'all on the 15th!)


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