Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We don't need no stinkin' ethics!






Emily asks Nursey Leez to unethically change the order of the medication (there's a limited amount) so that Sonny gets it first.

Damn, she sucks.

Twerpico accuses Scorpio's organization of Lucky's abduction.

Lucky's on a plane with scary people around him...still all in gas masks and black outfits of doooooom. They inject something nasty looking in his IV.

We are disovering that the disease came from the island Luke was on and was created by the Lab Rush represents. (I forgot to use my subtitles and they all mangle the name of the Lab so badly I have no idea what it is.....something like Clarion.)

At the MetroCourt, Jason palms the CD and hides in the closet. Carly tries to play the role of hooker but Rush is immediately suspicious.

Just as things are gettin' rough, Jason comes out of the closet.......


Sorry, got a little carried away there......

He sticks his large gun up Rush's.....er, into Rush's shoulder blades and makes him "take a seat" (rather roughly.)


Lulu and Skye are in the same room, remember?

Well, Lorenzo has been lurking and knows that whoever is the most ill gets the serum first.

After a little emoting, he swaps the paperwork between Skye and Lulu's records to put Skye ahead of Lulu.

Er, don't they have social security numbers and stuff on those pages? I haven't been to a hospital in years but CAN YOU DO THAT?



Littlest Dr. Robin and Dishy Dr. Patrick Drake come in.....Robin picks up Skye's records and calls Patrick over......"Look at this" she pipsqueaks.

Patrick, "Wow she's failing fast." (No, Pat, check the ssan, that's Lulu's record. law*cough*suit)

"That may work in her favour. Put her first."

Lorenzo maintains frozen silence.

Handsome frozen silence.


Meanwhile, back in the cafeteria, Sam's mentally challenged younger brother Danny fades fast. Maxie (the volunteer) takes him for help.

Georgie is annoyed and Michael, Demonspawn from Hell, talks her into sneaking out with him so she can be with Dillon.

After getting yelled at by Bobbie in the hallway, Georgie stands up to her and goes into Dillon's room. Tracey is there and for some reason, even though she disapproves of Georgie, seems impressed.


Jason beats the CRAP outta Rush but not until after Rush tells them that everything was anonymous and he has no idea for whom he was working. $$$ wired to an off shore account, vague orders to get the chimp and take him to a waiting helicopter. End of story.

And it's seriously lights out.

Wow. That's rare blatant violence for Burton.


"Skye's" paperwork says that she's the sickest and that Lulu didn't even qualify.

Get it?


LDR comes in and, after listening to a moment of second thoughts on Lorenzo's part, doses Skye.

That's just so wrong.


Leez has told Luke that Lucky was carted off by evil minions in black helicopters. Then she borrows Michael's phone and gets Jason. She tells him the same bad news. She also tells him that the virus is a man-made experiment gone horribly wrong.


Rush comes to and his evil partners are with him.

He calls a stereotypical German accented guy in a labcoat somewhere and announces they are in trouble.

Dum dee dum duuuuuuuum.


(New symbols. I'm gettin' bored with this virus crap. Can you tell?)

Now they go and prove me wrong. Dammit.

Luke has a terrific scene with Scorpio about getting Lulu the serum and then begs, begs Head Nurse Bobbie (his sister) to put him through the plasma thing again and get the resulting antidote to Lulu.




I do this only because I love.

We've been having these horrible and boring scenes of "Um"ily bouncing between beds (ah, not like that, you pervs) from Sonny to Nikolas.

Nikolas, clearly hallucinating, goes into an "I love you! How could I lose you?!" fugue state and Sonny has been watching.




Bobbie runs to get Noah. She finds him and they take off for Luke's room.


Tracey coerces her brother and head of the hospital, Dr. Alan Quartermaine, to doctor Dillon's paperwork so he's next.

Monica witnesses it.

The selection committee reconvenes and Monica insists that Alan step down.

He agrees to but complains that the process is causing more problems than helping.

Surprisingly, Scorpio agrees and changes the game rules......now they are going to consider the nature of the patient, quality of life and family.

Patrick states the obvious in not quite these words, "So we're playing God?"

Well, yes, Patrick that is exactly what you're doing.

Also, you're giving me a potential House reference on a silver platter!

Why thank you!

House to Cameron, "You're calling me God?"

It's a reach, I know, but ya take 'em when ya get 'em.

What can I say?



Jason and Carly are in the TARDIS jet. Jason is going to imitate "Officer Spencer" by using his badge and his passport.

Speak of the devil, Lucky wakes up in the Lab with Evil German Doctor, "What am I doing here?" "Vee inwented zee disease yoo hef and vee vill use your blude to vind a cure!"


ANYway, while we're in ClicheLand, back at the horspital, Skye's fever has broken and, during the sureptitious re-blood letting, Luke goes into some sort of shock that could kill him.


Even Noah, as he's doing the damned procedure, states the obvious, "Ya know, Bobbie?" "No, what Handsome Dr. Noah with Whom I used to Have a Mad Passionate Love Life Like Twenty Years Ago?" "If he dies, then we've lost the source of the potential antidote!"


You don't say.


Ith said...

Okay, I held till 5pm this time before reading. But still two hours before I actually see it myself.

The pharm company/evil plague guys is Cyril something or other.

7:59 PM  
Cap said...

Ah. Okay.

Do you mean "Rush" or the Stereotypical German Mad Scientist Who is Reminding Me of Derek Jacobi?

3:00 PM  
Ith said...

The company they work for is Cyril something or other. I'd read someone connecting it to St. Cyril=Russians=Cassadines.

3:33 PM  

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