Sunday, February 26, 2006

Return of the Jedi

Well.I'm back.

Didja miss me?

Real Life jumped up and kicked me in the head and I've been a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker for the past two weeks.

Once again, we had no soap opera mention in House but the Monkey Flu is still raging at General Hospital.

The big news is that the woman who is blackmailing everyone with the antidote is another GH veteran, Emma Sams playing Holly (Robert Scorpio's old flame.)

They both look fantastic and just yesterday (was it yesterday?) the NYT ran a rather large article on the use of veterans to bring GH's ratings back up.

Courtney died. (No comment. I'll try to be nice but YAY. 'Bout time.)

Baby "John" lived. Courtney survived just long enough to understand Jax when he told her that Prince Nicholas really is the Father (as we all suspected). Courtney had a meltdown. She was so mad but died before she could tell Nicholas.

Jax is debating about what to do with this knowledge.


The baby is clinging to life and I hope it lives because a) it's great soap and b) I'm tired of GH and their rampant baby killing.

Littlest Doctor Robin fainted from exhaustion but that was really just a CPD to get inside Dr. Patrick Drake's head. He's more like House every day. Not a "meanie with a golden heart" but more of a "meanie who knows he's really good at what he does and saves lives but also it capable of recognizing nobility and strength when he sees it."

Honestly that's about it.

Hasta manana!

Oh, before I forget. There was a positively disgusting scene in which Sonny and "Um"ily finally got it on. Barf.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Has it Been a Week?!

Good Gravy it's been an eventful week.

Both in RL, in House and in GH.

I'll try and take this time to catch up.

In RL, my 82 year old Father fell and broke his hip on Monday so I had to come home from my trip early.

Surgery yesterday.

Misery today.

My Mother is staying with me and is currently napping in my bed room while I sit here with a red wine and Giacomo Meyerby on the XM.

Le sigh.



Lots of sex and drugs but no GH.

Great episode. Absolutely perfect in just about every way.



This will be short because, although I don't mind being specific in a daily basis, a week is way too much storyline to go into detail over.

The Monkey Flu rages on.

Dillon and Georgie marry. Too cute. He nearly dies but dreams of Georgie and in his dream she brings him back to life.

They totally sold it and, for once, a dream sequence wasn't painful.

Tracey prays to God (awkward, much? Tracy Elliot owned the scene. Fantastic acting.)

Courtney comes back from South Carolina and at the moment it's: A C Section to save the baby but possibly lose Courtney; lose both of them; or let Courtney fight the good fight and possibly lose the baby anyway.

They elect a C Section but at the last gasp, Courtney's fever is too high. Oh, what to do?

Maxie collapses in a broken elevator with Nikolas. After some wrangling with the elevator from outside (Mac, "Um"ily and Manny) they get her outta there. During the scene, "Um"ily talks Nikolas through CPR and the use of a defibrilator.

He saves Maxie's life but not without "Um"ily's help.


Meanwhile on Monkey Island.

Jason and a very sick Carly track down the laboratory that has both a dying Lucky and the antidote.

Great Jason and Carly interaction as they continue defining their friendship.


Back at the horspital, Leez gets a call from Lucky that's pretty damned depressing and she faints.

Patrick Drake comforts her and tells her to find a room and take a break.

Leez gets up, grabs a chart, and bravely says, "I can't help Lucky right now but there are people here I can help." Off she races.

Drake looks after her with awe.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The new House last night bordered on perfection.

But the only pertinent fact to this blog is that soap operas were non-existant.


I read somewhere that GH wouldn't give House the rights to the show so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that House may never specifically mention GH again.

Time will tell.


Back at the Hospital.

Leez, witnessing Lorenzo and Skye bill and coo, routinely checks Lulu's chart.

She confronts Lorenzo with her suspicions in the hallway.


Sonny/'Um"ily blather blither blather


Lorenzo indirectly admits that he did switch the charts by asking Leez, "If that was [sic] Lucky in there? Wouldn't you have done the same thing?"

In a rare flash of good act-een, Leez hisses, "No."

Luke pulls up holding Bobbie's arm and just not looking too good. He survived the, er, whatever that was, and is looking for Lulu.

Meanwhile, in the room, Skye is sitting up on her own and looking ever-so-much-bettah but sees how very badly off Lulu is. She's crying, "Daddy! Dad! Where are you? What did I do? Why did you leave me?"

Like the title of that great film, I recommend you "Get Out Your Handkerchiefs".


Have y'all heard of UC? "Unintentional Comedy"?

The best line of the episode, nay possibly the week, nay possibly the past 4 years......."Um"ily is arguing with her Father and Mother that Sonny needs to be put back on the recipient list based on his need rather than, as Scorpio wants, at the bottom of it based on his lifestyle.

After some verbal wrangling, Alan finally states that "AJ is dead because of him. He took Michael. He took Jason. Now it looks like he's gonna take you...."

"Um"ily, shocked, cries out, "You want him dead?!"

Alan, hilariously, answers, "We'd all be better for it!"

You and me both, buddy.

You and me both.



Sam freaks out when she wakes up to find Manny lurking over her bed.

Twerpico comes in and throws Manny out even though Alexis (in the next bed) said that Manny was being a good guy and not circling Sam like a vulture.

Later, Twerpico confronts Manny about this "Angel" act and tells him he sees through it. "I've known guys like you," he hisses. "You're a killer and you always will be."

Just then, Twerpico collapses in his arms. Victim # 8,000,001.


Luke has a heart rending visit with Lulu. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Next time we see him, he's in the lobby subbing for the short handed nursing staff....

He helps get Twerpico on the gurney.

And notices the Twerp's gun in its holster still strapped to his Virus Infected hip.


Lorenzo goes to the Chapel and has a "Come to Jesus" moment.

Which is exactly what he needs to be doing and exactly what he needs.

(Nicely performed by Ted King.)

He prays for Lulu.

Rumour has it that Tony Geary is involved in the writing of this Virus Arc and I believe it. Because the other crack monkeys would be incapable of such nuance.....or the wonderful fact that religion and godhood is a thread that weaves its way through every single vingette.


The God Committee decides, finally, that life and death cannot be.......decided by committee.......Littlest Dr. Robin nominates Dr. Patrick Drake as God and the vote is unanimous.
Just then, Luke walks in, congratulates the new God, and raises his gun.

"Your first commandment will be to give my daughter the next dose."

Meanwhile, Lulu has gone into convulsions.



Okay, my little mice, I have to go on a business trip to Albany and Montreal tomorrow and over the weekend.

There probably won't be any new entries until Wednesday.

I'll miss you all! ;-)

(I'll try and keep up on GH and if something really, really blatant happens I'll swing by but otherwise, I'll see y'all on the 15th!)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We don't need no stinkin' ethics!






Emily asks Nursey Leez to unethically change the order of the medication (there's a limited amount) so that Sonny gets it first.

Damn, she sucks.

Twerpico accuses Scorpio's organization of Lucky's abduction.

Lucky's on a plane with scary people around him...still all in gas masks and black outfits of doooooom. They inject something nasty looking in his IV.

We are disovering that the disease came from the island Luke was on and was created by the Lab Rush represents. (I forgot to use my subtitles and they all mangle the name of the Lab so badly I have no idea what it is.....something like Clarion.)

At the MetroCourt, Jason palms the CD and hides in the closet. Carly tries to play the role of hooker but Rush is immediately suspicious.

Just as things are gettin' rough, Jason comes out of the closet.......


Sorry, got a little carried away there......

He sticks his large gun up Rush', into Rush's shoulder blades and makes him "take a seat" (rather roughly.)


Lulu and Skye are in the same room, remember?

Well, Lorenzo has been lurking and knows that whoever is the most ill gets the serum first.

After a little emoting, he swaps the paperwork between Skye and Lulu's records to put Skye ahead of Lulu.

Er, don't they have social security numbers and stuff on those pages? I haven't been to a hospital in years but CAN YOU DO THAT?



Littlest Dr. Robin and Dishy Dr. Patrick Drake come in.....Robin picks up Skye's records and calls Patrick over......"Look at this" she pipsqueaks.

Patrick, "Wow she's failing fast." (No, Pat, check the ssan, that's Lulu's record. law*cough*suit)

"That may work in her favour. Put her first."

Lorenzo maintains frozen silence.

Handsome frozen silence.


Meanwhile, back in the cafeteria, Sam's mentally challenged younger brother Danny fades fast. Maxie (the volunteer) takes him for help.

Georgie is annoyed and Michael, Demonspawn from Hell, talks her into sneaking out with him so she can be with Dillon.

After getting yelled at by Bobbie in the hallway, Georgie stands up to her and goes into Dillon's room. Tracey is there and for some reason, even though she disapproves of Georgie, seems impressed.


Jason beats the CRAP outta Rush but not until after Rush tells them that everything was anonymous and he has no idea for whom he was working. $$$ wired to an off shore account, vague orders to get the chimp and take him to a waiting helicopter. End of story.

And it's seriously lights out.

Wow. That's rare blatant violence for Burton.


"Skye's" paperwork says that she's the sickest and that Lulu didn't even qualify.

Get it?


LDR comes in and, after listening to a moment of second thoughts on Lorenzo's part, doses Skye.

That's just so wrong.


Leez has told Luke that Lucky was carted off by evil minions in black helicopters. Then she borrows Michael's phone and gets Jason. She tells him the same bad news. She also tells him that the virus is a man-made experiment gone horribly wrong.


Rush comes to and his evil partners are with him.

He calls a stereotypical German accented guy in a labcoat somewhere and announces they are in trouble.

Dum dee dum duuuuuuuum.


(New symbols. I'm gettin' bored with this virus crap. Can you tell?)

Now they go and prove me wrong. Dammit.

Luke has a terrific scene with Scorpio about getting Lulu the serum and then begs, begs Head Nurse Bobbie (his sister) to put him through the plasma thing again and get the resulting antidote to Lulu.




I do this only because I love.

We've been having these horrible and boring scenes of "Um"ily bouncing between beds (ah, not like that, you pervs) from Sonny to Nikolas.

Nikolas, clearly hallucinating, goes into an "I love you! How could I lose you?!" fugue state and Sonny has been watching.




Bobbie runs to get Noah. She finds him and they take off for Luke's room.


Tracey coerces her brother and head of the hospital, Dr. Alan Quartermaine, to doctor Dillon's paperwork so he's next.

Monica witnesses it.

The selection committee reconvenes and Monica insists that Alan step down.

He agrees to but complains that the process is causing more problems than helping.

Surprisingly, Scorpio agrees and changes the game they are going to consider the nature of the patient, quality of life and family.

Patrick states the obvious in not quite these words, "So we're playing God?"

Well, yes, Patrick that is exactly what you're doing.

Also, you're giving me a potential House reference on a silver platter!

Why thank you!

House to Cameron, "You're calling me God?"

It's a reach, I know, but ya take 'em when ya get 'em.

What can I say?



Jason and Carly are in the TARDIS jet. Jason is going to imitate "Officer Spencer" by using his badge and his passport.

Speak of the devil, Lucky wakes up in the Lab with Evil German Doctor, "What am I doing here?" "Vee inwented zee disease yoo hef and vee vill use your blude to vind a cure!"


ANYway, while we're in ClicheLand, back at the horspital, Skye's fever has broken and, during the sureptitious re-blood letting, Luke goes into some sort of shock that could kill him.


Even Noah, as he's doing the damned procedure, states the obvious, "Ya know, Bobbie?" "No, what Handsome Dr. Noah with Whom I used to Have a Mad Passionate Love Life Like Twenty Years Ago?" "If he dies, then we've lost the source of the potential antidote!"


You don't say.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Did I forget to mention on Friday that Carly and Jason (mistakenly) are hunting the loose chimp? Carly shows Jason a sneaky way to get out of the hospital undetected and they end up in an unsual location shot in the parking lot.

The chimp leaps into a waiting limosine and the passengers/driver/whatever open fire with machine guns on Carly and Jason.

How on Earth could I have forgotten that completely wonderfully plausible moment?

(I know you can't see me but I'm rolling my eyes so hard right now I can literally see my brain.)



Carly and Jason are surrounded by SWAT guys and (because they are lying liars and we know all about that don't we!? Because as Dr. House would tell us, "Everybody lies.") the two deny ever having been in the hospital at all.

The SWAT team stupidly leaves and Jason calls Justus.......he got the license plate of the limo and needs a trace.




The cutest child in the world, Kurlyboo, also known as Kristina Davis, toddles into the living room to find Alexis passed out on the sofa while the television newscaster natters on about the epidemic.

We pull back to see Ric unconcious on the floor.

Kurlyboo, teddy bear in hand, crawls on the sofa and tugs her Mother's sweater, "Mommy? Mommy? What's wrong with Daddy Ric? What's wrong with Daddy Ric?"

Camera pulls back.


I get a Kleenex.

When this show gets it right it really gets it right.


Now, I'm thinking that GH has stolen the casting crew from House because the longer the Drakes and Scorpio are on my screen the more aligned the planets get and all is right with the World.

Lightening in a bottle, people.

On the other hand, the geeky weird Police Detective Jesse (on the posters call him "Twerpico". hee) has found Lucky passed out in the snow near the cabin.

He contacts the Energizer Bunny (although that little guy doesn't need a diction coach), Leez, and then the battery on his cell phone fails.


What the Hell is going on?

I'm in a spin.

The Drakes just had a great exchange?


Good writing?

On GH?!

I think the temperature in Hell just dropped 5 degrees......

Noah and Patrick are at the door to Luke's room.

A nurse has watched the blood harvesting begin and freaks and runs.

Noah insists on doing the procedure.

Patrick: Your liver condition has you compromised. I'm not letting you get near Luke. I'm doing the procedure.

Noah: Exactly, I'm dying. I have nothing to lose.

Patrick: Well maybe I do! That's why I'm not letting you do this. I may not be able to stop you from passively killing yourself but I can need you around long enough to harass you about it.


Double hee......hee, hee.


Parking lot.

Justus is there. Looking fabulous, I might add.

The plates were diplomat plates and belong to someone very, very dangerous.


Apparently Kurlyboo knows how to dial 911 and Alexis and "Daddy Ric" are wheeled into the ER.

Sam, in a freakin' brilliant example of physical acting......she was awesomely looking off into space like she saw phantoms no one else could see......slides out of bed to race out of the building.
"I heard shots!" she slurs to Patrick Drake....."I heard shots!"

He, sexily, drags her back into a room and puts her to bed.

Because everything he does is sexy. o_O

Turns out the only bed available after Sam's litte excursion, is in Alexis' room.



Assuming it's a medevac helicopter, Twerpico gets a comatose Lucky ready.

In a scene that this show does really well, scary guys in black with guns and gas masks pour in.

It's pandemonium.

Twerpico completely blows the scene by getting caught in Lucky's blanket (bwah!) and messing up his only line by saying "Take it easy!" like 9,000,000 times.....once from under the blanket.

Too freakin' funny.

You can tell these guys are baddies and they not only scoop up Lucky and swoop him away but they set the cottage afire.

Leaving an unconcious Twerpico on the floor.

We can only hope.


Carly and Jason trace "Rush" the bad guy to the MetroCourt and we're back on set.

Jason cases the room when Rush goes for dinner.

Carly bribes a hooker into letting her meet Rush for dinner in her stead.



Someone pass the brie 'cause it just got cheesy in here.

Nikolas finally gets a room and it's shared with Sonny. Nice. Sonny wakes from his fever dreams and mumbles, "Dis could ged interesting."

Yeah, Mo.



Jason finds a CD in the waste basket.

Just as Carly and Rush come in the room, he dives into the closet.


And then.......suddenly.


Out of left field.

And completely off topic.....





Seriously, people.

I can go to my grave content.

Leonard Nimoy appears in an Advil commercial as HOT as he's ever looked.


He's backstage on the phone talking to his agent, "No, I can't!" He handsomely and manly strides past the makeup room, the room of extras, his dressing room, "I can't! I can't do it! It hurts too much!"

He's holding his hand up in a "talk to the hand" position.

It's so obvious what he "can't do".

I'm not sure if I'm going to laugh or cry!

I'm gobsmacked.

I'm speechless.

"Advil?" he says into the phone.

And, I guess later on, he steps onto this amazingly sophisticated and yet understated stage with giant screens on each side and a gorgeous podium and steps up to it with manly vigor.

Cap is getting the vapours.

We get a crowd shot.

They are all Trekkies. There are two fangirlies in Next Generation outfits (science blue).

Complete with Vulcan ears.

And Nimoy grins.

And he greets the crowd with that "talk to the hand" move......and after a moment wherein my heart skips a beat even though my intellect totally knows where this is headed......he does the Vulcan Salute.

To wild cheers and applause.

I think something else might've happened on GH but I've forgotten.

I have to go get the smelling salts.

I'm the happiest Trekkie in the World right now.

Friday, February 03, 2006

White Board, White Board, On the Wall. House is the Fairest of Them All.

GH today was freakin' hilarious.

They quarantine the entire hospital ("Kids") and Dr. Patrick Drake goes into full blown House mode.

Complete with writing the symptoms ON A WHITE BOARD.

(No, it's not vasculitis.)

Too funny.

Next, we get Leez apologizing to Nikolas that they can't find him a room.....SO HE'S ON A GURNEY IN THE HALLWAY. ("Kids")

Lastly, they gave Luke a shot to calm him down....they did everything but say ATIVAN.

With any luck, Monday's episode will be even more blatant.


Plotwise....Lulu is rilly rilly sick. Sonny is sick and we have to deal with Talons of Doom for a while but she's easy to ignore. It's called a combination of today's Sudoku puzzle and the mute button.

Skye is sick and I forgot to mention that yesterday she and the amazingly HOT Ted King, oops, I mean, Lorenzo Alcazar finally consumate their sexy tap dance.

Dillon collapses in the hospital cafeteria.

Lukas tells his Father he's gay. (Total coolness: Tony accepts him and then gets back to the business of curing the city.)

Robert Scorpio runs around the hospital shutting it down and making a PSA to the news media about the quarantine. He's very sexy. Er, I meant authoritative.

Young Dr. Drake grabs the Littlest Doctor Robin and insists that she get out of there. Being HIV + is compromising her immune system enough as it doesn't need Ebola or whatever making things worse.

Robin refuses to leave.

(She wouldn't be able to anyway but it was a powerful performance from Dr. Drake so we'll let it ride.)

Meanwhile, Patrick determines that the Chimp is Ebola-free and that Luke's Libertine lifestyle (he drinks Crown Royal like a fish) has protected him and created antibodies in him that could save the city.

Robert Scorpio takes it upon himself to tell Luke the awful news....."This could save everyone. Except you."


Luke announces, nobly, "If donating my blood will save Lulu then....start cutting and dig in."


I Found a Page with "Um"ily's Fingernails!


I found a page of "Um"ily's fingernails and it's called "Talons of Doom".

I'm laughing so hard over that I think I woke the cat.

And a special 2 inch white Talon of Doom shout out to Kara and Barb. It's great to have friends in high places. ;-)

And when it was good, it was very, very good.

Yesterday's GH was fabulous and even provided me with a House reference!

Shout Bravo! at an annoyingly loud volume! (clue: BlackAdder reference.)

Sadly, the amazingly cool monkey is probably the source of the disease so from now on I'll refer to "Monkey Flu".

Just about everyone has it. Lulu (the fabulously fabulous Julie Berman) is very, very sick. They take her to GH and in a tear-jerking moment of delirium, she cries out to Luke, "Don't leave me! Don't leave me in Shadybrook!"

My eyes really did well-up with tears as Luke, stunned by the reference to Laura's asylum, assures Lulu (without really knowing she can hear him) that he would never leave her at Shadybrook. That he'll stay by her side until she's well.

And then he did something my own Father does. When things are clearly really, really bad he starts irrationally telling everyone it'll be okay.

"It'll be fine, Lulu," says Luke. "You'll be fine, sweetheart."

It just ripped me to shreds.

Dr. Patrick Drake flies into the emergency room and immediately puts on his best Dr. Gregory House imitation. The only things he needed to add were the limp and the cane.

"I need to diagnose this!" He starts ordering, er, orderlies around. Nurses fly in and out of the room. He orders the chimp to be tested. Results are still pending.

Ya know, I just noticed. Maybe Patrick doesn't have a Vicodin addiction, but his Father is addicted to alcohol. Perhaps a more apt comparison between House and GH would be that both Drake doctors need to be combined to come even closer to channelling Greg.

Yeah, that works for me.

Patrick continues to crab about the place and, in the process, completely ignores the Littlest Doctor Wilson, er, Robin. It was quite a blatant snub. But it wasn't very well explained.


She, on the other hand, is having a Very Bad Day (tm, me). As you recall, yesterday she walked into the filing room to find her long lost Father hacking into the mainframe.

The interchange between Robin and her newly discovered Father was fantastic and I should just post the dialogue word for word but that's not what this blog is about.

Suffice to say, Robert Scorpio was blackmailed by the The World Security Bureau (the "WSB") into working as an assasin. He didn't feel he could tell his daughter. She snorts (lose the nose ring, child) and comments about Jason having been her lover but then quickly glosses over the moral differences between being forced into killing for the betterment of your country (or world organization) and being a Chief Enforcer for a Mob Boss.

The moral amiguity is grey at best. (To be fair, we've only seen Jason pull the trigger a couple of times....and those are usually off screen....and he couches his "business" in the concept of protecting those he loves. *cough* Face it folks, he's a Hitman and kills people for pay on the behalf of a crime lord.)

Robert tells his daughter that he's been recruited by a global medical organization (honestly, I'm sorry but the name escapes me) and has been tracking Monkey Flu around the world.

It has this nasty habit of wiping out entire villages in days.


So, the Littlest Doctor and her Father apparently reach some sort of raprochement? We'll find out more today.


Carly butts into Patrick and Noah's business about the liver donation and both men tell her to butt back out again. Vehemently.


Robert appears in Luke's emergency room and the two light up like Christmas trees. The reunion is awesome. AWESOME.

I'm tellin' y'all. I could feel the planets aligning and all was suddenly right with the world.


Nikolas, looking like shit on a shingle, pops into Kelly's and sees "Um"ily. (Her umming is getting worse if that's humanly possible. o_O)

He promptly collapses from Monkey Flu.

She puts those rancidly manicured fingers to his forehead and claims, in her best doctor diagnosis, "You're burning up!"

Man, I wish I'd gone to medical school.

Feeling someone's forehead to see if they have a temperature would never have occurred to me!


(And I cannot wait until those nails are gone. They are almost as hidious and distracting as her poor breathing technique.)


Lucky has promised Leez that they will have a holiday and, earlier, gets keys to the summer cottage from Nikolas. While setting the cottage up, he collapses (alone) from Monkey Flu.


Dr. House, er, Drake diagnoses encephalytis. Ouch.

And ominously announces that this strain can kill entire families.......



segue to

The Corinthos' family having a fun ice cream dessert at dinner in Greyskull Manor.

Dum dee dum duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum.


Ladies and gents? That was some good soap.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Robert, Robert Scorpio

Robert Scorpio is back and is freakishly HOT.


When did ~that~ happen?!


It is some kinda hot in here.


So, Luke was missing and brought back a chimpanzee. At first I was bored but the little guy has grown on me. He's kinda cute. And, he gave Jason an opportunity to brush off his comic timing and air it out a little.

Unfortunately, either Luke or the chimp also brought back Chimp Flu and the denizens of Port Charles are starting to fall like flies.


Patrick Drake offers his Father, Noah, a living donation of part of his own liver. Noah won't accept it. Then he reneges and thinks he will.


Did I mention Robert Scorpio is hot(ter)?


So, ahem, Robert Scorpio is lurking around the hospital and gets into a computer room. He hacks into the system only to be immediately caught by The Littlest Doctor Robin.....his daughter.

Damn, that man is good looking.


"Um"ily is still pinin' over Sonny. This is a failed pairing, TPTB. End it quickly, please. And someone tell Natalia Livingston to take some diction lessons. Maybe Leez (Rebecca Herbst) can join you. While Herbst needs to understand that words end in "ing" not "een", Livingston needs to take breathing lessons. And, please, for the LOVE OF GOD, lose the "um". (Not to mention, she's picking up the really annoying habit that Maurice Benard has of saying "You know" all the time.......Stop it.)


Robert Scorpio.