Sunday, February 26, 2006

Return of the Jedi

Well.I'm back.

Didja miss me?

Real Life jumped up and kicked me in the head and I've been a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker for the past two weeks.

Once again, we had no soap opera mention in House but the Monkey Flu is still raging at General Hospital.

The big news is that the woman who is blackmailing everyone with the antidote is another GH veteran, Emma Sams playing Holly (Robert Scorpio's old flame.)

They both look fantastic and just yesterday (was it yesterday?) the NYT ran a rather large article on the use of veterans to bring GH's ratings back up.

Courtney died. (No comment. I'll try to be nice but YAY. 'Bout time.)

Baby "John" lived. Courtney survived just long enough to understand Jax when he told her that Prince Nicholas really is the Father (as we all suspected). Courtney had a meltdown. She was so mad but died before she could tell Nicholas.

Jax is debating about what to do with this knowledge.


The baby is clinging to life and I hope it lives because a) it's great soap and b) I'm tired of GH and their rampant baby killing.

Littlest Doctor Robin fainted from exhaustion but that was really just a CPD to get inside Dr. Patrick Drake's head. He's more like House every day. Not a "meanie with a golden heart" but more of a "meanie who knows he's really good at what he does and saves lives but also it capable of recognizing nobility and strength when he sees it."

Honestly that's about it.

Hasta manana!

Oh, before I forget. There was a positively disgusting scene in which Sonny and "Um"ily finally got it on. Barf.


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